Sun Mountain MicroCart Review

I’ve been walking when I golf quite a bit this year. Many say that it helps them play better, but I’ve never really felt that to be true for me as I seem to play about the same whether I’m walking or riding. What I have found is that I’ve lost a few pounds and saved some money, which are both great things. The only issue I’ve run into is that I prefer to use a fairly large cart bag and there is no way I can lug that thing around a golf course. This is one of the reasons that push carts were invented, so I started renting them at the courses I played. I got everything from carts that were a couple years old and decent to some that I was scared to even put my bag on. Luckily, Sun Mountain felt they had a product, the MicroCart, to make my walking rounds a bit more enjoyable and sent it over for a THP review. Please take a moment to check out my thoughts on this very cool product.

Information from Sun Mountain
The Speed Cart is one of the most revolutionary products in golf. It changed how golfers transport their bags around the course. With the Micro Cart, we offer you another push cart option. There are distinct advantages to the MicroCart design. Its small folded footprint and its light weight make the cart easy to get in and out of your vehicle. Due to the patented four-wheel design, the cart has a low center of gravity which results in superior stability on the course.


  • Cart Specs: Folded Dimensions: 24.5″ X 16″ X 12″ Weight: 12.5 lbs.
  • the cart folds and unfolds in two easy motions
  • the handle is adjustable
  • the new storage pouch is included with every cart
  • the accessories panel is loaded with features: padded valuables tray, ball marker, scorecard holder, drink holder, plus pencil, tee and ball holders
  • the smart brackets are adjustable to secure your bag without straps
  • the solid-foam tires roll easily and require no maintenance

First Impressions
I think my first impression when I saw the MicroCart was similar to the feeling of going from an old Ford Pinto to a Cadillac. This thing is literally loaded with features to make walking more convenient and enjoyable. First, let’s talk about setting it up. The MicroCart comes in its folded up position and it sort of resembles a large radio controlled truck. It took me a few times to become proficient at unfolding it, but it was pretty simple after I figured it out. One neat feature is that you can enlarge the length of the front axle to accommodate larger bags. I had to do this before using it with my bag and it was not a difficult job. A few twists of an Allen wrench and I was ready to go. When folded, the cart is very small and could fit along with your bag in just about any vehicle out there.

At first glance, my favorite feature was the accessory panel up near the handles. The cover closed securely and inside there was room enough to fit my cell phone, GPS, keys, and a few other things. The top of the cover doubles as a scorecard holder with a very strong magnet to keep the card in place. There is also a pencil holder, some tee holders, and a spot to place a golf ball without fear of it falling out. Lastly, there is a drink holder, which I really liked as I always want a bottle of water handy when I’m walking. There is also an umbrella holder that sits tucked away, but can be screwed into the handle bar area. Speaking of the handles, there are two, and they are covered in a very soft rubber that is easy on the hands. The bag itself sits on a small platform and can be held in place by the smart brackets that are adjustable. There isn’t a need to strap the bag in and I did find that it stayed securely in place during my rounds. One glaring difference between the MicroCart and many others is that it has four wheels instead of the typical three. I’ll talk more about my thoughts on four wheels versus three later in the review, but it is unique looking in the world of push carts. The wheels seem to be soft, but solid. They are made of a foam material that is quiet on cement and appears to be fairly durable. Lastly, there is a storage pouch on the lower back portion of the MicroCart. It is large enough to carry quite a few things such as a rain suit, extra food and drink, or whatever small to medium sized items you may decide to bring with you.

On Course Performance
I was very excited to get the MicroCart out on the course and had the chance to do so right after I got it. I wasn’t 50 yards away from the first tee when I commented to my partner how easy it was to push and how solid it felt. The center of gravity seemed to sit pretty low and it felt very stable throughout all of my testing. I think much of that has to do with it having four wheels. I purposely tried to park the MicroCart on hills and uneven spots to see if it would tip over and found that it was always very secure. I never once felt like it was going to tip over, though I still exercised caution to make sure it wasn’t in too precarious of a position. One concern I had regarding the four wheel set up was the maneuverability of the push cart. What I found was that the MicroCart was just as maneuverable as its three wheeled cousins and I didn’t have any issues moving it where I wanted.

