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At THP, we believe that testing should be done not only by us, but also by the golfers just like you. One of the cool features about being an active member of the THP Forum is that we look to you guys/gals, the consumers, to give feedback on equipment to golfers all around the world. Each month we send out iron sets, drivers, hybrids, putters, trainings aids and golf balls to our active members to be a part of the THP Forum Member testing.

Recently, THP & TaylorMade sent out packages of golf balls to some THP members. It is their job to play the role of equipment tester and put the product through its paces and update the readers accordingly with their thoughts. Follow along for another consumer based review and find out what regular golfers just like you think about these new golf balls and how they work for their game.

Click here to see their reviews as they happen in the THP Forum filled with pictures, videos and thorough write-ups.

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  1. Cookie says:

    It is early goings in this testing, but we have seen some solid and consistent feedback from the testers thus far. This ball sounds like a performer with the exception of durability – looking forward to hearing more from the reviewers!

  2. T0AD says:

    Interested in this one. Bring it like I know you will, THPers.

  3. says:

    I’m enjoying foloowing the testers’ reviews. If this is a step up from the PentaTP and TP5, then TaylorMade has another winner on their hands.

  4. marcv68 says:

    Wonderful comments on the testing, this ball intrigues me, a lot! Hope the durability issues get solved by Tmag

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