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Ever since I got bit by the golf bug it seems that everything I do and think about revolves around this crazy, frustrating yet addicting game. So it should go without saying that when I am planning a vacation the first thing I look for is a place with a nice golf course. There is something so exciting about playing new courses, especially in a new city or state. Since I treat my clubs like fine crystal I want to make sure that they are extra safe for a long trip. That is where the TaylorMade Performance Travel Cover comes into play. TaylorMade Golf offers two types of travel covers, the one being reviewed here and the Players Travel Cover. The Players cover is designed for the tour players so it can easily fit a staff bag plus some extras. While, I would like to believe I could be a tour professional, I know I am a true hacker so the Performance Travel Cover was a great fit for me.

About the Performance Travel Cover – From The Company:

TaylorMade Performance Travel Cover
The Performance Travel Cover is a sleek and protective travel cover that meets all the needs of the player on the go. A removable internal padded club head wrap provides superior protection, while abrasion resistant wear panels offer maximum durability.
The new patent pending 90 degree lock allows the bottom of the bag to lock in a 90 degree angle. This allows the bag to freely stand vertically on its base. It also allows the bat to collapse when unlocked, so that the travel cover can be stored easily.

• Abrasion resistant wear panels
• Two external compression straps
• Removable internal foam club head wrap
• Patent pending 90 degree bottom lock
• Internal mesh pockets
• Internal compression straps
• Custom urethane wheels and skid bars
• External Shoe pocket
• Custom TaylorMade zipper pulls with heavy gauge easy action zippers

• 420 denier ripstop material for durability
• Dimensions: 57” X 14” X15.5” (Std Size for Carry Bags)

MAP: $149.99

Initial Thoughts:
I was immediately impressed with this travel bag as soon as I took it out of the box. Just by touching it you can feel that it is sturdy and made of high quality materials. I am pretty sure I could jump up and down on this bag and it would look exactly the same as it did right out of the box. My biggest concern was regarding how well it would hold up after a flight since it’s a soft and not hard cover travel bag. The results are addressed in the performance section below.

The pocket on the front is a great size and can easily store a pair of men’s shoes or two pairs of ladies shoes. I also really liked the two mesh pockets on the inside. This is a great place for extra storage. Someone could put extra gloves, golf balls, towel, tees, a hat, extra shirt, etc.

For a travel bag, I have to say it’s quite attractive. The all black look with highlighted red stitching really stood out. I have always like black and red together, so that was a big plus in my book. The zippers seemed really sturdy and I liked the rubber handle. I find it makes it much easier to open and close, especially when it’s overstuffed and you are using every muscle you have to try and get it closed. You know what I am talking about. My only complaint, and it’s not really directed at this bag but more at travel bags in general, is that I wish it came with a lock and keys. When traveling, I always lock up my bag for safety, and while it’s not a big deal, or expense, to buy a set of small locks with keys, I would love to see a company include it.

I was hoping to take a fun weekend golf trip but the things just didn’t work out. Fortunately, I had a friend who was about to jetset for a week long golf vacation so I had him take this travel cover to see how it held up during travel, and especially on a plane. He responded with one word: flawlessly. When the bag was returned to me it still looked brand new. There were no rips or tears, the wheels were still intact, there were no popped stitches or broken zippers, and it truly looked brand new. I explained my concerns about it being a soft and not hard cover bag and my worries that the items inside would get banged up due to the lack of support but he not only verbally reassured me that everything was fine, but he showed me his clubs and they were perfect.

I asked if the wheels worked well and if it was easy to maneuver the bag through the airport and again he said the bag worked flawlessly. He said the wheels were very sturdy, there was never an instance where the bag wanted to flip or roll to one side and he never felt that the bag was too heavy. He said the wheels picked up all the slack. He said the items in his bag stayed in place and there was nothing cracked or broken. The removable foam head wrap was a huge help in keeping his clubs safe and knick free. The internal straps kept his golf bag in place and the external straps added extra stability and support during travel.

All-in-all the bag performed better than we could have expected. The biggest problem I ran into was convincing my friend to give me back the bag after his trip. With a price tag of $149 I found this to be a steal and if you are considering a travel bag I would highly recommend looking into the TaylorMade Performance Travel Cover. If you are looking for something to hold a little more, or if you use a staff bag then you might want to consider the Players Travel Cover instead, but that one comes with a heftier price tag at $259. To see this bag and other great items offered by TaylorMade you can visit their website here. You can also find this bag at etailers such as Blind9Golf. For additional photos visit the THP forum here.

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