Taylormade Burner SuperLaunch Irons Review

In 2009 Taylormade Golf had a lot of success reaching different levels of golfers with their irons and one set that intrigued a lot of the players looking for more forgiveness in an iron was the Taylormade Burner Plus irons. The set was geared towards players with slower swing speeds looking for assistance both in forgiveness and ball flight. The irons were loved by many, but at THP we always thought they left a little something out. While there was nothing wrong with the set necessarily, our testers were not in love with them and when you set the benchmark as a company with the Burner irons, it is hard to live up to that bar each and every time out.

The performance of TaylorMade’s Burner irons has made it the best-selling iron model in the United States, and has helped thousands of golfers elevate their games to an entirely new level. The golfers that struggled with a low ball flight seemed a little left out in the dark with this new technology, but not for long. The Burner SuperLaunch is entering the marketplace for that very reason. The iron is designed specifically for this golfer and will allow maximum forgiveness and a club that is incredibly easy to get in the air.

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From the company
Burner SuperLaunch irons are engineered to deliver tremendous forgiveness from end-to-end (heel to the toe) and top to bottom (topline to leading edge). In fact, it’s the most forgiving iron ever from TaylorMade. That makes it a great iron for high-handicappers with patterns of inconsistent ball-striking. In fact, Burner SuperLaunch irons boast the highest MOI of any TaylorMade iron, ever.

Multifunctional, Beveled Sole Promotes High Launch
The first thing you notice about Burner SuperLaunch irons is that each features a wide, multifunctional sole, which is key to establishing the low and deep CG location that makes every one of these irons so easy to get high in the air. However, each sole is strategically beveled to reduce the degree of interaction with the turf. That means you get the low-deep CG-positioning benefits of a large sole, yet it plays like a much smaller, narrower sole. When you rest a Burner SuperLaunch iron behind the ball, you’ll notice the substantial topline, which contributes to the exceptional stability and forgiveness. TaylorMade engineers cambered the topline’s rearward edge to give it a downward slant, resulting in a more dynamic appearance.

Individually-designed Long-irons, Mid-irons and Short-irons
Like the Burner irons, the Burner SuperLaunch long-irons, mid-irons and short-irons were designed separately, which is clear when you see the long-irons, which boast a decidedly low-profile shape compared to the rest of the set. This shape, when combined with the wide sole and deep cavity, help make Burner SuperLaunch long-irons so much easier to launch at lower swing speeds. The low-profile shape also makes the long-irons look easy to hit, too. On the opposite end of the set, Burner SuperLaunch short-irons have a traditional face-height and profile, while the middle-irons are of medium-profile, about halfway between the traditional profile of the short-irons and low-profile of the long-irons.

Progressive Face Thickness throughout the Set
Progressive face thickness throughout the set has the thinnest faces in the long-irons for higher COR, faster ball speed and better weight distribution and thicker faces in the short-irons for better feel. Inverted Cone Technology in every Burner SuperLaunch iron helps expand the area of the clubface that delivers fast ball speed to promote more distance on off-center hits. Of course, the most critical performance benefit of Burner SuperLaunch is how easily they launch the ball and how high they launch the ball. Slower swingers will find it a breeze to launch these irons on an extremely high flight and with the spin necessary to keep the ball in the air long enough to achieve significant added carry, and when the ball comes down it will land steeply and softly.

New Grooves Design
Burner SuperLaunch irons incorporate a new TaylorMade groove design that conforms to the USGA’s new ruling on grooves, which will be enforced in high-level competition starting in 2010 and in recreational golf starting in 2024.

Availability and Pricing for Burner SuperLaunch
The standard set of Burner SuperLaunch irons includes 4-iron through attack wedge, and will be offered at a street price of $599 with steel shafts and $799 with graphite. A 3-iron and sand wedge are also offered separately. Burner SuperLaunch irons are offered in four shaft flexes – S, R, M, L. The Burner SuperLaunch ladies’ set features its own unique purple color palette. Burner SuperLaunch irons will become available starting on April 1, 2010.

