Taylormade Burner SuperFast Fairway Wood Review

Golfers spend a lot of time each year trying out drivers to get that extra “something” out of technology and often times the fairway woods that are put in the bag are a little overlooked. I know that has been the case for me over the past decade or so playing golf and it usually goes something like this.

1. Demo drivers until I find what works best for me.
2. Get 3 wood that matches driver.
3. Struggle with 3 wood repeatedly for a season of golf.
4. Repeat starting with step 1.

Recently I decided to take a different stance and try and find a fairway wood that matched my game and how I play rather than the name on my driver.

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*Improved SuperFast technology package promotes more swing speed, more ball speed and more distanct 10 yards longer than standard fairways.
*Super light 30-gram WINN grip that doesn’t sacrafice feel or traction.
*Bigger, more exapansive clubface, and largest steel head Taylormade has ever offered (200cc 3 wood) is easier to hit and confidence building.
*Matrix Ozik X-Con 4.8 with soft tip is lightweight for a faster swing speed, high launch angle and high spin for long carry.
Price Tag – $199.99

This is definitely a “different” looking fairway wood and at first glance (via pictures) I was not sure what to expect, but in hand, the club looks edgy, modern, sharp, and begging to be hit. The crown of the club features a glossy black paint that is filled with a honeycomb type of pattern in a feint gray color. In front of the pattern (it stops about half an inch short of the face) is a red alignment aid that is actually the Burner Logo we have grown to know over the years. The shape of the head is more noticeable at setup and the back edge features a thin red outline that helps make the 3 wood appear more traditional when setting up to the ball. The sole of the club is incredibly unique compared to just about any fairway wood I have ever picked up. It features a large number that is “etched” into it and there are gradual “steps” from the back edge to the center of the club that are distinctive and were called by our testers “gills”. The overall package is very different than what we have come to expect out of woods, and more specifically fairway woods, but we found it quite satisfying once we had the club in our hands.

Interesting Pattern & Use of Red On the Crown

Range Testing
THP gathered up 5 golfers and went over to the range and had them hit some balls with the new Taylormade Burner SuperFast 3 wood and compare it to their current fairway wood of choice. We asked each golfer to hit balls both teed up and off the grass to get a comparison since we find that so many struggle with the 3 wood off the deck. Their thoughts:

Teed Up – 10 out of 10. All five golfers said that this may in fact be the best fairway wood they have ever tried off the tee. The distance they were achieving was closer to 15 yards longer than their current 3 wood of choice (based on VectorX Launch Monitor Numbers) and people were talking about how this could replace their driver in many situations. Shot dispersion was right on line as far as accuracy goes and the testers could not get enough of it in teed conditions.

Off the Turf – 7 out of 10. The five golfers were struggling somewhat with fairway woods off the grass with both their regular model of choice and the new Taylormade Burner SuperFast. What they found with this club is that it was again significantly longer in distance than their current model, but the tight dispersion they saw off the tee was not the same off the ground. This had more to do with the golfers than it did the golf club and 4 out of 5 of the testers preferred this model off the grass to their current club.

Course Testing
This club was thoroughly tested by myself and several others on the course at the recent THP FL Golf Outing. Since the first time I tested this club several months ago, it has been firmly planted in my golf bag as my fairway wood. It does not match my driver (right now) and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. The distance and accuracy I am seeing with this club is unlike any 3 wood I have seen before off the tee. It is giving me the distance of a 2 wood with the accuracy of a 5 wood in a lot of ways, and that is something we really had not seen before.

I have actually been using this club to tee off with almost as much as my driver because the distance is simply exploding compared to others and the accuracy is phenomenal. Off the deck, I did not experience the same issues that the testers were having, as I found this to be long and straight. As straight as any other we have tried at least. The ball flight is extremely high compared to most, but it is not a fall out of the air trajectory at all.