I mentioned the accessory panel earlier, but it bears mentioning again that I really liked this feature of the MicroCart. There are things that I like to keep handy when I’m playing golf, but many times they have to be stowed away when walking. With the MicroCart I was able to quickly access everything that I needed, whether it was my camera, GPS, or phone (to check out the THP Forums while waiting on the tee, of course). I did have an issue with the accessory panel that I must mention. The magnet that holds the score card is secured to the panel with a small piece of plastic. The magnet is incredibly strong and does a great job of keep the scorecard in place. However, during my third round with the MicroCart it broke without any effort at all on my part. I was pretty disappointed by this as now the magnet can be dropped and I’ve had to search for it in the grass a couple times. I’d like to see the attachment made of a bit stronger material because the magnet could be an excellent feature otherwise. I did use the umbrella holder once and it seemed to keep my umbrella, which is absolutely huge, very secure. One suggestion I have is that I would like to see the holder be adjustable so I could position the umbrella a bit more over my bag.

Final Thoughts
The MicroCart definitely made walking the course a more enjoyable experience for me. Having the ability to keep so many items within easy reach is a huge benefit. I liked the stability of the four wheels and maneuverability didn’t suffer at all with the ‘extra’ wheel. There are really just a ton of features packed into the MicroCart that make it a real luxury to have on the course. A little redesign on the magnet and umbrella holders would make it just about perfect in my eyes. For more information, you can check out Sun Mountain’s website at You can also find the MicroCart for sale at great e-retailer stores such as Blind9Golf. As always, thanks for reading and best of luck out on the course.

Ryan H.

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  • Ryan: thanks for taking the time to review and nice write-up! Like you, using a push cart for me is a great form of exercise and a money saver! Win-win for a hack like me!

  • Good thoughts and a great write up Ryan. I keep thinking I am going to pull the trigger on a push cart and do away with the old pull cart, the MicroCart is now definitely on the radar.

  • Nice Job Ryan, I happen to be looking for the right Push cart. Recently started walking. Yes I have an old Ford Pinto.haha.Time to trade her in…..

  • Great information Ryan. I will put this on my list of products to explore further. I am intrigued by the four wheels and have/had the same concerns about maneuverability.

  • Great review. I’ve used the previous version of this cart, and it is good, but I really think that those in the market for a cart would do well to also consider the Clicgear 3.0.

  • Great review Hawk!!!!!!! I’m on the hunt for a push cart soon so I can walk during our summer time. It’s extremely hot but the rates make it worth it. Thank you my friend!

  • Nice review Ryan! I don’t know there is something about a 4 wheel push cart that reminds me of grocery shopping. Sun Mountain has some great carts out there and this sounds like it’s one of them.

  • Thank for the excellent review, Ryan. I am in the market for a push cart. The Micro Cart is certainly on my radar to look at.

  • Nice review Ryan. What push cart where you using before? I’ve read a few reviews on this item and the one ticket that keeps coming up is that it doesn’t roll as well as some of the 3-wheeled cousins.

  • Excellent review Ryan! I’ve got the original Sun Mountain Speed Cart and while I really love it the biggest thing I’m missing is the extra storage you talked about in the MicroCart. I would love to have just a little more room to store things rather than cramming it in my golf bag pouches. I’m glad the four wheel design seemed sturdy and maneuverable at the same time, that would be the biggest concern I’d have with this. It sounds like a winner and I agree, carts like this definitely make walking more enjoyable!

  • Awesome review Hawk! I’m going to have to look at this one a bit more carefully next time I’m at the store!

