Snell MTB Red and MTB Black Golf Balls

Back in early 2015, Snell Golf was officially born. Dean Snell, most recently was the VP of golf research and development at TaylorMade Golf, came to the market with two golf balls. The My Tour Ball (MTB) and the Get Sum, both fitting different golfers and price points received not only rave reviews, but since that time, the company growth has been borderline insane.

The team was not resting on the products however and based on golfer feedback they are back with two new products and even a splash of the bold. Rather than tell you all about them, here is Dean Snell talking about each of the new golf balls, the MTB Red and MTB Black.

With Dean sharing the news of the two new golf balls in the lineup, as well as the new yellow premium ball, deciding would normally be the tough part, however Snell thought of that as well and the company will begin letting golfers get two sleeves of each in their test packs when ordered from their new look website.

So THPers, we want to hear from each of you. Which one of the new Snell MTB golf balls do you think is right for you?

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