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I’m so excited about this new endeavor that the brass at THP was crazy enough to let me talk them into.  This is going to be a spot where I will come at you with a couple of columns a month on anything that I feel like talking about!  We’ll talk about a wide range of topics that seem to spark the most conversation with golf fanatics around the world.  The best part about this is that it’s my column, so I obviously get the last word, but don’t let that stop you from engaging in the debate, even though I’ll always be right! I really think you’ll enjoy this new feature, so please chime in with your thoughts by commenting below and together we’ll keep the conversations going strong. 

A recent thread on our forum is just begging for me to sound-off on and it’s about music on the golf course.  In fact, THP recently conducted a super cool roundup with tons of different Bluetooth speakers for use on the golf course.  If you missed it, you can check it out here.  Some people absolutely despise the idea of having a little speaker playing some tunes while they golf.  Not only are they against the idea, they seem to pack a lot of resentment toward the people who do like to come jam on some tunes while playing.  

I get it, I really do.  I mean, it seems like for years golf courses were known as places that had to stay quiet at, especially while your playing partners were hitting.  A golf course was always a place that you could go and expect to hear nothing but the sounds of nature and the occasional golf clap.  Nobody wants to be playing a serious round of golf while forced to listen to Metallica three holes away.  I’ve heard people calling for local rules banning speakers on the golf course.  While I don’t know that we’ll see anything quite that extreme, I do get these people’s point of view.  Some of those opposing the idea even go as far as stereotyping those who like to have music on the course as drunken idiots.  Look, I’ve been a drunken idiot on a course with and without music, so please don’t try to draw a correlation there! 

I started seeing speakers on the course a few years ago from guys in my Men’s Club.  At first I wasn’t crazy about it to be honest.  When I play in Men’s Club events I’d say I’m fairly serious about trying to shoot a good score, and obviously more intense in events like the Club Championship than the weekly games but yeah, you can say I wasn’t a huge fan.  Strangely enough, the more I started to hear it, the less it bothered me.  In fact, I picked up my own speaker and it was game on. 

At first I would listen pretty quietly and only when around close buddies who I knew wouldn’t mind.  The turning point came during a fun round at a THP outing. I was on the course with three of my good buddies and the playlist consisted of 90’s hip-hop. The rest is history.  That was hands-down the most fun I had ever had on a golf course. It was late afternoon into the early evening and many of the people had finished playing for the day, so the course was basically ours and we were jamming.  The music made an already fun round nothing short of an absolute blast. I was hooked!

Let me tell you a little story that I think really helped me and the boys on Team Paradise win the 2013 Morgan Cup.  We’re in a team practice round on the Thursday before the matches started and we’ve got a few holes lead on the groups behind us.  We had two separate foursomes working with their partners to prepare for the matches to come.  As the team captain I got to make the rules the for the round and we were down to the final three or four holes with nobody pushing us, so I made the call – let’s have some fun boys.  The next thing you know we had all eight guys on the tee box bouncing around and dancing to some 90’s hip-hop.  We were just having a blast.  I looked at one of the guys on the team and I said, “Dude, we’re going to win”.  At that point, I just knew it. We were all so loose and having so much fun, while the other teams seemed to be pressing.  We did go on to win the 2013 Morgan Cup and I really do feel that having some tunes going and getting my guys relaxed helped us get to that point.

Now to calm down all those who are hollering about my lack of golf etiquette, I will say that when the matches started the tunes stopped.  I don’t always bust out the speaker and crank up the hip-hop, but you better believe that if I’m playing in a relaxed round with some buddies we’ve got some kind of music involved.  Put me in a four-man scramble that involves some ice-cold beers and the tunes might wind up getting a little loud.  Now, don’t start throwing the drunken idiot comments out, because I do realize that there needs to be a level of respect involved. If others are around who take issue with it, the volume will get reduced, but I’ve yet to have anyone complain, so I can only assume that everyone else on the course is as big a fan of 90’s hip-hop as I am. 

My thoughts are this – if you want to play some tunes on the course, then by all means do it.  It doesn’t make you a drunken idiot any more than not liking music makes you a stuck up snob.  I do suggest that if you run across some of those who have voiced their extreme displeasure you might want to turn it down a notch.  Give me some THP’ers in a fun setting, a couple cold beers, and crank up the 90’s hip-hop. I’ll show you the most fun you’ve ever had on the golf course!  You might even find yourself throwing up a good score. Funny how that can happen!  So, read that speaker roundup, get yourself one that is going to meet your needs, and get ready to have some fun.

