Swiftwick Socks Apsire, Vibe & Pursuit Lines Review

Buying socks in bulk without a great deal of thought could very well be a thing of the past.  As innovation reaches all aspects of our lives, it comes at no surprise that options for sock variety and functionality increase.  With incredible attention to detail and options for both casual and athletic wear, Swiftwick, located in Brentwood Tennessee, is producing some incredible options for golfing and every day life.  In this review, the Aspire, Vibe, and Pursuit lines will be highlighted at varying ankle depths. 


From Swiftwick: Socks born from the same technology and spirit of our synthetic lines with two key differences: The PURSUIT(TM) line comes fused with the natural and thermal properties of super fine, 36 micron Merino Wool sourced from farmers right here in America AND is the only 200-needle compression wool sock on the market. In short, these socks are built of the finest, by the finest.


There is no question the Pursuit line provides additional thermal properties as compared to Swiftwick’s other lines after wearing them.  Substantial footbed material would suggest these would be a great choice for that pesky shoe that may be a touch too large, or for the colder months leading up to the end of the golf season. 


Made from 21 gauge American wool, the Pursuit is categorized on the high end of moisture wicking and footbed thickness, but is least favored in the durability category.  The thin channeled upper section that runs across the top of the foot helps to avoid additional material and breathability, two things that are common in thicker sock options.



From Swiftwick: Unique in the Swiftwick family, the VIBE line is a little more plush, and a lot more colorful. Using a half height terry loop throughout the footbed, the VIBE offers a highly consistent, thicker feeling with linked toe construction and slightly less compression. To carry the color, its flat knit, super thin upper is smooth and snug.


Quality color options with unique technology make the Vibe stand out well. It lacks a toe seam thanks to Swiftwick’s new technology linked toe, and a build structure that allows the sock to be notably denser (not thicker) is quite impressive.  While the compression is on the low end of the Swiftwick spectrum, the durability and wicking quality is high.



From Swiftwick: The ASPIRE™ Line is thin and light for serious runners, cyclists and athletes of any sport. We eliminated the toe seam using linked-toe technology, which means no bunching in the toe box (reviewers note: or tee box, for that matter).


 Testing found the Aspire to be the personal preference for golf due to the high end compression and fit.  With excellent numbers for durability, wicking, compression and breathability, it comes at no surprise that wearing these during a round kept the feet cool, dry, and secure. 


An original concern for the zero (below ankle) cuff height was the propensity for other socks with similar profiles to slide down and into the golf shoe, creating unnecessary discomfort and heel pain.  The red Aspires provided for testing never slid down the heel at any moment, staying consistently in place thanks to the great compression they provide.


Parting Thoughts

Between the company’s intent to produce locally, high-end technology and attention to detail, it comes at little surprise that Swiftwick not only makes a great sock, but one that can be enjoyed in most scenarios.  While the price tag is notably higher than a standard sock, it is fairly justified in performance and quality.  Comparing the two would be unrealistic.  For more information on Swiftwick Socks, go to www.swiftwick.com.

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