Range Testing
THP was able to gather up 12 testers to try out the Burner SuperLaunch irons and upon first glance they all commented on the looks. Mainly, thoughts such as “those things are huge” were being heard, but each player was still eager to get their hands on them. When selecting testers, we were careful to select golfers that have handicaps over 18 and found no issue in finding them eager to hit irons that could in fact help their game quite a bit. THP gave each golfer a scorecard and asked them to hit balls with their current irons and compare them to the Burner SuperLaunch irons from Taylormade Golf. Each scorecard has categories on it labeled Looks, Feel, Ball Flight, Accuracy, and Overall.

Looks – Only 2 of the 12 golfers preferred the looks of the Burner SuperLaunch to that of their current irons. Most just felt it was a little too thick on the top and bottom of the club head.

Feel – 7 of the 12 testers preferred the feel of the Burner SuperLaunch to that of their current irons. The main reason given was because although feedback was muted, it was not hidden too much.

Ball Flight – 11 of the 12 golfers preferred the ball flight of the SuperLaunch irons. High and straight was described over and over again. Mis-hits were far less noticeable in terms of flight for most.

Accuracy – 10 of the 12 golfers were more accurate with these irons than their current set. THP gave each golfer 5 balls each for this separate drill and they went after flags at 125 yards and 150 yards and we measured accuracy.

Overall – Despite the less than stellar feedback on the looks of the club, all but 1 of the golfers preferred this set over their current set. The reason behind it was the same as the scorecards say, “High and Straight”.

Course Testing
After watching the testing on the range and practice green over the course of 2 days, I was eager to take these out on the course. I have never played Super Game Improvement Irons (SGI) and was going to put them into play for the 1st time right on the course. Over the course of this review I was able to play them on the course for 6 rounds of golf and countless range sessions. Unlike the testers, I kind of liked the looks of them. While they are huge, I have never suffered from “the topline is too thick or the sole is too thick” thoughts, so it worked for me just fine. However if thick toplines are an issue for you, the Taylormade R9 irons we reviewed in November might be better suited for your eye.

On the first hole I hit a drive that left me about 135 yards from the green and pulled out the irons for the first time. I grabbed the 9 iron and hit my first shot. It landed on the green and I was ready to move on to putting. But two things came to mind when hitting that first shot. One, the ball gets up in the air really high and really fast. It reminded me of the first time I hit a 64* wedge as I thought it was going to hit me in the face. Second, I missed the shot way off the toe and the ball flew the same and lost virtually no distance.

Throughout that first round I found myself struggling with my ball striking (not a problem with the irons), yet my score was the same as it normally is. A true testament to the forgiveness that goes along with these irons. For the next month I played these in my bag and the forgiveness is something that any player that struggles with a slice should take a look at. With that being said, if you play a draw already, or struggle with a hook, these irons will probably not be the best choice for your game. The offset is pretty noticeable and could really get into your head after a few shots. When I hit my normal straight ball, it becomes a slight draw and that was something that was very much liked and appreciated.

Working the ball high and low and left and right, is not really an option with these, however that is not what they are geared for at all. I found myself being able to slow my swing speed down to a comfortable 75% on all swings without losing any distance and the ball flight was remaining the exact same. The progressive set was a pleasure to use as long irons became as easy to hit as hybrids, however as you move up to the shorter, scoring clubs, the set plays close to traditional.

If you are looking for maximum forgiveness in an iron, this set could be exactly what you have been waiting for. Easy to hit, extremely forgiving, and more importantly forgiving in the right areas. Missing on the toe, heel, or high on the club face did not disturb the high and straight ball flight at all. Something we have rarely seen in an iron, but was a pleasant surprise. The ball flight of these should be what every amateur golfer works to achieve and with a little help from technology, it can be easier now than ever before. For more information on this set of irons or any other Taylormade product, check out their website at www.taylormadegolf.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Beautiful.!!

    Taylormade has a demo day on March 27th at Palm Aire in Pampano and I can’t wait to try them.

    I almost bought a few sets over the last month, king cobra sz, wilson ci7, but I think I’ll wait to take shot at the SuperLaunch and see how we go.

  • Those look like shovels, but I bet they work as described.

