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Each year the companies put out new and exciting products and golfers around the world start to see the latest and the greatest hit the stores and retailers nationwide. One product that seems to get overlooked by all the buzz of equipment, apparel and even some accessories is the innovations and stylings of the new golf bags. While at the PGA Merchandise Show in January THP got a sneak peek at some of the new golf bags coming out for the 2011 season from TaylorMade Golf and adidas Golf and could not wait to get our hands on them.

Pure Lite 2.0 Stand Bag
At only 4.9 lbs, the Pure-Lite 2.0 Stand Bag is TaylorMades lightest full-size stand bag. Walk lighter, walk longer, and perform at your best. The unsurpassed fit and support delivered by the Pure-Lite 2.0 will have you re-thinking how a bags performance can affect your performance on the course.

Features & Specs:
6 Way Top with Integrated Handle
7 Total pockets, including a valuables pocket with internal Key / Ring Clip
Insulated Beverage Sleeve Pocket
Ventilated Ergonomic Shoulder straps
Full Length Dividers
Integrated Bottom Trunk Handle
4.9 lbs.
3 FAS-TEK receivers

Tour aG Staff Bag
Inspired by the world’s most demanding athletes, the Tour aG Staff Bag must meet the requirements of Tour professionals worldwide. This golf bag is more than a piece of equipment – it is an iconic statement that reinforces the adidas brand’s position as the leader in golf gear for the uncompromising. For winners the world over.

Features & Specs:
Brushed PU synthetic leather construction
6 way velour-lined top with full-length shaft dividers
6 pockets include velour-lined valuables pocket
Insulated water bottle sleeve
Integrated umbrella holder
Gunmetal finished hardware
TPR rubber feet

THP Thoughts
For those looking for a stand bag, the Pure Lite 2.0 is filled to the brim with bells and whistles. Light weight for easy carrying, yet still offered incredible stability for the ruggedness that we encounter on the golf course. Using this bag for testing over the last 5 weeks, THP had as many as 30 clubs in it at one time with no issues and the leg system never giving way. The construction and durability were clearly apparent and in the end our testers came extremely impressed with the overall quality of the TaylorMade Pure Lite 2.0 stand bag. It seems all the complaints we heard was that when buying a stand bag, many offer great features, but lack durability or a good leg system, yet in our testing of this bag it appears to be the best of both worlds.

The aG staff bag is a long time coming in our opinion. Sergio Garcia has been carrying a version of this bag for a few years now and consumers wanted the choice of black or white…and now they do. All the features of the previous lines are included in this updated and gorgeous new style. But there is one thing that adidas Golf did that many of the companies seem to forget when putting together these staff bags. They remembered that regular golfers might want to use them and in this case made it so they can fit on the back of a golf cart. Many of todays staff bags suffer from being able to fit properly, but adidas Golf took the extra step and THP has tested it on 3 different golf carts with no issues.

When looking at golf bags, one has to consider many factors and often times decide on styling alone. Make sure you look for features and durability that match up with a style that works for you. TaylorMade Golf and adidas Golf both have incredible lineups this year with bags for every need. You can read more about them or pick them up at www.taylormadegolfgear.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • I can attest to how sweet the Pure Lite stand bag is. We had that bag loaded to the brim with drivers/irons/fairway woods and it was more than capable of carrying far more than it should. It’s a sneaky light weight bag as well when empty, almost shocking. I’m a stand bag guy and I loved this bag. I love the white, I love the weight, but the one feature that really blew me away: the fact that it’s a stand bag that has plenty of storage space. Avid stand bag users will know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Nice write up JB.

  • Great article. That white stand bag looks sick! I might have to pick one of those up to match my driver. I really like the look of that staff bag too. It is so clean and nice looking, I would hate to take it on the course.

  • LOVE the look of the stand bag. Good to hear that it’s durable too. Nothing worse than floppy legs on a stand bag.

  • Love love love that Adidas bag.

  • I love the look of the staff bag, though it’s not a ideal bag for how/where I play. The stand bag would suit my style on the course a little more.

  • I think I’m going to disagree with some of the earlier comments. The stand bag is ok, but I would have liked to have seen a 14 way divider. The Adidas bag is nice, but I’ve seen other staff bags that catch my attention more. But it is a very nice, classic Adidas stripe look and doesn’t go over the top in appearance.

  • I’m with osahar on the 14 way divider, but both sure a sweet looking and the durability mentioned sends it over the top. Very nice.

  • They look great but I know mine would be “tan” and black after a summer on the course. Somehow my headcovers can’t even stay white. I know a bag would just be a mess.

  • Both look very nice. Both have great features for each class of bag.

  • Those are some pretty slick looking bags, and unless your out on the course to get your swell on 4.9 lbs is pretty hard to overlook when checking out stand bags.

  • i have the pure lite 2.0 myself – it is an amazing bag – so light – walking is effortless.

  • I really like that Adidas staff bag. Too bad Sergio carries it. He bugs me.

  • I like the black & white and white with Black stripes. makes me want to kick in some old school Run DMC

  • These are sweet looking bags. I wished they 14 way divider but, the white bags are not for me. They wouldn’t stay white.

  • I’m due for a new bag and have been taking my time finding a good looking bag that has everything I need. I saw one of these last week and love the white look; I only wonder how well it would look after a good year of playing.

  • I’ve loved the look of Staff bags for a long time but don’t really need one so I can’t justify one! I normally use a stand bag for my range sessions but since I always take a cart when I play, I have a cart bag for rounds. I too would like to see the individual club dividers.

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