SubSeventy Apparel Review – New Look Fall 2010

THP has had the opportunity to take a look at the brand known as SubSeventy on a couple of different occasions. Back in 2008, we had our first look at the stylish and trendy golf brand and then again a year later the label was part of our annual Fall Fashion Preview with multiple outfits and ensembles. Each time we took a new look at the brand from across the pond, we became more impressed with their style and flare than previous iterations. Recently the company launched their new Fall line and THP wanted to showcase some of that for our readers and give you a look at what is newly available from the company making strides in the world of trendy golf apparel.

New Gear
Improving on already incredible fashions is never easy to do, but it appears rather than revamping the entire lineup, the folks behind the brand made subtle changes and additions to their already strong entries and came away with some real winners here. By adding more color options to a stable already bursting at the seams gives consumers more choices and outfit possibilities than ever before. Combine that with the continued ability to do completely custom apparel and you have the makings of a special closet on your hands. Another important aspect to their new line and new for 2010 is the US distribution is far better now, making it much quicker and easier for us folks on this side of the world to have access to their incredible collection. While we would still like to see the brand featured in more places, it is encouraging to note that if you place an order, the shipping and time to get said order is extremely fast.

The pants and shorts collection of SubSeventy has long been their strong suit for many reasons not limited to the high quality and tailored fit that you do not see from many other companies. This new line continues to push those boundaries to new and fun areas as more colors are added. Please note that while the company offers many colors, they also continue to do complete custom and ordering options from their home office in the U.K., and while that is an incredible task by itself, their ever expending color palette with their stock options makes it extremely easy to find what you are looking for. With additions such as Houndstooth Check patterns and multiple new varieties of their plaids and tartans, SubSeventy is the vehicle on the highway of color.

The shirt line is broken down into 4 “categories” and those are Boris, Harley, Felix, and Kalon. All of these being your standard polo style golf shirt, however there is really nothing standard about them. Each shirt in the line is a nice feeling combination of 65% cotton, 30% micro polyester and 5% lycra for what Subseventy feels is the best combination of feel and performance rolled into one. From solid colors to a sharp edgy pattern, the company has a great mix of combinations available and something for just about anybody.

Fit & Feel
When it comes to fitting clothes, it is important to note NOT all brands fit the same. SubSeventy line of apparel features much more of an athletic or slim fit in their apparel. If you are used to wearing one of the larger US brands, then we strongly recommend going up one size. Once sized properly, Subseventy fits like a glove. Room in all the right places and no bagginess or extra material getting in the way in the wrong places. The material combination they chose features a wonderful soft and plush feel to it and there is absolutely no clinging or other issues at all. The pants come unfinished which is a feature that we absolutely love here at THP. Sure you cannot get them, wash them, and go play, but what you do get is the perfect fitting pants in the length area and a custom tailored fit without the price tag. The waist of the pants is also an athletic cut, but we found it closer to true to size.

SubSeventy has another hit on their hands with this line and they are continuing to push the envelope of incredible color combinations, rich accents, and a wonderful mix of trendy with small subtle hints of traditional accents. Their slogan “Funk Up Your Game” has never been more dead on accurate. Once a US golfer’s secret treasure, the company has setup a wonderful distribution here to make shipping times and customer service far more fan friendly. You can read more about the company and see all of their apparel options on their website at

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