  • I personally like the looks of these. One of my first iron sets was the Browning 500’s so I’ve already had low profile irons. I’d game these. Great review.

  • What are your thoughts on the abilities of this club to hit something low if you need to? windy days or something. I love the price and have been considering them since you put up pictures.

  • colin,
    I found hitting a low stinger could be done no different than any other iron. But it was not quite as affective. It was lower in flight, but not piercing low that you might see with a set of R9s for example.

  • Really good outline of what these clubs are for and who they are for. I struggle with getting the ball up with my irons and these have perked my interest.

  • These look a little too wide for me, but my dad plays the Burner Plus and loves them.

  • I would struggle with the looks of these, but if they work, all the power to those that use them.


  • Hi, bought them few weeks ago and they are awesome. Very easy to hit and strait. I dont do the same distance though, a bit less. But prefer accuracy to distance to be honest.

  • Anyone compare these to the Diablo Edge irons?

  • Ordered customized set from GolfSmith…shipment is scheduled 3 weeks later.
    So it is obvious, TM is somewhat overloaded with orders. I Will post my comments around
    1st of June, assuming TM will deliver the clubs 3rd week of May.

  • These iron sets are available on EBay for $200 – $350 depending on shafts and bidding. I just bought a set on 4-aw steel (S) for $250. Have a look before you pay retail prices..

  • I just bought the irons last week played with them a few times. They are AWESOME!!!!!!! Easy to hit very accurate and forgiving. Over all I would rate them 10 out of 10. I up graded my TM R7’s and like the Super launch a lot better.

    TraRex be careful what you buy off Ebay I bought a set of TM tour burners and they were FAKE a really good fake set but still fake. The only way to tell was the serial number was upside down and bigger than the real ones. Other than that there were pretty close to the real ones.

  • I’m looking for the most forgiving clubs available, and have settled on testing the TM Superlaunch, Cobra S2 Max and possibly the Big Bertha’s (if I can get past the looks of those I-brid long irons!) Then I read Josh’s raving review of the Nike SQs. May have to try those too, now. Anyone care to give their recommendations?

  • These irons are amazing! I was thinking of getting the TaylorMade Burner Plus irons since they are on great buys, but when I hit the SuperLaunch I was so impressed that it’s worth paying the extra. I have trouble hitting high (skinny) and when I tried the SuperLaunch I hit one skinny and even felt the “ringing” through the steel shafts and the ball still got both good height and distance. I would highly recommend these to anyone. Yes, be careful on ebay. Make sure to really do background work and ask the buyer if there is a serial number, that they guarantee the authenticity and then confirm they are authentic once you receive them by registering them with TaylorMade. I recommend buying them from a power seller who is guaranteed by ebay. You will pay a bit more than other ebay sellers, but are more safe and will still save $100-$200 based on retail stores price of $600.

  • I have played 2 rounds with these clubs now.

    They are very forgiving.

    If you try to scoop, it will not work with these clubs unlike the Cobra UFI’s.

    If you hit with normal iron swing, which is slightly downward into the ball, then
    the irons do an amazing job of avoiding digging in and you get a straight shot
    with good high trajectory.

    In my opinion the feel is typical of a SGI cast club…kind of thuddy but no harsh impact.

    Overall a very good set of irons for mid to high handicappers.

  • Tried these out on the simulator at the golf store. Compared them to the Burner Plus irons, and couldn’t tell much difference, except that the ball flight was slightly higher with the Superlaunch. I only compared 6-irons. Both got me an additional 5-8 yds over my current TM 200 6-iron.

    Can somebody tell me why these are worth the extra $200???

  • They definitely appear to be more forgiving in our testing of them. Especially high on the club face.

  • Bought the Superlaunch irons last week. Took them out and played 9 holes the same day. The feel of the wedges around the green is going to take some getting used to, but I scored 3 under my handicap nonetheless. Not bad for the first try.

  • I just bought a set of the Superlauch irons a few days ago and had a chance to hit a couple buckets of balls on the range. It is extremely easy to hit ball up and straight. For me the distance has also improved. However, you do lose the feeling of those player’s irons in trade of the maximum forgiveness.

