Srixon Tour Yellow Z-Star Golf Ball Review

Last year THP got a chance to review the new Srixon Z-Star golf balls and came away extremely impressed. So impressed that the new line from Srixon was nominated for the 2009 golf ball of the year award. Back in January of this year, while at the PGA Merchandise Show, THP got a sneak peek at something that was a little baffling to us. That was the Srixon Tour Yellow Golf Balls. Now we have seen colored golf balls in the past and heck as a young kid growing up a few decades ago, I played quite a few of them. But a yellow colored tour premium ball? Why?

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Tech Specs – From the Company
By tapping into the psychology of hitting each shot and the visualization and calming effect at address, the Z-STAR and Z-STAR X Tour Yellow golf balls incorporate the science of visual perception with the psychology of color effect on the human brain. Science has proven that yellow is the most visible color in the visual spectrum and psychology has correlated green with calming and stress relief; therefore Srixon has combined the two colors based on these findings to tap into the player’s mind and expand the benefits of playing a better ball. The Z-STAR and Z-STAR X Tour Yellow golf balls were designed to offer best-in-category performance for players seeking the improved distance, spin, and feel preferred by Tour players and competitive golfers worldwide. The Z-STAR and Z-STAR X Tour Yellow golf balls use ultra-thin urethane cover technology, a larger core and a softer cover to also radically improve distance, spin and feel.

The Z-STAR Tour Yellow golf ball is designed to be the best-balanced golf ball for the low-to-mid handicap players, seeking a combination of long distance, spin control and soft feel. The Z-STAR X Tour Yellow golf ball is a distance-oriented tour-performance ball for players looking for explosive distance and high-spin performance around the greens. The Srixon Z-STAR Tour Yellow ball lines both feature new Energetic Gradient Growth core technology, which promotes increased ball speed, as well as high launch and low spin. Their newly developed 324 large seamless dimples also help reduce wind resistance for increased distance, while the new coating on their super-soft urethane cover significantly improves spin performance from the rough, allowing players to go after the pin from any lie.

First Impressions & Looks
When they arrived at our offices, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was excited to try them out. It seems simple in thoughts from the aspect of visibility, yet for some reason, has not been tried to date. I have thought about this way too much and I believe I figured it out. Golf is about comfort and classic appeal and when you take that away from someone they do not like it. Take for example golf shoes, while sneaker type shoes could be far more comfortable, most avid golfers would not try them on, let alone make the switch. The same can be said for a golf ball. It is white and has always been white, so it must stay white is the philosophy that many seem to have. And frankly “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” comes to mind as well. The new yellow Z-Stars arrive in our office and the 1st thing I notice is how bright they are and how different they looked than the original yellow balls that I remember playing. Almost fluorescent like in color and quite appealing if you ask me. But again, I would be lying if I told you I was not hesitant to put them in play with my regular group of guys.

Tour Validation
The Srixon Tour Yellow is already being played on the PGA Tour and in this video the announcers discuss it a little bit. While we never condone choosing equipment based on what the guys on tour are using, simply seeing the color and the fact that the best in the world are okay with it seems to say that it should be good enough for the rest of us.

I was able to put this ball in play for about 10 rounds of golf and countless practice sessions and two things came out of it. One, I did not get any stress relief, and two, I am not sure I can go back to white golf balls now. On the first tee of the 1st round where I put these in play, I had a few guys in our regular group offer to give me a “regular” ball, and began laughing. I politely declined and ended up playing pretty poorly for the front nine. Yet despite my poor play, more than half the guys in my group wanted to try out the new Tour Yellow Srixon Z-Stars. Why? Because I did not lose a single ball despite being wild off of almost every tee. You can spot these things from a mile away!

The back 9 of the 1st round went pretty much the same as the front 9 yet I never lost a single ball. So in that aspect, I guess you could say my stress levels did get better since the thought of losing a bunch of balls in a round would have been quite irritating. My group was spotting them everywhere…behind trees, in the bushes, and more. Like I said, it was a rough round, but it became almost a fun little game as we tried to spot the “Easter egg”.

The next time out we gave a sleeve of the Tour Yellow Z-Stars to 7 other golfers in our group and by the end of the 18 holes, all but one was ready to make the switch permanently. Since I played better, I can now speak a little bit about the performance. If you liked the original Z-Star, you will like this ball as well. They seem identical in performance. Long off the tee, incredible amount of spin on approaches and around the greens, and a perfect tone at impact when putting. Simply put, the Srixon Z-Star has a ton going for it and as we mentioned before, THP came away extremely impressed in our review of the ball previously. This is a tour level ball that does offer just about anything a golfer could want in a golf ball.

Did using yellow keep me calm and cool on the golf course? No, not really. Did using a yellow ball make me play better? I believe it did. One shot every other round or so that may have been lost was found and that saves strokes off the score. Some have said they struggle looking at yellow when up in the air, and we just simply did not have any of that with myself or any of the other testers. On the ground, in the air, in the sand, or buried in a bush offered no problems for the yellow wonder of a golf ball and sighting it. But again, the thing to remember here is that it is not just the color, but the fact that it is a tour level ball that plays marvelously from just about anywhere on the course.

