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I can think of few locations more fitting to create an outerwear brand than the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Just a bit of research told me that its hottest month is July and the average high is only 74° Fahrenheit. The average low in July is below 50°. I’m sitting here shivering just thinking about that. Sunice, headquarted in the aforementioned Canadian city, is known as one of the industry leaders in cool weather gear. They have both golf and skiing apparel. Though both sports are incredibly different, participants in each of them demand protection from the elements, breathability, and the ability to move freely while bundled up. Sunice sent a couple of jackets, men’s and women’s, from their Pro Sport Collection over to THP for a review and, with a bit of help from my wife, I was asked to share my thoughts on them. Believe it or not, fall isn’t far away, so this info could come in handy soon!

Information from Sunice
Sunice’s® Pro Sport and Sport Layers Collections feature high-end performance Windstopper®, and basic, lightweight, fashion-driven layering pieces blending science and style in soft shells, sweaters, lightweight layering, thermal layering and windgear.

Sunice® Performance Layers create the ultimate all-weather golf apparel layering system. The moisture-wicking Otaki SuperLite FX Pullover-with an invisible chest-pocket zipper-can be added as an extra layer without extra bulk or weight. Sunice’s® most breathable, 100 percent windproof, water-repellent WindStopper® styles include the new Burnham Soft Shell and high-performance Limmen Active Lightweight Shell designs in sporty colors such as Royal Blue with hits of White, and a bright White with hits of Shadow and Red.

Burnham Men’s Jacket
The Burnham is geared as a cool weather jacket. I think it would suffice for almost any temperature that is reasonable to play golf in, yet it is surprisingly lightweight. It came to me in size XL, which will be perfect for adding a few layers as the temperature really drops. I typically wear a size L, but felt that the XL was ideal for giving me room to move freely. Typical of today’s styling, it has a high collar that sits up on the neck to keep the cold air from seeping inside. It’s constructed of a stretchy material that has plenty of give for making golf swings. This is a great feature as I absolutely can’t stand the feeling of being all bunched up when I’m on the course.

I didn’t get a chance to wear the Burnham in the rain, but Sunice labels it as ‘water repellent’, which tells me that it would be good for a light rain or sprinkle, but not necessarily the best option in a downpour. It holds in the heat, while remaining quite breathable. This is a huge plus as I find few things worse than sweating when I’m wearing a jacket. It’s a fine line to walk, but it appears that Sunice did an excellent job. As for colors, the Burnham comes in three. I tested it in black, but am also particularly fond of the ‘royal’ option. The color options and designs that Sunice offers are second to none and it would be almost impossible not to find something that suits your eye. One last feature that I enjoyed was the number of pockets included on the Burnham. One in particular is conveniently situated on the chest, yet it remains fairly unobtrusive.

Alexandra Women’s Jacket
The Alexandra has many of the same features as the Burnham, such as a Windstopper® SoftShell, water repellency, convenient pocket locations, and a stretchy fabric for ease of movement. The jacket that was tested came in the ‘Lapis’ color, which is a fancy way of saying light blue. It was accented with white and really looked amazing. My wife’s eyes lit up when she saw it and she was very excited to try it on. Again, Sunice has a way of making a jacket look incredibly stylish, while packing in technology to ensure the consumer stays comfortable.

A couple of key differences from the men’s jacket were adjustable Velcro cuff tabs, and a Soft Touch chin guard. Both of these features are things I loved and I have to admit that I was a bit jealous when I saw them. According to my wife, the jacket fit true to size. She normally wears a small, but the Alexandra came to her in size medium, which again, should make it perfect for layering on those chilly days.

In Conclusion
The styling, attention to detail, and construction of the Sunice Burnham and Alexandra jackets is simply awesome. They are definitely not cheap, but the Pro Sport Collection is something that should be able to be worn for a long time. Taking into account just how important it is to be comfortable on the course, especially in inclement weather, it became apparent to me that an investment like this could pay off for years. For more information on the Pro Sport Collection, as well as other Sunice products, please visit As always, thanks for reading and best of luck on the course this year.

Ryan H.

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