Dislaimer:  The views expressed in this article are Jake’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of THP Media Inc or its owners.

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Jason is a busy husband and father of 2 daughters who are both just starting to take up the game that he has loved for years. Golf is his passion, when Jason is not playing golf and testing equipment he's hanging out with all his friends on the THP forum discussing every aspect of this great game.

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  1. Turfmaster441 says:

    Great first column Jake. Interesting to hear that originally you werent sure what to think of the music on the course and have since been converted. I definitely agree in a fun recreational round, or even like a scramble why the heck not have a good time with it.

  2. #Cookie says:

    Digging the Straight Talk with Jake!

    Great first topic and I remember that day at Grand Cypress well assuming that was the first time there was music on course at a THP event. I’m with ya Jake, love the music on the course but I also know when to use common sense and turn it down, etc.

    Haters gonna hate….but they won’t get me down.

  3. Ryan @Front9Back9 says:

    I’ve noticed quite a few more speakers on the course as well over the last couple years. It doesn’t bother me personally. I do think it needs to be at a low level where only your group hears it. Also, I think it’s only fair to ask your playing partners if they’re cool with turning on music. It’s alright in my opinion to listen to some music, drink a couple cold ones, and enjoy a round with your buddies.

  4. DawgDaddy says:

    Great first column Jake, I obviously am old school but I remember witnessing your group at the outing with the music blaring and you guys just having a blast and thinking “those guys are having a blast.” The next encounter I had with guys and music on the course was at my company golf tournament held each July. None other than the tournament director was doing the exact same thing during one of his rounds and the guys with him were having a ball. Knowing all of the pressure and stress with directing a tournament with 250 participants it dawned on me how relaxing and how much stress just having music could be. While I still don’t have music during my round, I have experimented with music while at the driving range and I may just carry some with me to the course sooner rather than later. Again, nice job Jake, I am so glad to get to continue reading your thoughts my friend.

  5. tander says:

    Congrats on the new column. I agree, as a music lover, I don’t mind music on the course unless it is bothering someone else. I actually play better with music but give me the 60’s oldies.

  6. Bullfrog says:

    Awesome first column Big Jake! I too love jamming on the course. I was jammin 80’s rock in Hubbard Oh and a few of the guys really enjoyed it. I will try 90’s hip hop next time to see if that changes the way I play. Does certain music get you pumped and in a zone like it does me?

  7. Sighman23 says:

    Great first column.

    Since it is 90’s hip-hop I guess I can’t tell you how inconsiderate you are to us other golfers.

    Seriously, I listen to music on almost all my rounds now and realize I tend to play better with it on. It seems to calm and relax me and makes me realize I’m out there to have a good time.

    When the music is off, it seems I start thinking about every bad shot and start pressing and it makes the round go bad.

  8. dcbrad says:

    I’m all about jammin to some tunes on the course in a relaxed round. I agree, if you are playing in a competition round, it’s probably best to leave the ole speaker in the bag. But a relaxing round with friends? All bets are off!

  9. Johnny Mojo says:

    Great job Jake! Just exposed to music on the course for the first time this year (in a group I am playing in). Doesn’t bother me at all and can actually have a positive effect. I’m looking forward to seeing all the leading edge topics you are bound to come up with. #StayingTunedIn.


  10. Michigan Slice says:

    Jake, awesome first topic!
    I was reading for a shoutout speaking of speaker durability testing that you performed in Vegas!

    Seriously though, I’ve come to enjoy music on the course (unless it’s Lita Ford- kiss me gently)– BULLFROG!!
    You introduced me to music on the course, and our rounds in Vegas were some serious good times!

    Love how you sound off on the respect factor too, it’s not for everyone, but given the chance, more people might like it!

    Well done sir!

  11. Bullfrog says:

    MS, It was on pandora! I say you lip syncing!

  12. TPluff says:

    Loving straight talk with Jake Nation! I’ve got to say that as long as it’s considerate of groups around you and course policy, music while playing is fantastic! 90s hip hop would make it even better. Looking forward to your next straight talk jake.

  13. Dean says:

    I dont have issue with music while playing. But imo a lot also has to do with whether or not an individual happens to like the music he is forced to hear. It comes down to personal taste. If one does not like hip hop then the music will be annoying to him. Even one who does like hip hop still may not find it the right music to be listening to while playing.

    To make the point, I am a huge rolling stones fan but I dont want to hear them while eating breakfast at 7am. Or while having dinner in a nice restaurant, or even while playing golf yet perhaps i would like to hear them while having a beer and bbq in my backyard.