The technology in this club seems to fit well with what Taylormade is trying to accomplish. Light is good, but without balance it can be a nightmare to control. The Burner SuperFast 3 wood has come through in a certain harmony that has incredible balance and after a few range sessions most golfers that tried this club out forgot that it was lighter than most. Does it increase swing speed? The answer is yes, it did for most of our testers by upwards of close to 5 mph according to our VectorX launch monitor. For me, I was seeing 3 mph increase with this compared to my previous 3 wood with no loss of control.

Shaft & Head Work Extremely Well Together

Pros & Cons
Pros – Great look & great feel that was universally liked by those that hit it.
The distance was incredible. As mentioned, it plays like a 2 wood despite being 15 degrees.
The lighter grip was better feeling and gripping than most stock grips.
The shaft and club head combination is like a new marriage the way they work together.

Cons – Taylormade may have the worst headcovers in the sport. For a company that has so much going on under the hood in the technology of their clubs, most golfers want to dress them better.

It is a rare case in deed to have a club perform this well universally by all the testers that got a chance to try it out. The Taylormade Burner SuperFast 3 wood did that very thing. While the pictures left us puzzled going in to the review, the actual club itself left us with our questions answered coming out of the review. Long, straight, solid feel, good ball flight, and tons of forgiveness left us craving more, so stay tuned for the Taylormade Burner SuperFast Driver review coming up very soon. You can check out the THP Forum for thoughts from individual consumers that got a chance to try this one out at the recent THP FL Golf Outing as well. For more information on this or any other Taylormade Golf product, check out their website at www.taylormadegolf.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Great review JB. I came away loving this club after hitting it myself.

  • Nice review again JB. I was impressed with this club too.

  • nice review JB. i have a bit of a problem with 3 woods (think OEM with putters, haha) and now this one is definitely one to put at the top of my wish list. first the penta, then the R9, taylormade is making a believer out of me. now if i could just win those R9 irons!

  • This was a nice club. Not my favorite but in the top 2 of what I hit.

  • Nice review, JB. I am a big believer in these fairway woods. Knocked the R9 TP 3w right out of the bag (and that is saying something). The 5w is so long, it might be possible to drop the 3w and pick up a additional wedge. Super hot face and high trajectory is your friend in this case. All around better numbers than any fairway wood I have ever hit.

  • bought it on spec based on my experience with the driver, which f*ing rocks, I’m encouraged by the positive reviews. will report back after a couple of rounds this weekend.

  • wow. buy this club. played a short but tight 480 par 5 uphill and into the wind – 2 swings with this club and I’m on the green. played a real short 265 yd par 4 downhill with the wind at my back – ended up in a trap pin high. smoked it consistently. i don’t think i hit a bad shot with this club all day. buy it.

  • […] Taylormade Burner SuperFast Fairway Wood Review […]

  • Which clubs were tested against it?

  • I bought the TM 3W in May, 2010 and love it! I am 66 and have been playing one year and am getting up to 220-240 yards and good control with this club. This is a great club on narrow fairways because of the contol and forgiveness aspects. I do have a problem using this club off the grass but that may be me and not the club. Some days I use this club more off the tee than my TM Superfast Driver which I love and get great distance with when I hit the sweetspot.

  • Just bought the 3W…can’t wait to try it out! Anyone game the 5W and 7W?

  • Sounds great but I am deciding between getting the Taylormade r9 3 fairway wood and the superfast 3 fairway wood. What do you recommend?

  • Tony,
    They are both fabulous FW Woods. Try them both and go with which one gives you better ball flight I would say.

