Talking Wedges: The Golf Industry Uncut Volume 30

This week John Rae from Cleveland Golf joins the show and we discuss everything you could think of about wedges and a whole lot more.

On This Episode
Forgiveness in Wedges
Cleveland CBX Wedges
Education of Golfers on What Wedges Work Best
Club Fitting
Movie Theft
And so much more

This podcast is your chance to hear from those in the golf industry in a format that is completely raw and unedited. If there is an issue on the show, you will hear it. You will have the opportunity to submit questions for guests over the course of the year and even connect with them after each episode either right here on the THP Forum or through social media and let them know your thoughts or ask follow up questions.

Tackling on demand audio for the world of golf like never before, THP Radio presents this unique look behind the doors of the equipment world through the experts.

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  • Fitting for consistent distance is such a great point as well as getting fit for wedges. I’ve always tweaked the lye angle from off the rack wedges. Maybe it’s time for a real wedge fitting.

  • One thing I haven’t seen in he various golf retailers is a fitting cart for wedges. To me that would be a way for a company to offer some value add and separate themselves from the pack. One of the big reasons most people buy wedges off the rack is because that’s basically the only way they can find them.

  • Great listen here, love love the wedge discussion.

    1) Tour wedges don’t work well for the higher handicapped golfers. Absolutely true yet generally speaking it’s what the OEM’s have provided. Very happy to see Cleveland taking the time to create a product that can work for those that aren’t great at this game. Really interesting to hear just how much goes into the look at address. Talk around how long it will take for folks to try and adapt was very interesting also….fearing change is crazy in hindsight.

    2) Didn’t realize it would be more expensive to product but that makes sense due to all of the intricacy in the details. Looks like the MSRP is about the same as bladed wedges. I do really like the idea of getting fit for wedges and also having that set match for purposes of distance gapping, feel, and consistent performance.

    3) Looking forward to the upcoming video this week. I agree regarding “reminders” whether that be alignment, etc.

  • Great listen. From the pictures I have seen of CBX wedges next to RTX-3 wedges, I think they did a great job putting the increased forgiveness and playability is a more traditional looking package.

  • Interesting about us wanting to see the normal wedge/forged/blade look at address as I’ve not really thought about that before, but makes sense. I don’t think these wedges would be for me based on some of the shots I like to hit from bunkers and flops but I guess I won’t know unless I try it! Thanks for taking the time on this!

  • This was a great listen. I definitely need to pickup the book. Solid choice of pizza toppings with roni and sausage. Hilarious that he is the one with the most road rage lol.

    I like that they’re moving away from using the tour for builds and adding in the forgiveness. The new lines are fantastic specifically the CBX wedge.

    Interesting him, using the alignment grips on his own wedges and feels that helps everyone.

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