    I also like easy listening 70’s type of music like perhpas Elton john just for one example and also like motown music and also listen to Sinatra type of music. But for me its all about the time and place as to when I prefer any of them.

    So i think a lot of it has to do with the taste of ones music and also the atmosphere in which he chooses and prefers to hear that genre of music.

    As far as being drunk and stupid. That has nothing to do with music. But it does have a similar affect on why there may be rules in place concerning music. The problem is that there are too many people where ever one may go that just dont know how to respect others, are not reposible and ruin things by taking advantage. This is why there are rules and sometimes even laws that put a damper on enjoyment when we go places. Because of too many idiots we all then have to suffer.

    You cant buy a beer after halftime at a football game. Why? because too many people do get too drunk, become irresponsible and cause an unpleasant time for every one. So now the one who is responsible and simply wants a beer in the third quarter is not allowed to have one. I’ve been on beaches where you cant fly a kite or throw a frisbee or have a beer in your cooler. Why? Because too many irresponsible, disrespectful idiots do not know how do do such things and maintain a safe and friendly eniornment. So again we all suffer with enjoyment dampening rules because of too many bad people.

    The same can happen on a golf course. Whether its drinking or playing music. Too many will take advantage of it and not do such things responsibly and respectfuly. As that gets worse we will start to see rules put in place and unfortunately even when one wishes to listen to his music in a respectful manor he will not be allowed at all.

    And again it also comes down to taste. I dont want to be forced to listen to ones hiphop or heavy metal while playing. Especially if its loud. That would annoy me a lot. But put on some easy listening music of my liking for the atmosphere and then I will enjoy it.

  14. T2grn18 says:

    Nicely done Jake! The start of some great reads from you buddy.

  15. OITW says:

    Great first column Jake! I’ll definitely be following along. I agree with you, I do like music in scrambles and a lose setting with friends. I don’t think it should turn into a full on rager though. I have been thinking about trying music at the range as well to see how that helps me practice.

  16. T0AD says:

    I remember Grand Cypress, and the complete fun everyone was having. I’m all for it as long as it’s contained to yourself or your group. I often turn on my phone and just listen to that, especially if I’m getting uptight about my swing or I just need to go to ‘another place’ for a hole or two to get back on track.

  17. ole gray says:

    I’m not a hip hop fan as I have a hard time understanding what they or saying/singing. I guess that comes from hearing loss from my Vietnam tour. Speakers on the golf course hmmm I guess it depends on how loud it gets. If kept at a reasonable level I wouldn’t have any issues with it although for me, the ipod system would be much better. You get your music and you don’t force your brand of music on others. I prefer the 70’s type music and would love trying to playing golf with an ipod to those tunes.

  18. Golf Ghost says:

    Great first column Jake. Loved it. Really like the “straight talk” tone to it and how it gets a point across without sounding like just another opinion. Looking forward to the future of this new segment.

  19. Scarnici says:

    Great write up Jake. We had so much fun with the 90’s Hip Hop blasting in Dallas.

  20. drp3434 says:

    That was a great read Jake! It was cool to get a little insight into how you began with music on the course. I still have yet to experience it, but I know I will this year and I can’t wait!

  21. Aaron Smith says:

    Great column Jake!

    As for music on the course – I am literally on the fence about it. I love music and can appreciate the fact that people want it with them on the golf course.

    For me – sometimes golf is a break from every day life and gives me a chance to for peace, quiet and being outside in nature. So I can say there are times that I would not want it around while I am golfing.

    That being said – a relaxing round with some buddies and everyone is good with music – I say why not. My only concern and I think a few others have mentioned it, would be whether people could keep it respectful of the groups around them.

  22. rbarthle17 says:

    Interesting topic. I can say that I have never been presented with a situation of having music on the golf course. I have spent many range sessions with my headphones in, but never on the course. I also tend to listen to podcasts more often than music though.

    I know that the noise won’t bother me in my swing. I have years of practice drowning out noise on the mound that is easy to recall. But I guess I’d be super conscious of how it affects others.

    I’m guessing I’ll get the experience in one of the Indy rounds?

  23. says:

    Loved your first column Jake and you picked a great topic for debate. Call me an old coot, but, I can’t go down that road with you with music on the course. I wouldn’t have a problem with anyone wearing ear buds and listening to his/her choice of music. But, speakers and being forced to listen to someone else’s preference would bother me. I would say that it also would probably get you ushered off of a lot of courses if it got raucous.

