Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball Preview

The company that brought us the Z-Star golf ball line and yellow to the premium ball market is at it again with a slogan that just sticks with me as I read through all the information and prepare to test this new product from Srixon.

(Question Everything)
Question everything about your current golf ball.

The Srixon Q Star Golf Ball is designed for players who are looking for an all-ability golf ball with STAR performance. The process of precisely tuning the Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration and Responsiveness (STAR performance) during development enhances total playability on every shot, increasing your ability to shoot lower scores.

From the Company
The large core means greater distance
Excellent spin and control on approach shots
Superior soft feel
The visual performance of Pure White and Tour Yellow enables greater visibility

Key Features
Highly resilient and soft RABALON® HR+ and PANA-TETRA® blended thin cover
Proprietary, large, highly resilient, and soft Energetic Gradient Growth™ core
Strong and high trajectory 324-dimple pattern with advanced aerodynamics
Price $24.99

Question Everything
Is it time you question whether or not you are playing the right ball?
Is a tour type ball right for your game?
If much of your spin is side spin, why do you want more of it?

THP Forum Discussion on the New Q-Star

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  • Looking forward to seeing what you think of these. I am already a Srixon ball fan and these fall into a nice price point for me.

  • I’ll be very interested in this review. Srixon makes some awesome golf balls, and this could be a great price/performance option for many people.

  • I like this concept. Very catchy tag line with these balls.

  • For that price I’ll question just about any ball and give these a shot.

  • I like all around.. Looking forward to giving these a spin.

  • Interesting. We need to get these in hand to learn more.

  • I can’t claim to be a past fan of Srixon Golf balls, but these will get a try. Anthing the claims “all-ability” and “Question Everything” (pretty bold), deserves a shot in my books.

  • I really love their z star x line – it’s my ball of choice – I will definitely give these a shot!

  • The Z-Star is my second favorite ball (behind the B330-RX, which fits me better). I’m curious how the Q-Star will perform as perhaps a lower priced option when I don’t want to spend $43 on a dozen Bridgestone’s.

  • A great price point if it performs. I’m assuming this is a 2-piece ball since they just mention a core and cover?

  • Good to have a ball priced out on the lower side the performs like a higher priced ball. Srixon Z-Star ball is a nice ball and I ma sure the Q-Star will be a good option

  • I was a huge fan of the Z Star line of golf balls. I hope this is a shaft to less line of golf balls but one that fits a lot more people if that makes sense. So many choices out there it can get confusing. Cant wait to see how this one performs.

  • Wow, looks really interesting. I will give these a spin for sure when they are released in Canada.

  • wow, I cant wait to hit these. I love the price point as well

  • Price for tour ball very nice…. I think I will have to check this out…

  • Very interesting, I would give them a shot and see how they stack up to Bridgestone

  • Love the idea, bold statement! Great price point too, can’t wait to get some samples in play

  • Sign me up! I’m a big fan of Srixon golf balls. At this price point, I will definitely give these a try as soon as I see them in the store!

  • I want to try this ball! I am going to have to get a dozen soon. Can’t beat the price.

  • At that price point and with those performance claims I guess the Tri-Speeds will be going away? whose going to pay extra for the TriSpeeds if these do everything they say thay do?

  • The tagline and price point are more than enough for me to want to try this ball out! I can’t wait!

  • I really like this all around. And the price point really makes a statement too. I question everything already! Can’t wait to hear how this ball goes for you JB.

  • Looking forward to hitting these….love the price point!!!

  • I love the Srixon balls. My usual ball is the AD333. I’d give these a whirl.

  • Interesting, i love my Zstars and cant wait to try these out

  • definitely willing to give these a try at that price

  • I will deff look into these balls.I like that they are a good performing ball at a reasonable price. Ive never played any srixon balls but i think i my give them a shot to see how they are.

  • I love the Z star, this looks sweet too.

  • This is going to be an interesting ball to try out.

  • I hate the fact that I refuse to play srixon because… I don’t like the logo! There is just something about how it looks that cheapens the ball IMO. Anybody else with me? I realise I’m opening myself up to “it’s how it plays that counts” comments, but I cannot et past the logo! Srixon, make it smaller and drop the line under the S! Thanks

  • Sounds a lot like the Nike One Vapor (the original, not the new Vapor Speed). I’m interested because it’s getting nearly impossible to find the old Vapors and I’ve resorted to getting mint quality used ones.

  • Cannot wait to try these. I need all the help I can get with distance and I love the yellow

  • These look awesome. Sounds like they have everything I want in a ball, so I hope to be trying them soon.

  • Tried this ball, great distance, doesnt spin too much around the greens soft off the putter and you can see it in the rough…oh and cheap too…!!

  • Aren’t these just the AD 333 repackaged? Same two pieces, same softer, higher, etc… Same price point…

  • […] Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball Preview | The Hackers Paradise The Srixon Q Star Golf Ball is designed for players who are looking for an all-ability golf ball with STAR performance. The process of precisely tuning the Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration and Responsiveness (STAR performance) […]

  • Very dissatisfied with this ball. Did not excell in any category. Distance was very middle of the pack, but then again, I find all Srixon balls to be shorter @ my swing speed ( 85 to 90 mph ). I purshased one dozen to give it a fair chance. I’ll let my wife have the balance – she thinks the yellow is cool.

  • I just played 18 with this ball. The ball is outstanding, longer by 15 yards than NXT’s and better feel. The ball checks very well on the green. It also feels great off the driver and the irons. Highly recommended, and the price is great too!

  • I have only used Srixon AD333 balls for 15 years after trying most “soft” balls on market. Swing speed 80 MPH. My wife uses Srixon Trispeed balls. We both play 4 days/week and shoot in the 80s.

    Tried Q stars this week end and found them not as good for distance or feel as the AD333s and Trispeeds which they are going to replace. And more expensive by $5/doz than AD333s.

    My wifes comment was that they were awful; her friends was they were not good; mine is that they are not as good for distance as AD333s and don’t understand why they are marketing a new ball for a higher price which is obviously not as good as their existing products.

    If you have a slow swing speed, try them and then try an AD333 and see if you would pay more for a Q star.

  • Played These Yesterday. So Good I Bought 2 More Dozen! Long With Great spin Around The Greens, Nice Soft Feel off The Putter.

  • […] hate the fact that I refuse to play Srixon because’ I don’t like the logo. There is just something about how it looks that […]

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