  • Bought the 3 wood on ebay for $90 used and I hit this thing like no other 3 wood I’ve ever touched. I’ve been playing 15 years and have used countless 3 woods from other manufacturers. My swing speed is around 100mph and I hit this 220 on a bad hit, 245 to 250 on a good flush hit. My previous 3 wood, a Cobra SS would give me 220 tops so I have seen 25 to 30 yards more with this club. Love it so much, I went out and bought the Superfast driver to replace my R7. I had some problems with control on the 46.5 inch shaft so I cut it down 1 1/2 inches to 45 inches and after hitting about 75 balls on the range, I looked at my clubface and did not see one ball that wasn’t hit in the middle. Cutting the shaft is not for everyone as it messes with the swingweight but I didn’t have any problem and I absolutely love it. Hitting it 250 on the fly, so likely 275 with rollout. Couldn’t see that far on the range. I used to hit my R7 about 240 so 35 more yards with this club. I like this club so much I want everyone of my friends to try it. Just bought the 5 wood on ebay, hope it works like these 2. Since buying these club, I shot an 86,84, and 82. and I am normally a bogey golfer/ high 80s/ low 90s. I’m convinced!!!!

  • GCDeen, I’d love to hear how you like the 5 wood when you get it! Thanks!

  • Hey John, I will be getting my 5 wood in the mail tomorrow. Although I strained something the other day and won’t be hitting the range for a bit. Must of been those 75 driver balls I recently hit. Funny thing is, I hit the ball so straight w/ that new driver that I was swinging out of my shoes and I think I over did it.

  • Hope you feel better GC! When you do get the chance to hit the 5W, I’d love to know how it went. I’m close to pulling the trigger on one!

  • Will do. I got the 5 wood. At address, it looks very similar to the 3 wood, just with slightly more loft. I’m itchin’ to hit it, hopefully I will get out this weekend to try it out. How do you like your 3 wood? Just recently sold a few of my Cobra hybrids so I’m counting on the new 5 wood to be as good as the driver and 3 wood!

  • GCDeen, which shaft flex do you have in your 3Wood? Your swing speed and mine are similar, just wondering which shaft flex to get in this club. Thanks.

  • 3W is a bomber! Ball takes off and just goes…I need to work on my ability to hit it off the deck better; on the range turf and off the tee it’s all good. Just gotta work on hitting it off the grass during play! Great club though!

  • John, finally got out to hit the 5 wood. I couldn’t wait any longer even though I’m still not 100%. The 5 wood is very similar looking to the 3 wood and feels like it weighs about the same, maybe a little less. The 3 wood appears a bit larger, not sure about the cc of each. I’m able to hit it as well as my 3 wood but with really nice height because of the added loft. Distance wise, I’m hitting about 210 but assuming i’m not 100% health-wise, I think i’ll get another 10-15 yards when I can swing fully. If you like the 3 wood, you’ll like the 5 wood. Going out on Sunday to play, I’ll post another reply on here after that round. Playing a course called Westridge GC in La Habra, CA, my lowest score there is an 86 so we’ll gauge it off of that. Check it out at the golf store and see how you like it.

    As for hitting off the grass, I’m totally with you and there were other reviews of the 3 wood that said the same thing. It is not the easiest to hit off of tight lies, but off the tee which I tee up only so I have a perfect lie, I really can get a hold of it.

    Hey ScottC- I use a stiff shaft. My swing speed is between 98mph and 110mph depending on the day. My comfortable swing speed is right around 100.

    Good luck fellas, hope this helps.

  • Thanks GC and glad to hear you are feeling better! I will have to give the 5W a try! Thanks for the reviews!

  • GCDeen, thanks for your replay. I went and got fitted two days ago and ended up with the stiff as well. I went out yesterday and played 9 at a golf I play regularly. Took along a GPS unit and a portable video recorder (Kodak). The first shot gave me a clear indication – tee’s were back about 10 yards and I hit the 3 wood to where I normally hit my driver (Cobra S2)! MMM, maybe we are on to something. On two short par 4’s I hit the ball 231 with a cut and 245 with a nice draw. I obtained those distances with the GPS. These are unheard of distances for me. Typically I hit my driver those distances. Will take some practice to hit in from the fairway. I am also on the hunt for a driver or 5 wood now. Thanks for your information!