  24. WCBM says:

    Nice write up Jake!! Great thoughts on this. I had never thought of doing this until I was behind your group during a practice round at the 2012 Morgan Cup. At first , I wasn’t sure what to think. Then after a few minutes I found myself lip syncing the words to the song that was coming out of those speakers of yours. I have started doing this when I am on the course by myself since all because of you my dude haha. I’m a convert.

  25. Jman says:

    Jake, I’m going to love this added feature. Jake being Jake and just letting it ride.

    On the music, I’m of the same thought, if you like it, awesome, if you don’t thats cool too. I adore music on the course, but I’m always cognizant of those around me, if they don’t like it then it goes away, simple and everyone is happy.

  26. Terry says:

    I love music, but it should never be played on a golf course. For one simple reason, we don’t all agree what qualifies as music.

    You start playing that hip-hop crap from any era around me, and I’m going to punch you in the throat.

    Five minutes, much less five hours, of that noise would be sheer torture!

  27. wakit300 says:

    Thanks for the column Jake, great idea and looking forward to more.

    I seem to be the exception here in regards to music on the course.

    One of the top reason I love playing golf is that it is outdoors in, usually, a beautiful setting and away from the hubbub of modern life. It is a place of zen for me.
    “A golf course was always a place that you could go and expect to hear nothing but the sounds of nature and the occasional golf clap.” Substitute the WAS for SHOULD BE.
    The last thing I want to hear while I’m playing is someone cranking some music or (while we’re at it) having endless conversations on their cell during a round. It comes down to courtesy, etiquette and respect for others, which at times can be seriously lacking in our society … anywhere.

    The other issue for me is that music is a very personal thing. Even if I wanted to hear music on the course, it doesn’t mean I want to hear yours.
    Now here’s where you say oh, but we don’t turn it up loud enough for anyone else to hear it. Well that may be true in your case Jake but it’s amazing how far sound travels on a golf course and I guarantee you that there are a lot of other people out there who don’t know any better or just don’t care.
    Luckily, for me, I’ve only encountered the on course music thing once in the past year (some guys blasting Celine Dion for Christ sake!) but if it does become more prevalent I will have to seek out those courses you talk of that are banning it so I can enjoy the game I love as I was taught it was meant to be played.

  28. Howzat says:

    Nice Feature Jake. It really seems to bring out your personality which is great. As long as you know your audience, tunes on the course can be terrific. There is a time and place for sure. I think golf needs to grasp on to any opportunity to make the game more fun and I think accepting music on the course does just that.

  29. ddec says:

    Nice article hear Jake. I don’t have an issue with music on the course. It’s not something I do regularly but I have had some rounds with it and I do think it helps keep things lite. As long as you aren’t being inconsiderate to other players on the course, then really who cares right?

  30. Nate says:

    I favor music on the course. That’s why I’ve got a bada$% Bose bluetooth speaker with me at all times. It’s ready to play all sorts of music thanks to Pandora!

  31. Freddie Kong says:

    I was on that tee box jammin to 90s rap the day before we go started last year. I love music, I love golf and love the two together. Not everyone does and I get it but those that don’t like it don’t seem how I feel.

    Good job Jake, keep them coming

  32. Smallville says:

    Good column, Jake! I don’t really like the music on the course, but every situation is different. I played as a sub on alternate night at our men’s league and was on our Superintendent’s team, and he was playing it. I was odd man out, I didn’t have to pay, and wasn’t a regular member of the group, so I didn’t say a thing about it. Played better than normal once the first couple holes were over, too.

    But in a normal round, while I like for there to be conversation, I prefer the music not be around. Of course since it’s your column, you are right and I am wrong! hahaha

    I look forward to more of your views, Jake!

  33. AKRobby says:

    Great first column. I’ve only experienced music during a round once, and rather enjoyed it. I’m hoping to make it more part of my fun rounds.

  34. Drumdog says:

    To use a horse racing term on your first column Jake… You broke your maiden as a first time starter ! That column was a winner from the get go.

    As a musician, I can really appreciate music, just about anywhere. I “Rock out with my Driver out” on occasion, but do it with ear buds so no one can complain. Mrs. Drumdog has been begging for me to install a stereo in our golf cart for a couple of years now. Maybe I will do that this year. I am seeing more and more stereos in carts all the time. If I do, you can be sure the volume will be down, unless the others in the group want to rock out.

    Again, thanks for a great article and keep up the good work buddy !

