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We hate to admit it and we fight it as long as we can, but there is no denying winter is coming. With the increase in colder temperatures many golfers will hang up their golf bag for the season. Most would agree that it’s just not fun to play golf in a big bulky jacket when it’s cold or raining outside. It’s hard to swing, you get hot even though it’s cold outside, it’s really just a miserable experience. This is where a company like Sunice comes to the rescue. Sunice makes high-end, high quality outerwear that will give you all the comfort you need to enjoy your round of golf.

From The Company:

From the first stitch to the latest in eye-catching design Sunice is the ultimate fusion of science and style. This is our playing field.

Committed to delivering top-quality actionwear. Sunice is a performance-enhancing golf and ski outerwear brand that uses advanced technologies, fabrics and manufacturing methods.

Sunice®, a longtime expert and leader in the technical outerwear industry, is dedicated to a unique concept of science and style. This is done by creating innovative design, using durable construction, and blending fashion-forward styling while using the latest in technical specialty fabrics.
Since we have so many cold weather readers we were really excited to review the 2010 Sunice line. We have a section on our forum where people talk about the golfing weather in their region of the world and far too many people are already seeing freezing temperatures and snow. I feel for those people and would love to help them find a way to stay warm enough to continue playing just a little longer. How could their golfing time be over so soon? Now that just isn’t fair!
We asked our freezing friends to do the honors and test out the new outerwear from Sunice and to give us their honest feedback. We had one men’s and one ladies jacket for our reviewers. The men’s jacket is a very nice navy blue color with a great white accent around the zippers. The ladies jacket is all black with a subtle gray accent on the arms. Both jackets have a draw string bottom to give you a snug fit during the really cold days.
Our male tester said he got great use of the Sunice jacket. He really enjoyed how lightweight it was and how easy it made swinging a club. He felt no restrictions on the course and was able to complete his swing with ease. He also said that while the jacket kept him warm it was never too warm where he started to become uncomfortable. Even with the cold drizzling rain, our male reviewer said the Sunice jacket held up. I asked him if he would recommend this outerwear to others and he said, without hesitation, yes.
Our lady reviewer had very similar remarks regarding the woman’s version of the Sunice jacket. She said that her movements were not limited while playing a round and in fact she barely even noticed that she was wearing additional layers. She told us that she normally never plays in the winter time because she hates to be cold on the course; however, with the Sunice jacket she stayed warm the entire round. She did have one complaint and that had to do with the neck. She had the jacket zipped up almost the entire way and no matter what she did she couldn’t stop the unzipped portion from sticking into her neck. She said it was a minor nuisance and although it did bother her, it would not stop her from wearing the jacket again and again. When asked if she would recommend the Sunice line to other she too said, absolutely, yes.
Sunice has always been known to be a quality product in both the Skiing and Golfing industries. Based on the reviews of our testers and our past experience with Sunice we feel comfortable recommending this jacket and the entire Sunice line to our readers. These jackets don’t come cheap but this is the type of item that you will have for a lifetime. You can read more about the company and see the different styles and colors available here.

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