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Each year more and more drivers are coming to the marketplace and it can leave consumers dizzy with all the choices. Every club promises longer distances off the tee, more accuracy than ever before, and the ability to make amateurs take that next step towards lowering their handicap. One company decided to step outside the box in their latest release of drivers and put a new driver out that was unique looking, made all the promises, and was shunned by consumers when pictures were first leaked months ago. It seems that when it comes to clubs, and drivers in particular, some golfers are extremely dependent on the look at setup to make it work for their game.

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Back in January when Taylormade Golf announced their two newest drivers, the Burner SuperFast and the R9 SuperTri our forum members and consumers around the internet everywhere balked at the appearance of the new Burner SuperFast driver (you can see actual responses by clicking the highlighted portion). On message boards everywhere it seemed unanimous that, based on appearance alone, the Burner SuperFast was not a hit.

Tour Presence
Rumors started to swirl that the guys on tour were falling in love with this driver based on pure statistics and THP decided to do some investigating. While at Doral this year, we got a chance to speak with a number of PGA professionals that have made the switch and were astonished with their reasoning and the numbers behind it. Here is an example of one of our conversations as we sat down to speak with PGA Tour Superstar Mike Weir about this new driver.

Since that time the THP investigation has continued and we recently came across a few statistics that put it all into perspective on just how many players have made the switch to this driver. Nearly 50 PGA Tour professionals have played the Burner SuperFast driver this year in competition on the PGA Tour, and the driver has been used in three worldwide victories (going into the Travelers Championship). On average we are seeing around 20 Burner SuperFast drivers in play each and every week on the PGA Tour. Still curious as to the ultimate reasons behind it, THP decided to continue its investigation and bring the PGA Tour Manager for Taylormade Golf onto the THP Radio show In The Rough W/ JB & Golfer Gal and get his perspective on why so many are making the switch and what results the players are currently seeing (click the green portion to hear that show).

At this point, myself and the rest of the staff at THP were fairly astonished with the findings that we were getting.

Increased club head speed
Increased ball speed
Overall distance gain

THP decided to contact Taylormade Golf about conducting our own impartial testing with 12 golfers that are not affiliated with THP or Taylormade Golf and have them hit their current driver and the Burner SuperFast driver on a launch monitor to see if the claims are true and what the overall outcome would be with regular amateurs.

We put a sign up in our local pro shop asking for testers and had no shortage of responses and then also invited a THP Forum member so that he could see the results first hand and report on them as well. We had certain criteria for the testers and those were:

1. Have an official handicap
2. Currently play a driver that is less than 24 months old
3. Have a consistent swing to measure on the device

Here is a list of the 8 drivers currently being played by the testers, and as you can see the choices were all over the place.

2 Callaway FT-9
1 Nike Dymo2
1 Taylormade R9
2 Taylormade R9 460
1 Ping G15
2 Cobra ZL
1 Cobra S2
2 Titleist 909D2

Each golfer was given ample time to warm up and then were asked to hit 18 tee shots on the monitor, alternating between their current driver and that of the Taylormade Burner SuperFast. We kicked out the high and the low numbers to make sure that the testing was fair.

THP Forum Member biggsy's Numbers w/ Burner SuperFast

Tech Specs
Tests were done using stock shafts at standard length and either 9.5 or 10.5 depending on what the golfer was currently using.

The Burner SuperFast comes standard with a 46.5-inch Matrix Ozik XCon 4.8 shaft.
Winn Grip that weighs in at 30 grams
The Burner SuperFast driver is available in three lofts (9.5°, 10.5° and High Trajectory) and five shaft flexes (L, M, R, S, X)

THP does a lot of testing like this each and every year for both the website and our print publication and this one was more unique than any we have done previously. During our 2010 Driver Shoot Out, the Burner SuperFast won the distance category and we were pretty enamored with what we were seeing, but the purpose of this testing is to get right down to the scientific “nuts and bolts” and see numbers as the indicator after hearing the rave reviews from the tour players and having the Taylormade Tour Manager explain the technology on THP Radio recently.

Each player was put on the launch monitor and in the end it was a unanimous victory for the Taylormade Burner SuperFast Driver in terms of ball speed and distance. Every single tester saw an increase in ball speed on average compared to their current driver, regardless of what their swing speed was going in. That translated into longer drives ranging from as little as 2.6 yards on average to as much as 11.4 yards on average, but not a single player involved in this testing did not see a ball speed and overall distance increase. The THP Forum Member that was involved in this test saw an overall distance increase of 6.3 yards and has already made the switch and purchased this driver after a fitting (pictured above is his swing on the monitor and him getting a distance increase is flat out scary!!!).

It seems to be a rare case when marketing and hype translate into actual findings and this one stood out with collected data. Watching ball speed and overall distance continue to climb for every golfer that tested out the new Taylormade Burner SuperFast was an impressive feat to say the least. We want to thank AccuSport for supplying the new VectorX Launch Monitor to THP for use in all of its equipment testings and it worked perfectly in collecting data in this review. For more information on this or any other Taylormade Golf product, check out their website at You can also find this driver and other TaylorMade gear at Blind 9 Golf online.