  • I was wondering how the 4 wheels compared to the 3 wheels. I like not having to strap the bag in place because that always seems like such a pain. When it’s time to get a new push cart (it won’t be this year but it probably will be next year) we will definitely think of this. Ours suck in comparison but they are still functional so it’s hard to justify the switch just yet.

  • I love mine. One of my favorite golf purchases in the last couple of years. My back loves me for it! 🙂

  • Great writeup. I have one of these and love it. And, thanks to Hawk, I now know about the axle adjustment feature to keep my bag from rubbing against the wheel.

  • m-910 – Thanks for the kind words. I rented push carts before and have used quite a few. The course I play most often has newer, no-frill three-wheeled versions from another brand. I wouldn’t agree at all that this doesn’t roll as nicely as any three wheeler that I’ve tried. It’s easy to push and maneuver for me.

  • Solid review Hawk! I’m not walker but if I were to become one I’d certainly look at this cart to sling my bag on

  • Great write up bud, I’m looking to get me a new cart soon and now I’ll take a serious look at this one

  • I have one of these carts – I bought it cause it was smaller than the other huge things that are out there and I’m most definitely too small to haul those around the course. The magnet fell off on mine too but I managed to save it – and the little screw on the umbrella holder got loose and I lost it – but I’ll replace it soon as it’s a kool feature. He is right – it covers you but not so much your bag. Over all though, it’s a great cart and I walk 4-5 days a week and beat it up and it’s still going strong! Good review and right on.

  • I appreciate that you took the time to share your experience, Maritxa. I would love to see the umbrella holder pointed forward just a little as it’s kind of a pain to zip/unizip the rain cover.

  • Nice write up! I was curious how the four wheels would perform.

  • Nice write-up.. I’m also using the MicroCart and has been for almost a year now.. about the umbrella-holder, You could buy the ClicGear Umbrella Holder instead.. it’s got a ’tilt-function’ so it can be adjusted..

    anyways.. it will be possible to buy the Micro E Cart later this year for those who want it as an electrical trolley.. I’m sure gonna one of those 🙂

  • good review there ryan. Very well written.

  • Nice review Hawk. I have a friend in the market for a cart and I pointed him in this direction.

  • Great review Hawk! I played with tomahawk and his friends and each of them had this cart. It looks awesome and I think I decided that this is going to be my next golf purchase!

  • Terrific review – I was wondering about the 4 wheel design. Sounds like you had the same questions and got good answers

  • I’ve been thinking about picking a push cart up for fall, winter and spring rounds….just too hot to walk here in the summer. Thanks for the review!

  • This review was Well Done ! Thanks Hawk

    I looked at this cart and know that the 1st version only had two positions for the handle and that this one is more adjustable as you point out. But my preference is more to the one on the ClicGear cart where you have more adjust ability in the handle and more places for your hands. I also prefer the 3 wheeler over the four, HOWEVER, if I were getting a 4 wheeler this would be my cart of choice !

    I did like the storage bag and water bottle features you pointed out as those are ‘requirements’ to me.
    I’m like you regarding the umbrella holder, would like to see it adjustable so that you could cover the bag. To me that’s more important than having it over my head.

    Thanks for the through review !

  • If i was a walker, this would be the cart that I would buy! Looks like it has all the bells and whistles and has a sturdy fame. Great review Ryan!

  • I bought the cart with the adjustable handle and it worked well for about two years until the adjuster bolt broke in half. I can only conclude SM’s source of bolts is from a factory using defective material.
    Also, the plastic holding the magnet broke within a few rounds. Like some other commenters, the wheels will rub on the bags even with axles extended because the wings will not hold a bag in a straight position. I would not recommend this cart.

  • Nice push cart indeed, but what to do when the bolt at the bottom of the umbrella holder comes free from the bottom of the tube itself? Would like to fix myself rather than buy a new holder….Does anyone have a remedy or hack for replacing the bolt?

    The bolt head was embedded into the plastic but there is no way to re-embed it.

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