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When you think of ladies fashion and golf you probably think of apparel, but how often do you think of golf clubs? I think of fashion as what I wear while golfing. In fact I can even include some of the accessories that go with my game such as my golf bag and ball markers. But clubs? Never. That is until a company contacted us called Sweet Spot Golf that we learned that style, fashion, and golf clubs could be spoken in the same sentence. Sweet Spot Golf was tired of the plain looking clubs that other companies were making and they decided to do something about it. Their business plan was to make a quality piece of equipment, add some color and style, and create something new.

Truth be told that when I first saw this equipment I was not too impressed with the concept. It seemed a little loud and a little bright, and overall just had a touch of too much flash. But we kept hearing buzz about these around the internet world as being really solid clubs and “not to let the flash fool you”, so we wanted to give them a try ourselves.

We spoke with the owner of Sweet Spot Golf about the clubs and got some great background on the science behind them. Here is what they have to say about the idea behind the clubs.

So, aerodynamics, combined with a stylistic design to help you find your line, an additional weighting system to keep your club from twisting at impact, add up to why we are who we are. We feel pretty strong about this concept. You will also get the added benefit of people gawking at you standing there with your clubs as you brutally send your drive down the fairway, roll it onto the green and into the cup. They’ll definitely know that you’re not playing with your old man’s clubs anymore. So give us a swing. And if you like us, well guess what, we’ll like you too.

The company was kind enough to send over a set from their “Think Pink” line for The Hackers Paradise to try out. This line helps benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation via their sales, which was a huge selling point to me. Sweet Spot right now makes drivers, hybrids, and putters, and sent one of each in the Think Pink for us to try out.

For review purposes we will start with the driver. The Think Pink driver is the same model as their V-11 driver. It is a 13 degree head with 455 CC’s. Now as most of you know I am a fan of the color pink, and that is a very good thing with these clubs because they are VERY pink. The grip is pink and black and it comes with a Matrix Think Pink shaft that is also colored completely pink. Not to worry ladies if pink isn’t your color there are other options, but for this review we will be talking strictly about the pink line.

The first day it was a range session and after hitting some warm up balls, I got to swinging the Sweet Spot Golf driver. I know that the lines on the top of the driver are there to help, but I must say that I found them quite distracting at setup when I first started using the club. After a while, I did not notice them as much, but they are loud looking, that is for sure. Off the tee the distance was good. I found that I was hitting my Taylormade Burner a little further but not much. The club may not have helped me with my distance but it definitely shined when it came to the ball flight. The ball would get up in the air very quickly and held its high flight pattern quite well. For distance I give the club a B+ but for ball flight it easily gets an A+.

The following Saturday we took the clubs up to our local club for the ladies clinic. The clinic allowed us to have multiple testers of all different skill levels gives these clubs a whirl. Since we are speaking about the driver right now, we will continue with that feedback. There were about 12 ladies at the clinic on this morning and we were only able to get about 9 of them to try the clubs out. The other 3 had trouble with the looks and did not want to give them a try. The ladies that did try these clubs out had similar results to me. They enjoyed the ball flight quite a bit and none of them had any issues with the distance. In fact most of the 9 reported more distance with the Think Pink driver than with their own.

Next up for my personal testing at the range was the Think Pink hybrid. It is the same hybrid that is used in their H3 model and matches the driver quite well. Although the shaft in the hybrid was black rather than pink, it still has that overall “pink appeal” that many of us ladies like. I actually preferred the black shaft because as much as I like pink it might have been just a little too much pink for me. This time the distance was great with this club, I was very pleased. The same 9 golfers at the ladies clinic who hit the driver also hit the hybrid, and just like me, they all really liked the club. A couple of the women trying them out even reported as much as 15 yards more distance than what they were getting from their normal hybrids.

Last up to try from the Sweet Spot Golf Think Pink line is the putter that they sent over. I really expected the arrows on the top of the putter to assist me a great deal, however, just like the driver they kind of distracted when I first started using this club. Fortunately, after some time using the putting the lines didn’t really effect me any longer and my aim came back. This is actually a very nice putter so I recommend just giving it some time to get used to, once you do I think you will really enjoy it. The putter is quite heavy, which is the way I like a putter to be. It rolls the ball quite well, however, I would have liked just a little more feel but overall I really did like this club. You don’t have to just take my word for it, the ladies from the clinic raved about the putter and felt as though the arrows were exactly what they were missing to help with the misalignment they had been dealing with recently. One by one they tried it out and it seemed that each of them was draining putt after putt with the Think Pink putter.

Over the next week or so, I put these to play on the course and came away fairly impressed. Especially with the hybrid and putter. The driver I still felt was not quite as long as my Taylormade. But the clubs are clearly not just about style, but definitely have some substance to them as well.

Overall I really enjoyed trying out the Sweet Spot Golf Think Pink line of golf clubs. They definitely add some excitement to a golf bag and every tester that tried the clubs out agreed we had a winner. There is only one major concern that all testers seemed to have and that was regarding the price. The driver has a price of $329, the hybrid has a price of $179, and the putter has a price of $149. This took them “out of the hands” of every tester we had. We understand that clubs can get expensive, but this put their cost at more than just about any ladies driver we could find on the market. We really think Sweet Spot Golf is onto something here, we are just not sure if it will be in the price bracket of a lot of the ladies purchasing new clubs right now. Fashion and style belong on the course in something other than apparel and we just love how Sweet Spot Golf has done that. For more information on the ladies line we have just reviewed, check them out at Sweet Spot Golf.

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