EDIT: Right after this writing, the Burner SuperFast gained another win on tour with Justin Rose winning the AT&T National.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. OEM Kevin says:

    Once again excellent review and information. The number just dont lie and they say this driver is long and fast!

  2. bonknhead says:

    Great and informative article. I love my ’07 Burner, but now I’m thinking it may be time to upgrade. Thanks a lot THP!

  3. TOAOST21 says:

    Great Article, yall are on top of things once again. And i LOVE my superfast

  4. Tim says:

    Great review. Like the science of the testing. Love my SF!

    As a Hacker, I find that I am getting 10 – 15 yards more withe SF than my Speedline. Measured with my GPS. Like the look at address, weight, ability to shape shots.

  5. TheDue says:

    Pretty impressive to say the least. Sounds like I’ll have to add this to the testing I have planned for this Thursday morning. Out of curiosity, can you speak to those of us with the slower swing speeds, say mid 90’s? Were they able to see a significant gain in swing speed and or ball speed? Also, side spin numbers for those slower swingers. I’ve pretty much went back to my old R9 and Aldila VooDoo shaft because I’m simply straighter with it, not longer, but straight.

    Thanks for all you do JB!

  6. Administrator says:

    The slower swing speed players all saw significant increases in ball speed and distance. As mentioned, every golfer saw an increase which is something we just do not see anymore.

  7. TheDue says:

    Great to hear. I’ll add this one to the testing and see how she fits. Thanks for the responce.

  8. Snap Hook says:

    Great Review!! Now i got to go Golf Galaxy and trade my r9 460 in……

  9. Jake says:

    Does this driver help reduce sidespin? How is the grip?

    Thanks for your awesomeness JB

  10. Administrator says:

    It is very forgiving with the larger face. Not sure if that helps or not, but we did not notice any large amount of side spin on any tester. I really like the grip. I know many do not, but the Winn grip is both comfortable and functional.

  11. Jake says:

    Is sidespin a slice? Cause thats what I have.

  12. Administrator says:

    sidespin is the spin on the ball that can cause a hook or slice.

  13. Gray Golf says:

    I woudl be curious as to how the burner stacks up to the R9 Super Tri as it was not one of the drivers mentioned in this comparison?


  14. Gray Golf says:

    I would be curious as to how the new burner stacks up to the R9 Super Tri ,,,as it was not one of the drivers mentioned in this comparison?


  15. Administrator says:

    Gray Golf,
    This is a review of the SuperFast. Our review of the SuperTri can be found here.

    And you can see how they stack up in our 2010 Driver Shoot Out here.

  16. 2ndSwingGolf says:

    TaylorMade doesn’t lead the PGA Tour each week in drivers played because they aren’t long.

  17. Andy804 says:

    Do people find the launch angle higher than normal or about average?

    I switch between a 9.5 and 10.5 based on that. I had heard the Ping G15 was a higher launch than normal and purchased the 9.5 and have been pleased as an example.

  18. Mark says:

    The Burner SuperFast comes standard with a 46.5-inch shaft.
    46.5 – inch shaft explains everything. If any one can handle that – good luck to him or her.
    Average golfer cannot generate enough accuracy and head speed with such a long shaft.
    50 – inch shaft will have even better figures.

  19. BarryG says:

    Perhaps the next scientific study in distance could take a few of the top driver heads and provide them with the same shaft type and length and see what the differences are then.

  20. Administrator says:

    While that is a great idea, the OEM’s decide on what shaft they put in their driver when they send it out to market. While it is still unfortunate, most golfers by off the rack. We hope that some day most golfers get fit for a proper shaft and setup at the time of purchase. Until then, we are glad to see some companies step up their offerings and show that even off the rack, not everything is just marketing as we set out to prove here.

    We do a Driver Shoot Out each year and the last one was held just a few months ago where we took every single top driver that was out and let regular consumers hit them side by side.

  21. derelict says:

    I wonder if these will start replacing the Adams Speedline drivers in the long drive championships…

  22. Administrator says:

    No, TM does not sponsor long drivers.

  23. Putty Man says:

    I’m not trying to be negative, but this isn’t exactly anything new!

    The 2010 DSO told us in no uncertain terms that the Burner SF was longer than any other driver. It is nice to have it scientifically proven, but actual numbers of current driver vs SF for the participants would make the article much more interesting.

    Also club head speed is directly related to shaft length, so its no surprise that the SF is long, but not relatively accurate.

  24. Administrator says:

    I guess we see it from another angle. How far a person hits the ball is not really as relevant in our opinion as the percentage gained and distance gained because every golfer hits it a different length. Some of our golfers (like our forum member involved in testing) hit the ball 300 yards and others hit the ball 220, yet every person achieved a distance gain.