  • OK, so feeling a little better I went back out to the range to hit the 5 wood again. This time, 225 on the fly on solid hits so I’m guessing w/ roll out, another 15 yards maybe depending on conditions. But I’m in CA so it’s always dry conditions and so I’m hitting probably 240 on a good hit. I’m just as consistent with this club as the 3 wood if not a little more. Had a few slices but probably because I’m trying to kill it and coming over the top. The club has a slightly higher pitched sound when hitting over the 3 wood. It gets up nice in the air and goes. Like ScottC, these are unheard of distances for me as well. Used to hit my Cobra SS 5 wood 210 to 215 max so again 25 to 30 yards more with this club. Taylormade has made a set of AWESOME fairway woods! I feel like I can stick with these clubs for a very long time and they were a good investment. Found the 5 wood new on ebay for $125 shipped. Will be back on the course tomorrow afternoon, cutting out of work to play a round. Might not get 18 in but we’ll see what I score on the front 9 at least. What’s w/ the portable video recorder (Kodak) ScottC, sounds like you’ve been watching the golf fix with Michael Breed!

    Glad to help anyone looking at these clubs. I should be a Taylormade sales rep or something!

  • Awesome to hear! Now I really need to look into a 5W and maybe the 7W? GC, question; I think I read the shaft length on the 5W is the same as the 3W…I assume just the head is smaller but with greater loft?

  • I can’t do a 7 wood bro. My friends would rip me a new one if I did! haha. I haven’t compared the 2 side by side yet. I’m playing today and will check for you. In fact, forget this work stuff, I’m outta here! I’ll post a reply to let you know how my round went and to answer your question.

  • So I hit the 5 wood on the course…didn’t hit it as well as my 3 wood, not sure why, maybe I just haven’t gotten used to it yet. My 3 wood though, first time out, I loved it. 5 wood is about 1/2 inch shorter than the 3 wood and the face has a slightly different shape. But ever so slight. The rear of the crown is a bit more elongated on the 3 wood as well. Shot an 83 which again for me is pretty good but don’t think it had to do with the 5 wood. I used it once off the tee on a 355 yard par 4, got about 210 and straight but wind slightly in my face and the conditions were a bit wet. That was my only birdie of the day come to think of it. Used the 5 wood a few more times from the fairway and sliced it. Still playable but not my best hits. I will stick with it as I’m sure it will just take me a bit to get used to it. I would still recommend it as it is easy to hit and gets good height for a long approach shot. These clubs coupled with the book I just read, Hogan’s 5 fundamentals of golf has improved my game by about 7 strokes this season. The best improvement I’ve seen by far over my 15 years of playing golf.

  • Well…not my best round, shot a 92. Still love the 3 wood, probably my favorite in the bag. Didn’t even get a chance to pull out the 5 wood. I’ll see more in time and post a review after a few rounds with it.

  • I have been updating all my golf equipment all season and have purchased everything Taylormade. My final purchases were the 3&5 Burner Superfast & Love them. I find the 5 easiest to hit and both hit straight. When my R7 driver isn`t cooperating & I have a narrow fairway to contend with the 3 comes through straight with surprising distance for a three wood. I also have the Burner Irons and Rossa Monza Spyder Putter and never sunk so many long puts. I am truly a fan of Taylormade products and Highly recommend them!!

  • i hit it 270 yards on the tee and i got 250 yards from fairway. the ball flight is slightly draw and high trajectory.this is the best fairway woods that i ever used.superb golf club!!!!

  • Will this club work for my slow swing speed of 77 MPH? I currently have a different Taylor Made 3 Wood that has the removable weight system(GBH) but my best fairway shot is about 160 yards.

    What would I gain in yardage?????????????

  • Steve,
    It can if you get fit for the proper shaft.

  • Great club. You are wrong about the head cover. More taylormade head covers are seen on bags than anyother brand. taylormade covers are the best looking.

  • What type of Winn grip is comparable to this one? I have and love this club. I would love to fit all my clubs with this grip.

  • Still playing original superfast driver, 3 wood and 7 wood and love the distance and accuracy I’m getting from these clubs.

  • When I initially commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I recieve
    4 emails with the exact same comment. There has to be an easy method you
    can remove me from that service? Thanks!

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