Sunset Beach Putter Review

Golfers of all levels are aware that technology is constantly evolving year in and year out. We are reminded each year as new innovations after innovations are heralded as the latest evolution in driver technology. While the boundaries of driver geometry and MOI are being pushed to the limits, the putter has remained a timeless art. Sunset Beach Putters offers a number of cast and 100% milled putters that are crafted and personalized with the highest quality. Chris Jordan, founder and head designer at Sunset Beach, founded the company with one simple message, providing golfers of all levels with the opportunity to have a putter made to their exact specifications. No longer are such luxuries only available to players competing on the world’s elite tours. Thanks to Chris and Sunset Beach Golf you can have a custom flat stick built to your exact specs with the highest quality materials for an affordable price.

We’re all aware the key to shooting low scores starts with our short game and performance on the green. Putter design and performance is a mysterious combination of technology and confidence. Not only does it require a putter that fulfills our technical needs but also fits our eye and meets our aesthetic demands. Features such as hosel designs, sight lines, thickness of top lines, feel, and even sound are elements that create the confidence needed to trust the most important club in the bag. Sunset Beach offers a line of milled putters that are built to your exact specs. No longer do you have to settle on a putter that whose head may fit your eye but is not offered with a hosel that best suits your game or vice versa. Chris is a dedicated putter maker who prides himself on his work. If you’re looking at Sunset Beach putter expect a phone call from the man himself as you start the process of designing and building a true custom putter.

When we first contacted Sunset Beach it was about reviewing their putters and their process it takes to make something this nice. After looking at their website for hours and dreaming up my “perfect putter”, I decided I would not get one until after I reviewed them. Chris and I spoke for about two hours that first night, and went over everything about Sunset Beach and why they work. Not only will you get the exact putter that you want, you will also get an education on how they work for your game. Something I did not expect, but very much liked.

Chris mentioned that he would like to send us a putter to review and we jumped at the opportunity. Over the next few days I found myself staring at the Sunset Beach website for hours. Creating putter after putter in my head as I looked at the endless possibilities of hosels and finishes to go with the heads that he offers. I kept telling myself, “wait until you review one of them”, but it was like a cartoon having the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other and this time the devil won.

I called Chris the following day and started talking about what I wanted my own putter to look like and after about 45 minutes, he helped me pick out the specs that would best suit my game. “Creating” a custom putter was a lot of fun with the help of Sunset Beach and I looked forward to receiving the flat stick that was going to change my game forever. In less than 2 weeks I got a couple of packages delivered and when I opened the first one I saw the putter that SSB was asking us to review. You can tell by the pictures featured above in this review, the craftsmanship that goes into them and this hand numbered prototype that they asked us to try out is just a thing of beauty. But what surprised me was that in the second box was my custom putter that I was not expecting so fast. As soon as I opened the box, I was blown away.

The first thing I noticed, is that it was as if they read my mind with what I was trying to accomplish with this putter. Not just with the finish and the stampings, but with the hosel and putter head. Every time I have tried to imagine what I wanted my dream putter to be, it looked virtually like this one with the stubby Sante Fe hosel and mallet/blade combo look. A hand stamped putter to me screams “artwork”, and at first look, it was like walking into a museum and staring at art. I was overwhelmed with how my purchase turned out. When I saw the Proto that they sent for us to review, I was excited, but when I pulled the THP beauty out of the box, I was ecstatic.

Regardless of how any putter looks, the real reason we get them is to put the ball in the hole. I was thrilled with how my custom putter turned out, but if I could not putt with it, it would have to be replaced. Myself and THP Teaching Professional Andy Mollerud left the office and headed straight for the putting green. We each dropped some balls and putted around the green. The first thing I noticed was that the club just seemed to lineup right for me. I was not fidgeting to get ready or anything else. But the most important thing, was that I felt right and the putts went in. Confidence is a huge thing when putting as we mentioned earlier and this putter gave me confidence that everything would go in on command.

Both of us kept saying over and over again the same phrase, “Can you believe how good these feel?” The milled putters that we are reviewing here from Sunset Beach are about as good a “feeling” putter as either one of us have ever felt. The face almost feels soft as the ball clicks off of it towards the hole. But one thing I found that I liked more than most of the other putters that we reviewed, is the sound of the ball at impact is PERFECT. Not clicky, tinny, pingy, or any other horrible noise.

Overall, I think that SSB putters and Chris Jordan do exactly what they say they do. Make custom putters for the golfer that just wants a little “more” out of their flat stick. I was very unsure about the entire thing until I saw some pictures and ordered one for myself. Then I was even more unsure, wondering if I had made the right choice. Upon arrival all of the second guessing was gone because this thing is a piece of art spending some time in my golf bag. I highly recommend Sunset Beach for any of our readers. Spend some time on their site and check out some of the photos and you will be blown away by the quality of the work. Their price range is also better than just about any other custom putter company out there. Once you have one in your hand, you will be delighted by the custom stamping and the feel you get from picking up your very own piece of art. You can read more about these models and see tons of pictures as well as place an order at Sunset Beach Golf Company.

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Josh B.

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