    If the accuracy was as bad as people are commenting, the distance gains would not be achieved because they would be losing the ball left and right. yet that was not a factor at all clearly because the distance was higher.

  25. Putty Man says:

    I totally appreciate that numbers are all relative, and arguably meaningless to everyone except the person who swung the club…but… it would still make the article more interesting, for me at least.

    With such a broad range of swingers most readers would find someone close enough match to their own swing. This is especially true when you guys comapred the SF with other drivers, same person, same swing, different numbers, those stats would be fantastic reading!

    I have no experience of the club, my accuracy comments are really just based on the DSO and related commentrs on here.

  26. Administrator says:

    Thanks for your input, we will perhaps add something like that in the future. As for the DSO, if you got a chance to check out the Spring Issue of the magazine, there was more information and breakdowns on each handicap group and each driver.

  27. Putty Man says:

    No worries, just a suggestion, cheers for the reply.

    Slightly unrelated, but can you order the THP magazine to Europe (Ireland)?

  28. Administrator says:

    Not yet, but by the Fall issue, they should be available there. Right now, just US & Canada.

  29. Sam says:

    For slow swing speeds did the length of the shaft affect accuracy at all? The distance gains does not seem like it.

  30. BoomBoom says:

    How does this driver compare to the Diablo Edge in terms of distance and forgiveness.

  31. Administrator says:

    Boom Boom,
    Here is your answer. Our 2010 Driver Shoot Out Results.

  32. Jimrs says:

    Do you happen to know whether the clubface sits up closed, square, or open? Some of the old TM drivers had a closed face, while the TP drivers were slightly open. I couldn’t find any statistics on if the head of the SF is square or not, and only could find that the SF TP is slightly open, yet no mention of how many degrees open. As a player who has to be careful of a hook, I prefer clubs that are standard or even open. Can you help? Thanks.

  33. Administrator says:

    The regular is slightly closed and the TP is open.

  34. Jimrs says:

    Do you happen to know if slightly is 1 deg,,, or more like 2?

  35. Administrator says:

    In my opinion 1 to 1.5

  36. Jimrs says:

    That’s great info. Thanks…

  37. Jimrs says:

    One more question for ya. The SF info says the Matrix Ozik X-Con 4.8 with soft tip is lightweight for a faster swing speed, high launch angle and “high” spin for long carry. It was my understanding that we wanted to reduce spin, not increase it, to maximize distance. More spin would probably keep the ball in the air longer, but wouldn’t that cut down on the distance?

  38. Administrator says:

    With slower swing speeds, you want to get more spin to increase distance.

  39. sickasadog says:

    I would be interested to know if the SF is a high launch driver and if it is a hi or low spin driver. Thanks.

  40. Donna says:

    Hi, just found your site, and like it. I have the Superfast driver and really like it; your tests are right on. However, I’m having one problem that is disturbing. The black paint finish is chipping top and bottom. I’ve been using TM drivers for years – Firesole, R5, R7, etc., and have NEVER had this problem. Has anyone else seen this, or did I get a bad one?

  41. RON says:

    Du you recommend the SF driver for senior players ? I’ve been very happy with new Regular (?) Burner 3 and 5 woods I purchased

  42. Administrator says:

    I think the SF can be great for any golfer. I urge golfers to try out as many as they can and get PROPERLY fit for their new driver.

  43. Greig says:

    This is a great club. It’s the first driver that I have ever owned and after 2 rounds I already love it! Thanks to TheHackersParadise for all of the great info. It was from this site that I decided on the club to go with my R9’s.

  44. Frank LeClaire says:

    Hi wow what a driver, went from an old R7 stiff shaft to the Super Fast reg shaft and man what a dfifference. I know everyone says 5-15 yards but I ahave gained that on a poor hit and much better on a good hit. I tried the stiff shaft but the reg shaft seemed to be going much further, probably due to getting older. We have dry rocky creeks that run across some of our fairways, I was never in one, or even close to them before. I ended up in three of them last round. Donna, I have played about 4 rounds no paint chipping. TRY ONE

  45. excellent post, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite experts of this sector don’t understand this. You must proceed your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  46. James says:

    Writing this in early March of 2013. Bought the Taylormade Superfast TP version 2.5 years ago (clubface 1 degree open, shaft a little shorter than the regular SF). For myself, with a 105 swing speed and a 4.3 handicap, I can tell you I have been averaging 15 to 20 yard gains on every drive. Every time I return to a course I haven’t played in awhile I find I’m hitting the ball to places I’ve never been before. For me, this is one club that was not hype… it delivered. Discovered it on a demo day. I have $500 sitting on a table if I can find a longer driver. The money is still sitting there.

  47. James says:

    Now it is January 2014. That money is still sitting on my table.

  48. George says:

    Sept. 2015..I’ve this club for about a year. 9.5 deg/reg. flex. Really like this driver. I have no problems with shot dispersion. In fact I have to be careful and not set up to hit my old power fade. This thing goes exactly where you aim it. Avg. 230/240 with it. Not bad for a 66 yr. old guy.

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