TaylorMade GAPR Could Bring a Gapping Solution to Your Bag

Are you a golfer that struggles with the gapping at one side of your bag? Coming soon is the TaylorMade GAPR lineup consisting of three unique utility/hybrid clubs designed to fix this issue.

On our recent trip to Carlsbad, we got a chance to catch up with the team at their HQ and take a deep look at what this new line is all about. Upon arrival, we were whisked away to the Kingdom, TaylorMade’s top of the line club fitting and testing center, where we met with Tomo Bystedt to break down the TaylorMade GAPR.

What started out as an overview, turned into a great tech spot as Tomo goes into how the product was created, how to choose which one is right for you, and even talks about the selection of lofts for GAPR during creation. If you are interested in club technology, especially that of modern releases, this look at TaylorMade GAPR is one you will not want to miss.

Shot in 4k, so we recommend full screen viewing, the THP TV episode above brings you everything you want to know about the new lineup and then some. Have you been looking for solutions going from driver to scoring clubs? Give us your thoughts in the comments below or join us in the THP Forum thread here for conversation on the new TaylorMade GAPR utility lineup.

The Details
In Stores: August 24th
Cost: MSRP of $250
Standard Shaft: KBS Hybrid Graphite (discussed in detail in video)

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  • These look and sound really interesting. Would love to give them a try.

  • I love the 3 options. UDI, mid and full hybrid. Gives anyone a choice and look that might inspire more confidence . Will look to try these out when they become available.

  • Would love to try the mid, never cared for hybrids but this sounds really intriguing to me.

  • Very interesting products. I haven’t had a TM product in the bag for a couple of years but look forward to testing GAPRs after they’re released on August 24th.

  • TM has come out with some interesting innovations over the years. The Mini Driver was a great product. This however, at $250 I think will be a niche product people will think they need but in reality don’t, and or, won’t be able to hit it. See a lot of these on eBay in 6 months-a year.

  • I don’t have gapping issues but sounds interesting

  • I go from a 13* 3w to a 22* Hybrid. I wouldn’t really call it a gapping issue though even though there’s about 40 yards carry between the two, depending on the season it can be much more with roll. If I’m between the 2 I haven’t done something right, at least on my everyday courses. There are many rounds I don’t hit either one so this doesn’t solve a problem for me. I am very intrigued about another failed “stinger” off the tee club though. I always think I can pull that shot off, and I can. 40% of the time. I’d love to find something that doubles that percentage. Deep down I know that that “something” is lessons and not a club. But that’s a defeatist attitude and I’m an optimist. So bring on the GAPR Lo!

  • […] golf bag.  For more information on the TaylorMade GAPR LO, and other designs in the GAPR lineup, check out this THP TV spot breaking down the […]

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