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When you think of Formula One racing what comes to mind? I think of speed, race cars, burning rubber and checkerd flags. What I don’t think of is golf, but maybe I should? One of our staff writers and Highway 18 winner, Charlotte Campbell, told me about a company named Sweet Lies Golf that I should look into, she said they had a great 09 line coming out. When it comes to learning about new companies you don’t have to tell me twice, THP immediately contacted co-founder Cathy Arslanian. Cathy was very excited about the opportunity to showcase her 2009 collection and within days sent us a wide range of items for us to review. Not only was I lucky enough to test drive Sweet Lies Golf clothing but I also had the chance to speak with Cathy about her company and her clothing.

Golfer Gal: Can you tell us how Sweet Lies got started?

Cathy: Myself and my business partner Marianne Durham used to sell boutique golf clothes, we loved what we did and we had a great reputation with buyers but we weren’t happy with the quality and design of the clothing. So four years ago we decided to start our own apparel company.

Golfer Gal: How did you come up with the racing theme?

Cathy: We went to a PGA merchandise show and we saw that everyone how some kind of theme to their brand. So on the way to the airport we started to brainstorm and I thought about racing. Funny thing, as we walked into the airport we saw a store completely dedicated to Formula One racing, we knew it was meant to be. After that we went to car shows and based on what we learned and observed at the shows we created the colors, patterns, and lines that Sweet Lies is known for today.

Golfer Gal: Have you and Marianne always been a fan of golf?

Cathy: We have been best friends for 30 years. We grew up together on a golf course, it has always been our passion.

Golfer Gal: How would you describe Sweet Lies Golf?

Cathy: Sophisticated, functional, basic but beautiful. We are not high maintenance, but high performance. We use luxurious fabrics from Milan and fabulous quality pieces from Switzerland. We feel our clothes are great both on and off the course. We have several different collections and offer sizes 0-14 so we believe we have something for everyone. With a variety of styles and cuts from each of our unique collections we have something for every age, shape, and size.

Golfer Gal: We love that you offer different styles, you really do have something for everyone and THP loved that! Can you tell us what is in store for 2009?

Cathy: 2009 is going to be much larger than 2008. We have great new colors. Our best selling line, Slipstream, has bold melons and blues. The Zig Zag line will showcase blacks and reds. We will also be using metal zippers for a more formal and luxurious look.

Golfer Gal: Where can people find Sweet Lies Golf?

Cathy: Sweet Lies is sold in pro shops and high end resorts. You can also shop online on our website.

Golfer Gal: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today, it has been a pleasure learning more about Sweet Lies Golf.

Cathy was a pleasure to speak with, she is truly passionate about her clothing company and about the game of golf. As mentioned earlier she sent several samples for us to review. She sent capris, skorts, long sleeved, short sleeved, and sleeveless tops. She also sent a pink dress, a jacket and two really cool looking hats. I totally got the race car feel when I tried everything on. The colors are sharp, the fabrics are sleek and the patterns are unique. Some of the styles were not exactly my taste but the quality was just incredible. One of the skorts had an elastic waist, which I wasn’t too sure about at first, but after I put it on I thought it was brilliant. I have always had problems with zip up skirts riding up over my hips and then sort of hovering over them, it looks funny and it’s really annoying because I always have to tug the skort back into place. With the elastic waist I didn’t have that problem the skort stayed where it was supposed to the entire time, I LOVED that. The skort and the pink dress had this same ‘S’ like pattern on them, and for the longest time I could not figure out what it was. Then I looked at the Sweet Lies logo and realized it was the same shape as the hair of the lady in the logo, and when I looked even closer I noticed the bottom curl looks like a golf ball, it’s so subtle and so clever. Cathy gave us two skorts to review, the one with the elastic waist described above and another with a houndstooth pattern. This one was really creative because the zippers had rainbow like coloring which truly captured the essence of the racing theme. Several of the shirts had a feature that I thought was just the greatest thing I had ever seen, they had built in tee holders with fun colored Sweet Lies tees. I could not get over how great that was, it took an already nice shirt and brought it to a whole new level.

The creativity and attention to detail of the Sweet Lies apparel is something quite special. Eventhough not everything worked well for my body type, I would highly encourage everyone to check out this company because for the one shirt or skort that didn’t look good there were four tops and two other bottoms that did. I think Cathy describes Sweet Lies Golf best, they are not high maintenance but high performance. THP can’t wait for the release of the 2009 collection. As always, we will keep you informed of dates as they become available to us. To learn more about Sweet Lies Golf and to check out their 2008 line you can visit their website at Sweet Lies Golf.

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  1. Jose Batasita says:

    Just read this review and really liked it. Great interview. Might have to turn my wife on to these things.

  2. TCT says:

    Nice looking stuff

  3. ClairefromClare says:

    Oooh–sounds like fun. I really appreciate golf clothes with built-in tee holders.

  4. Mary L says:

    Really like the idea behind the stuff. Finally some innovation. You are on a roll GolferGal.

  5. Amanda B says:

    This is different and a whole lot of fun. Time to shop.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Buy the houndstooth skort, it’s awesome!!!

  7. Mike Bizzle says:

    My wife dabbled in this stuff but really prefers a couple of other brands. Very nice unique clothing, but they just did not fit her at all. Customer service is outstanding though.

  8. bee golfer says:

    Very nice review. The company looks like they have some impressive stuff on their site. Love the interview.

  9. tina t says:

    Very different than anything you have reviewed before. I like the looks of a couple of their items. The interview was great as well. I just want to say thank you for introducing us ladies to so many new and fun things. Up until now, we really got the short end of the stick and with all these products. Now we have you to thank.

  10. Golfer Gal says:

    Tina –

    Thank you so much!! I love what I do but hearing comments like yours makes me love it that much more : ) There are so many new and great options for ladies now and I am thrilled to be able to share them with everyone. Please keep the comments coming and if you ever have questions you can always email me at

    Golfer Gal

  11. THE ECHO says:

    My wife thinks these are some of the most unique clothing to come across our screen in a while. She loves the pink dress and wants it for Hanukah. Thanks for the review on these new companies.

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