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As a female staff writer and co-owner of The Hackers Paradise I think it’s very important that we not forget about the lady golfers. We are finding more and more women are starting to become interested in the game of golf, however, they are not educating themselves. Women will often purchase a beginners set or inherit some clubs from a friend or family member and those will be their clubs. What we have found is that most women don’t think to get their clubs fitted, but what they don’t realize is that if they have clubs custom made to their swing they could seriously improve their game. That is why I have set out to spread the word of club fitting to help shave strokes off my fellow ladies scores.
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Step one is to find a female volunteer, step two is to have her get fitted, and step three is the follow up. For this fitting we will be featuring a woman with a 34 handicap who tries to play once a week if she can and if not she will try and go to the range to hit some balls. Our subject is a former tennis professional who has had, for the most part, to give up tennis due to years of wear and tear on her knees. Being an athletic person by nature and always having the drive to compete golf was a natural choice for her since it has a lot less impact on her knees.
One of the biggest struggles our tester had when she first started to play golf was realizing this game is not easy, or possibly impossible, to truly master. So she practiced as often as she could, played with high and low handicappers, and even took some lessons to try and improve her game. However, in the end she still wasn’t satisfied with the results. In the height of her frustration I proposed that she try a professional club fitting by the Taylormade Performance Labs.
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The closest lab to us was at the Grand Cypress Academy of Golf at the Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, FL. There we met Travis Kent, master club fitter, for a 2.5 hour session that was even more informative and educational than either of us could have imagined. When you first walk in there is a huge metal door at the entry to the lab and you feel like you are about to enter some top secret vault, and in a way it’s sort of the truth. The room is equipped with a huge backdrop that is a replica of one of the holes at the Grand Cypress course. There are cameras all over the room and a huge projection screen, which I learned later was for viewing your body movement. Before the actual fitting begins Travis had our tester, Sherry, go out to the range to hit a few balls to loosen up. After a few minutes on the range the real fun began.
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We went back into the ‘secret fitting lair’ where Sherry was suited up in the space suit. First Travis asked her a series of questions about her game. What is your handicap? When you miss hit which way does the ball go? etc…Post Q&A Travis decked her out from head to toe with specials garments covered in sensors. They were on her feet, her knees, elbows and up. These sensors are used to show every movement in her body during her golf swing and then they are later analyzed on the projection screen. (For a more technical explanation of this process please refer to Part 1 of this series).
For the next two hours Sherry was given a series of clubs, including a putter, that she repeatedly hit and after each shot we would turn to the projection screen to see what she was doing. All the clubs were also equipped with these motion sensors for the most accurate results. Using MATT, Motion Analysis Technology by Taylormade, Travis was able to see what her swing speed was, her angle of attack, the degree her hips were turned, you name it, MATT reported it.

Immediately, Travis noticed that Sherry often picked up her right foot during her swing which shifted her off balance and caused her to lift her head. With simple solutions like putting a piece of wood under her right foot for more stability she could train herself to stop lifting her foot. Those tips are what set the Taylormade Performance Labs apart from any ordinary fitting. Sherry was getting a lesson at the same time and was given tips that she can utilize forever. Travis is such a patient man and so well spoken he makes everything seem easy and has a way of explaining things that any level golfer can understand.
After trying different clubs and reviewing her stats Travis was able to get a true reading of what clubs would work best for Sherry’s individual needs. He was able to tell her what loft driver would be best for her, what type of shaft would benefit her game most, and even which style of putter fit her stroke the best. Once the results were in Sherry disrobed, so to speak, and then we headed back out to the range to test out the results.
Travis brought out the clubs that he determined were the best for Sherry’s golf game and her hit some more balls. We weren’t expecting a miracle right away, but on her first swing she hit that ball as straight and as far as I have ever seen her hit before. She struggled a little on the next few but after some adjustments by Travis, her shots were perfectly straight every time. We even took some time at the practice putting green which was also a huge success.
This is not an overnight transformation and a lot of time and practice will still need to go into your game in order to improve. However, by getting a proper fitting at the Taylormade Performance Labs you now have the right tools and guidance to really see a difference in your game. What I want women to take from this story is that fittings are not just for men, and they are not just for mid to low handicap players. They are for everyone, young or old, tall or short, scratch or 34 handicap, no matter where you are in life or in your ventures in this crazy game of golf, everyone can benefit from the right tools. I am happy to report that over a month later Sherry is seeing a huge improvement in her game. Her only concern is that she learned so much at one time, she had trouble deciding what to work on first. What she has said is pick the one part of your game you feel you want to improve the most and work on that one first. Don’t over think what you are doing, which as we all know as females is easier said than done, but if you can do that you will see a change. I hope this story will motivate more women to go out and get fitted. Why shouldn’t we take as much pride in our golf game as our male counterparts? So go out there and kick some butt on the course!

To find a location near you please visit the Taylormade Performance Labs website here. For daily updates and promotions become their fan on Facbook here. Mention this article and their Facebook page and you will receive 50% a fitting purchased during the month of October. If you purchase a gift certificate now at this amazingly low price, you will have one year from the date of purchase to use it. You can also find new videos from Sherry’s experience coming soon right here on the home page just to the right of this and every other article.

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