SuperFlex Bands for Golf Review

Are you tired of going to the gym to work on the parts of your body that support your golf game? If so, you can follow the lead of Tour professionals like Gary Woodland, Trevor Immelman, and Sandra Gal by picking up some SuperFlex Bands. These bands can give your entire body a workout in addition to exercising specific body parts or muscle groups. The SuperFlex Bands immediately gained my interest when they were sent to THP for testing. Did they work for me? Check it out.

Did You Know?

SuperFlex for Golf was picked top 12 coolest items at the 2012 PGA Show.

From the Company

  • Improve strengthening and toning
  • Increase stretching and flexibility
  • Increase speed, agility, and quickness
  • Develop explosion and plyometrics
  • Combines muscle strengthening and stretching techniques

The SuperFlex Bands are numbered individually (1, 2, 3, 4.5, and 6) and have varying lengths and thicknesses, with the lower numbers corresponding to the lower resistance levels. Also, each band is a different color than the next to keep you from mixing them up during your training. The kit they come in includes two and something I’m going to call a ‘door adapter’, which you to place in between a door and the door jamb. These accessories provide some additional versatility to these already versatile bands. After watching the included instructional DVD that details how the bands are to be used, it was off to the gym; otherwise known as my living room floor.

My favorite kind of testing is the kind that doesn’t involve leaving the house, which is exactly what the SuperFlex Bands allowed me to do. Testing and working out in the comfort of my home? Done! For this review, I mainly focused on the resistance training that these bands offered and stayed away from the exercises that involved a lot of twisting and bending of the core muscles. I have no doubt that they work great, but I’m focused on low impact exercises and stretching at the moment.

Pictured below is one of my favorite stretches. It’s designed to do a couple of things: 1) stretch and flex the hamstrings and 2) create less tension on the lower back. By doing this stretch, you’ll increase flexibility and eliminate potential injuries to the hamstrings and back. I was able to do a variety of stretches using different numbered SuperFlex Bands. I found that the number 6 band was really good for one legged stretches and that the number 4.5 band was good for two legged stretches. Both stretches achieved the same goals as I listed above, but variety prevents boredom and encourages me to stick with an exercise program.

Another great exercise/stretch that the SuperFlex Bands can assist with is pictured below. While it works the core, it is still low impact and helps increase balance and stability, both of which are the basic building blocks to a good golf swing. For this particular exercise, I used either the number 1 or number 2 bands. It proved to be a great way to work the hamstrings and glutes, which can create tension in the lower back if they aren’t stretched out properly. Tension prevents you from turning easily and could potentially have a negative effect on your golf swing.

Working with these bands was easy and simple to do. By using the ‘door adapter’ I was able to turn my office door into the perfect place to exercise my back and arms. It offered stable and sturdy support and allowed me to do the exercises needed. The handles that come with the SuperFlex Bands are molded foam that easily fit into the palms of your hand, which eliminates hand tension and prevents you from tiring out your arms by squeezing too hard. These handles easily clip onto the band of choice and slide through the adapter, creating a whole new set of exercises for you to do.

The SuperFlex Bands retail for $79.95. There is a great deal of information on their website, I really enjoyed reviewing these bands, and as I continue to work with them, my training is becoming more advanced. They will be a part of my exercise regimen going forward and will definitely help increase my strength and flexibility. If your fitness begins to decline as the weather gets colder, I’d recommend trying them out. You might just find that you only have to worry about getting your swing in shape to start your next season.

T. Hanks

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