  35. Canio says:

    Excellent first column. I personally don’t play music, but I wouldn’t object during a fun round if music is played within reason. Common sense must be the rule. If it’s too loud, tone it down a little so it doesn’t bother other people.

  36. Jjmorris says:

    Jake is in the house! Can’t wait for a summers worth of 90’s hip-hop!

  37. Chris Simmons says:

    Jake, love the column. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts. As for the subject, I absolutely LOVE listening to music. And I LOVE the game of golf. So why shouldn’t my 2 loves meet up in the middle. I think the music is relaxing to me. Doesn’t really matter what is playing per say. Just the fact that there is music and I’m good.

  38. Canadan says:

    Always an interesting topic! While I am open to the idea of music on course, I think the volume should be dictated by the people who are around you, and I certainly think it should be contained enough that people golfing in other pairings don’t hear it.

    Simply a matter of preference. Getting the right music for the foursome can make for an awesome round of golf.

  39. Proffire says:

    I hadn’t experienced music on a golf course until I was marshalling a fun scramble tournament last year. My first thought was “what the hell are they doing”? Then I realized they were not loud and simply enjoying their group. They were not loud enough to bother any other group on the course. Now I’m thinking of bringing a speaker with me and asking my old (senior citizen) buddies if they want to hear some oldies or Beatles or Beach Boys etc. If they don’t,then I’ll just play it on ear buds and probably on the range to start but why not. Guess it will depend if my buddies like the same music as me but I,m pretty sure it’s not gonna be hip hop!!!!

  40. Buckjob says:

    Great Read Jake….. i don’t mind some tunes on the course from time to time it really depends on my mood and who i’m playing with and how relaxed the round is i have even gone myself and had headphones and listened to music so i didn’t disturb anyone elses round. I don’t have a problem with it as long as it isn’t affecting anyone elses rounds i can see why some people would want silence as well i’ve had days where i just want to work on my game and enjoy the silence of the course.

  41. McRock says:

    Notorious thugz. Great article. A very enjoyable read.

  42. IceyShanks says:

    Awesome Jake, love seeing you back in the mix and couldn’t agree more!

  43. Nebgolfer says:

    Love the concept behind this column, and what a great way to start it. I’m a recent convert to the music on the course group, but so far I’m really loving it, and it definitely helps me relax a bit. Great job, Jake, and I can’t wait to read more!

  44. TripleBogieTim says:

    Great first column buddy and a perfect topic for you….in fact the first time I heard of music on the golf course it came from you.

    Now I have gone and bought my own clicgear to walk rounds and the first item I added to it was a bluetooth speaker for some tunes.

    I am a convert.

  45. Jeff Spicoli says:

    Nice way to start off the new column. But what’s wrong with Metallica? I don’t mind music on the course as long as it’s not super loud and distracting other players.

  46. James Hoffman says:

    Was testing out a new club to join yesterday played with the club champion and a buddy of mine for a considerable amount of money. The club champion was blasting his boom box the entire round completely put me out of focus and I shot 10 strokes higher than normal loosing two golf balls! When I finished the round I asked the manager how a private club allows this and he basically said they allow this guy to do it and the small group of youngsters he is encouraging. I was annoyed because he refused to turn it off or down when I asked him politely to turn off the music. He never asked me if it was ok he just set the bets on the first tee then proceeded to blast music, worse yet he was playing from a cheap internet radio station so the music would go in and out from quiet to a loud blast of noise. (Akin to an air horn in your backswing) I informed him of rule 14-3 and he did not believe me!!! This is the club champ I am disappointed as I really wanted to join this club I love the course but if this is the norm and the course openly allows this I am having second thoughts if this is where I want to make an investment. I came to this site shocked that this was a trend!!! I can’t imagine more than 1% of golfers like music blasting from a golf cart!!! I have been playing most of my life I am 39 and yesterday was the first time I have ever experienced this or even heard of such a thing!!! None of my golfing buddies ever heard of this either. Please club manager ban this stuff from the golf course! The player should not be made to feel like the bad guy because he is forced to ask some drunken yahoo to turn off his music on the golf course!

    If I do join this club I am going to put an air horn in my bag so every time some a-hole thinks it is ok to blast or even play music in my backswing I will repay them in kind with various toots from the horn in their backswing!!! I feel like there is no difference!

    And for the record every club should be banning music during play as it is a violation of rule 14-3 next time I am asked to bet against somebody playing music I will just put down all albatross and Eagles on my scorecard regardless of my actual stroke count I mean if you are going to cheat then you should go all out!

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