TaylorMade Golf ATV Wedges – Everything You Want To Know

ITR is back with an all new episode this week as we talk with TaylorMade Golf about ATV wedges.

This Episode Features:
How did the ATV Wedge come to be?
What makes it unique and different than other wedges?
A special THP giveaway.
And much much more.

Join us for this episode of In the Rough w/ JB & GolferGal and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes by right clicking to play at a later date.

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  • Thanks to Mike Fox with TaylorMade Golf for being on the show! I really appreciated Mike explaining the design of the wedge and how the bounce is used with the ATV wedges. Hearing how the professionals use bounce/loft helped me to understand the thought process behind these.

    I was not aware of this grip that was used until it was explained – it makes perfect sense.

    That was some funny dialogue about Jason Day – neat having an insider on like this.

    I had no idea about Freddie Couples playing these, that was a good story about him bagging them.

    Pretty impressive to see that they take THP feedback in the development of their product….no doubt. Looking forward to hitting these next weekend and THP testing – yes please! Initial stamping – sweet!!

  • I’ve got this downloading at the moment and I will give it a listen on the way into the office. Looks some great feedback so far. Looking forward to it!

  • Great show JB. Thanks Mike for explaining about the ATV wedges. They go all terrain! Nice. No bounce and grind thinking. .cant wait!

  • wow great interview can not wait to try one of these out

  • Another great show! Loved the info Mike shared with us about all the details that went in to the wedges, and the honest answer he shared when talking about the amount of wedge combinations companies produce.

  • Listening to the show now and wow these things are so versatile! I’m not worry about what some folks are saying about the looks. Mike did a great job of explaining how this wedge (ATV) was designed to be multi functional . I love the no set bounce bottom which allows a golfer to use this wedge for different type shots. It’s also cool how the Tour Player is not concerned about the looks but the playability of the product. Makes all the sense in the world to me. Great show JB & Mike! I would love to test this product :o) Big butt girls and big butt wedges need love to!

  • That was a great show! Mike really did a great job explaining all of the benefits of the ATV wedge, and for those of us that read the newsletter….well, you know.

  • Great questions JB, and Mike, Mike just killed the responses. Logical, insightful and a sprinkle of marketing. 😉 JB used the word “honesty” and I feel the same way, well done Taylormade. I am looking forward to trying these!

  • Enjoyed the show! Awesome to find out that the winning testers will have their initials stamped on the wedge. Also, very funny that JB requested not to have them make a white wedge. Lol

  • Wow JB and Mike this is one of the best shows I have listened to! To hear how many people are putting these in the bag on tour after just a couple shots with them is just amazing. Loved how honest Mike was as well. Well done guys! Really looking forward to the forum testing.

  • Interesting show. Thanks to Mike for taking the time to take part in this show.

    I’m glad we won’t be seeing white wedges any time soon! haha

  • Great show. Mike is a great guy and really knows his stuff.
    I can’t wait to try the ATV wedges !

  • Just finished listening to the great show. Thanks to Mike for taking the time to talk to the THP community. After hearing the show, I really would like to hit the ATV and put it up against my SCORs in a versatility challenge.

  • Fantastic interview. The exchange regarding Jason Day and his beard cracked me up. I like how candid Mike was regarding the wedges and how he quickly put to bed the notion these are an ugly wedge, basically saying, “who cares! It performs!”. The Boom Boom story was great. Thanks J.B., Mike and Taylor-Made.

  • Great information about these wedges

  • The robust bounce angle that he is referring to not the Dynamic sole grind that Cleveland have been doing for years. Love Taylormade clubs but their marketing and PR guys take the biscuit

  • Looking forward to hearing more about these new hot wedges. Thanks to THP & TaylorMade Golf for partnering for this testing.

  • wow…….these look like ass…………will be on close out sale by august for sure!!!!!

  • That was great JB, thanks to Mike i love TM nice to hear how they are doing it. Can’t wait to read how the testing goes..

  • So much great information in this show. Thank you Mike for taking the time to do this with JB.

  • Wow, Taylormade has always been first class and this testing opportunity is going to be amazing! Thank You THP and Taylormade!

    Great Radio show too and it was nice of Mike Fox to be on the show

  • This interview had me cracking up. Freddie, “What the _____ do you know?” lol

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