Srixon Z U65 Utility Club Review

Bridging the gap between the longest iron in a bag and either a high lofted wood or hybrid is a difficult process.  Finding the appropriate levels of launch and turf interaction as a golfer has become much easier with the introduction of the utility iron, and Srixon has updated and improved on their previously successful u45 design with the release of the Z U65 Utility.

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Visible Perceptions of Change

One of the most notable and telling adjustments made by Srixon for the Z U65 utility iron is the material location on the back of the head.  While the majority of the material making up the triangular backing appeared to be located in the heel location moving towards the center, the U65 utility iron provides a structural similarity that favors the toe side of center.  For golfers who are inclined to ‘miss’ away from center closer towards the toe section, this simulates a much better contact sensation and has the potential to maintain some of the anticipated characteristics of the head. 

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What Golfers Will Get From U65

From Srixon: A VERSATILE OPTION THAT PROVIDES DISTANCE AND CONTROL – The new Srixon Z U65 utility iron is an ideal choice for players seeking distance and control off the tee or on long approach shots. Compared to the Z H65 hybrid, it has soft forged construction in a slimmer address profile. Compared to the Z 565 long iron, it has a slightly larger shape with hollow construction.

This reads like the perfect transition element between those preferring an iron to a hybrid while trying to acquire some of that hybrid technology of easy launch with limited turf interaction.  During testing of the U65, there was a very consistent experience of limited turf interaction when driving into the ground unintentionally.  The wide sole of the U65 really supported the error, projecting the ball to impressive distances.  With that in mind, the ability to hit down on the ball and generate a limited depth divot is still present, offering some confidence on the ability to control spin and flighting.

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One of the most common presentations of the U65 during testing was the confidence to take it off the tee on shorter par 4s for fairway finding consistency.  The ability to take a swing at the ball like a longer iron while anticipating some of the off center distance retention of a hybrid makes the U65 a no brainer, especially on tighter tee shots with trouble on both sides. 

While some clubs in this loft tend to have bias towards a draw or a fade, the Srixon U65 presented itself during testing as a very neutral profile in that regard.  It does introduce plenty of flexibility when attempting to work the ball left or right, as well as some flighting capabilities especially when adjusting tee height or playing it off a fairway type lie.

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The best possible strike scenario for the U65 during testing was either on the central location of the face, or slightly towards the toe.  This introduced impeccable launch and feedback conditions, with strikes elsewhere on the face still generating strong numbers while introducing alterations in sound and feedback to tell the golfer that they had missed their intended strike location.

Club Construction

From Srixon – UNSURPASSED FEEL WITH DISTANCE – New Z U65 utility irons with ultra-soft 1020 carbon steel head material are precision forged for the smoothest, most consistent feel. These irons feature a high-strength SUP10 face insert for higher ball speed and more distance.

MORE SPIN CONTROL – All iron faces feature 5 percent larger grooves compared to the previous generation and Double Laser Milling. This improves contact, especially in wet conditions, for consistent spin control.

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HOLLOW CONSTRUCTION – Allows weight to be repositioned low in the head for a higher initial launch.

The sound generated by the Srixon Z U65 has an excellent pure strike sharpness that will really let the mind wonder towards a player iron.  Despite the hollow body construction, the sound doesn’t suggest anything of the sort, which in testing many utilities and hollow body game improvement irons in the past, provided a very unpleasing and manufactured sound.  This element goes a long way for golfers who play limited technology irons and want a better way to transition into their highest lofted hybrids or woods.

The spin produced by the Srixon Z U65 seemed to be very head neutral, with the typical swing average introducing a nice mid profile in both spin and launch.  The Miyazaki Kaula shaft pairing is fantastic in that it is similar to the U65 profile overall, with a central IFC (international flex code) 5554 flex.  The lighter profile of the Kaula 7s did not introduce an element of looseness, but rather provided the ability to swing through the ball completely and more aggressively.  The slightly softer tip section, paired with the repositioned weight lower in the head, encourage a flight that gets the ball elevated quickly only to flatten out and hang for some time. 

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Parting Thoughts

For golfers seeking a sleek looking, iron sounding, mid launching transition club between the longest iron and highest lofted wood or hybrid, the Srixon Z U65 utility iron will be an excellent option.  The U65 provides the confidence of an iron with the distance and turf control of a hybrid, introducing major confidence both on the tee and fairway.  It will very likely be one of the best sounding utility irons available, with a nearly complete departure from any sort of hollow sound.  For more information on the Srixon Z U65 utility iron, visit

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