  • I bought a set and it was the best move i have ever made..they perform exactly as described…..it has taken my game to the next level!

  • I had the Taylor Made Burner Plus irons in regular graphite shafts and did not care for them at all…they felt too light and were hard for me to control so the ball flew all over the place. I upgraded to the new SuperLaunch in regular steel shafts and like them MUCH better. They feel far more stable and the mishits still go straight as an arrow although distance is lost of course. They are not much farther than my other irons so I would not recommend purchasing them if you are just look to add distance. But, here is the real benefit…the wedges (AW and SW) are TERRIFIC! These two clubs alone are worth the price of the set. They are literally worth two stokes a side! Great feel and great results with the short game! If I can get within 120 yards of the pin, I OWN the hole!

  • I started playing at the end of last year with my dad’s ten year old “Palm Springs” set. Early this year, my wife got me the Nike Sasquatch driver and a 3 and 5 wood from Nike–I was using those with my old irons. I just bought the superlaunch and started playing with them a few weeks ago and they really improved my game and confidence. My shots pop up in the air and when they land on the green, don’t keep rolling too much. Also, I am tending to hit the ball straighter, althought not always, but much better than before. I started using my irons whenever possible, even on long holes where I used to start off with my driver.

    For a beginner, I would say go for it. I found mine on ebay with steel shafts and 1.00+ grips (I am 6 foot 3) from 400$. They were demos but in perfect condition.

  • I haven’t tried the Superlaunch irons yet but I had Cleveland CG Golds and switched over to the TM Burner Plus irons with the steel shafts and I must say I love the way they feel and I’ve gained about 20-30 yards per club with these irons. I think the only drawback is they are pretty thick on the top line and I would prefer a more traditional look but when you can use a 5 iron instead of a 3 iron you get over that real quick. I’m thinking about getting R-9’s!

  • Just purchased a set with 3 & 4 Rescue. Just hitting the six iron in the store (Golfsmith) I could tell they were going to be going high really fast. The first three shots I came over the top. Then slowing my swing down considerably the feel was incredible. Cant’ wait to get them on the course. Will update when I do.

  • Ok, as I promised, I played the Super Launch set with the 3 & 4 HB. WOW. Ok folks my average score is in the mid to high fifties. Two rounds in a row I shot high 40’s, 47 49 for twor rounds. Had a problem with the 3 & 4 HB, I think because I was swinging way to hard, I sliced them badly. The irons are sweeeeeeeet. I slowed my swing way down, and was sending the ball straight and to the green.
    I’m convinced. With my 09 Taylormade driver which I have been hitting long and straight, and the Monza Spider putter I am ready for the games of my life.

  • I went into the Golf Galaxy by my house set on being fitted for Callaway Hot X24s. The dude that fitted me recommended the SuperLaunch as my club head speed is off the charts and the X24 does not have a super stiff shaft. My previous irons were 5 year old Y2 knockoffs and i hit high weak fades even though I hit 300+ yard drives. Fitting found me striking my irons inside near the hozel. Now, with my SuperLaunch irons I hit my 9 iron 170, the 6 iron 210 and the 3 iron 260. I also was fitted for a SuperFast driver and loved it, hit a 350 yard drive on the first par five. I would recommend these irons for a non pure ball striker that is not concerned with being able to draw or fade on command as this was very hard to do.

  • Went to the range & tried Diablo Edge, TM Superlaunch and Burner. The Burner had the longest distance, and definitely gave the best feedback. When hit on the sweet spot, man, it felt good, and traveled a few yards further than the others. But….finding that spot was hit & miss (pardon the pun).
    The Edge and Superlaunch were pretty much equal to each other. Both were more forgiving than the Burner. Feedback probably a little better on the Superlaunch. Main difference was the height of the ball flight using the Superlaunch, higher than the Edge. Thought I had made up my mind to go with Diablo Edge, but now I’m leaning to the Superlaunch.

  • Did anyone notice a big difference between the stiff and regular shafts on the superlaunch irons? Were the stiff shaft shots lower than the regular shafts?