If you are like me and want to be just a little different around the course and stir up some great conversations while golfing, you will definitely want to try out the new Srixon Tour Yellow Z-Star golf ball. You get everything you would ever want in a tour premium ball but with some bright yellow fun added in.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Great review! I thought I was sold on the Penta, but I am going to have to try a dozen of these. I don’t hit the fairway with every drive and my game could benefit from a ball that I won’t lose as easily.

  • Nice reveiw JB. Once again, an honest and informative disection of a new golf product. It’s nice to hear that the ball didn’t necessarily work wonders but you are spot on, this ball saves you stokes when you’re struggling with your ball striking, just b/c it’s easy to spot.

    I’m not sure if i’ll game one any time soon, but i’m certainly curious.

  • Enjoyable review JB. I picked up a box of these and I am going to give them a shot.

  • Good review JB. I have been playing these balls the last several rounds and have found them to be EXTREMELY durable. Has this been your experience? I’ve played 36 holes with one ball (without losing it! Unheard of !!!!), and it’s starting to look a little beat up, but still playable. Much much better than ProV1 durability, just curious if you have noticed this as well, or if it’s just me.

  • Jacob,
    I think the durability relates to the Z-Star white as well. We found them extremely durable from a premium ball stand point. Another thing to note is that scratches and scuffs do not really show up on yellow as well, which is nice.

  • Nice review! When I started golf a year ago, I was playing colored Volvik crystal balls and I liked them because they’re easy to see and find.. Since then I improved and needed more spin on approach shots and around the greens and I switched to premium balls. Now I can have both which is great especially as now I don’t have to wonder whose white ball it is and look for markings or brand, mine will be the yellow one!

  • Haven’t used colored golf balls very often, but I’m open to giving these a try. If they are easier to find, they could save me a couple of strokes a round!

  • This takes me back to when I was a kid, playing yellow Titleist DTs. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these. I’m thinking perhaps my dad’s Member/Guest. Wouldn’t you hate to lose to the fat guys wearing matching shirts and playing yellow balls?

  • just played last weekend and this ball is only one i play from now on .awesome!

  • I have played the yellow X ball for a few rounds now in tournament play and I have one concern. It seems to fly higher and ballooned up into the wind. I did not experience this in 2 years of playing the white X version. I can nnot find any literature so far where anyone else has experienced this, but right now it is a negative for me. I will probably switch back to the white X version on windy days.

  • Have played both the Yellow Star and the Star-X over the past month. My ball last year was the Bridgestone RX. As a 60 year old 8 handicapper I find the Yellow Star to have excellent spin characteristics while the Star-X is a longer ball off the tee. The Yellow Star is plenty long; just not as long as the Star-X. For me it comes down to how the ball reacts when chipping and putting. The Star-X feels harder and runs slightly further on chips and putts while the Yellow Star feels smooth coming off the club face. I will gladly give up the 4 – 8 extra yards off the tee in exchange for the control and feel. For me, the winner is the Yellow Star.

  • I’ve played 4 rounds with both the Tour Yellow Z Star and the Yellow X and as long as Srixon makes these seeds, I’ll never play anything else. I played 72 holes with one X and it barely showed any signs of wear. Plus I love looking at the tennis ball color every time I hit it, which is a positive in the brain itself. I also like the 324 dimple design – I like bigger dimples – and the fact that there’s a “staggered” seam. My swing speed is about 103 and to me the firmer X feels better off the clubface – like butter. If you bite both balls, you can easily tell the Z Star is softer, and that’s why I have made the regular Z Star the only ball I’ll play. It explodes off the driver and is great in every aspect of the short game. That was great seeing Vijay playing the Tour Yellow seed at The Masters. The Pro V1 is harder and has absolutely nothing on the Z Star. I can’t think of anything more I could ask from a golf ball! IMHO, this is the best golf ball made.

  • Just got a dozen of these and I can’t wait to put them in play. I love the original Z Star and admittedly there is something fun about the yellow ball.
    Thanks for the review!

  • Gotta wonder if more folks played this ball, or similar yellow ones–how much time could be saved playing a round instead of looking for lost balls. I found one yesterday and played it. Very nice! I’m going to buy a sleeve or two, cause as is, a dozen’s a little pricey for this here hacker. Maybe more manufacturers will follow suit with some balls a little lower than top tier…

  • tried out the yellow z star at college fields GC in mid michigan late in the season for us MI. folk
    its all the ball you can ask for from 120yds & in… great feel, good spin, and putts just fine.
    i have not tried the z starX however, but i will.
    only place i was not impressed was off the tee and with my hybrids, a little mushy for me, thats why i hope to try the X model soon before the season is gone… love the color though!

  • Just got 2 dozen srixon Z Star yellow balls from Golf Galaxy for 50.00 with 10.00 off coupon. Really excited and anxious to try them but the Ohio winter is unrelenting. At this rate probably won’t see grass for another few months.

  • awful ball they are way too soft and the yellow does not do anything

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