  • I bought the TM SL last month and so far I have been impressed using them. I still have my old X-14 callaway iron set. My comparison is based on the X-14. When using TM SL I feel that I have more control, I swing relax and have improved in term of hitting the ball in the direction of the target. They are extremely forgiving. At one point, I thought that I was losing distance when trying them at the driving range for the first time. I thought that TM SL compromises distance for accuracy. Now I think that I am not losing any distance at all. They are not the nicest clubs but now I have been able to break 90, at least 2 times already.

  • Ive hit these in the golf shop here in town, loved the way they felt. I could hardly tell that I was hitting the golf ball. The flight of the ball was almost always stright. I ordered a set and I can not wait until they come in. Ill let you know how they do on the course.

  • The Burner Super Launch irons are everything everyone says they are!! I was amazed at how the ball literally jumped off the clubface – effortlessly – long, high and straight. After being fitted for clubs, and trying several brands, I settled on these Super Launch irons. The other set which came very close was the Taylormade Burner 2. I may even buy them later as a travel set.


  • Been reading every review I could find….hit several diferent sets at the local store (in Wisconsin)…and bought the TM SL today. The shop simulator had me a tad longer than my old set of Rams, and seemed effortless picking the ball off the mat. Going to play St. Andrews…uh ‘nother simulator…tomorrow. Won’t be able to get outside with them for another couple months, but can’t wait. I’m 58 years and high end capper. Old injuries (hockey, catcher, football, etc) have slowed my swing and reduced mobility so I hope these are the ticket. Will give an update end of march…I hope…if this white $#@!%! is gone by then.

  • OK, I hit the irons on the simultor and they felt great. Friends I was playing with were impressed also. Granted, couldn’t really see it fly but ball jumped off the club face straight and clean. Will update when we can get outside…heading for southern Illinois in March…can’t wait.

  • I remember went to this review 3 months ago and decided to buy SuperLaunch ever since, and keep practicing in driving range once a week or so. Last week, I just had my first tee-off time.. And I love it. I love the game, and the iron really helped me out. I got 61-50 in my first game, friends said its not bad for a first timer, but I know it’s the SuperLaunch the super forgiven iron that helped me out 🙂 Cheers!

  • Is the difference between the Burner Plus and the Superlaunch just that one is the 2009 model and the other came out in 2010? I mean other than the differences in design. Both are game-improvement irons right? What makes the Burner HT preferrable?

  • Hit em on the range and am impressed….long and straight. I reworked my swing and lost the over-the-top syndrome, NO slice, even off the toe. They are a little “thuddy” compared to others I’ve swung but not problamatic enough to concern me. “Sweet spot” hits remind me of the perfect baseball contact; no impact feel, just gone. The ball blasts off the face high and straight, with increased distance for me. I’ll keep hitting the range until our courses open up in March – April….with a southern run prior to that. I got regular flex steel shafts, and the sticks perform, for me, as advertised…..”for the slower swing speed player” and that is me. As I mentioned earlier, 58 years and multiple sports injuries have reduced mobility and slowed me down some and these seem to be just he ticket.

  • Played 72 holes last week in southern Illinois…wet grounds and periodic windy conditions, otherwise great weather. Long and middle irons are amazing,,,high and straight, The ball explodes off the face. 7, 8, and 9 irons are also very easy to hit and hit it where you want it. I get much improved distance also over my OLD Rams. Wedges may prove to be a different story; played fine on soggy fairways, but, I think, may prove rather problomatic later this summer on tight lies and hard ground. The thick sole (bounce) makes it difficult, for me anyway, to open the face for a high lob, In that regard, I hit all irons back in my stance and really pinched down on the ball, P and A wedge REALLY launched high with this approach, but I struggled greenside with quick pop-lob shots, eventually going to my sand wedge for these shots. Today I picked up a used 56 and 60 degree TM rac wedge for these shots. Overall, I’m pleased with the sticks and look forward to giving them a solid run when our courses open up in the next few weeks. Hit Diablo Edge at a local golf show and will switch over in a heartbeat if the TM’s don’t measure up. We’ll see.

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