TaylorMade R1 Black Driver Preview

The game changing color shift of drivers came a few years ago when TaylorMade Golf launched the R11 and the dynamic shifted across the industry. Consumers watching TV each week could easily identify with what professionals were playing the new white driver and it was an abundance. This led to huge sales increases for the metal wood category at TaylorMade, but there was a group of golfers that struggled with the contrast of the white crown when playing.

This year the company launched the R1 driver and it has been an immediate success. You can read the most in depth review out there regarding this driver by clicking here. The club’s three adjustability technologies allow it to be tuned 168 different ways to specifically fit a player’s swing for optimization of both distance and accuracy.

“For three years we have only made white drivers and have heard from a number of golfers who just prefer the look of black,” said President and CEO, Mark King. “Our commitment has always been to provide golfers with the best performing golf equipment. The R1 Black gives players who prefer that color access to our industry leading technology.”

To clear up any confusion or questions that might come up, the answer is yes. This is the same driver as the current R1, just in a different color for those that have a preference. It is not a replacement for the R1 as the driver will still be available in both colors. The driver has 16 worldwide wins this year and features the greatest range of adjustability of any driver in TaylorMade’s history.

Highlight Info
Available June 14th, 2013 for $399
Features the ultra-light Aldila RIP Phenom shaft.
For more information please visit www.taylormadegolf.com

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  • Now we are talking! I was a fan of the R11 and the white when it first came out. Played it in the bag as a matter of fact. Loved it. But the black R1 looks great and I don’t know if its because it’s never been done in the R series or because it just looks good! Either way, I’m glad they are giving golfers an option!

  • Now that I would game. Very sharp. If this were available when I bought my new driver a couple of months ago a TMAG driver might have gotten back in the back Last one was Superfast 1.0. Just can’t feel confident looking down at white.

  • I think the black looks awesome BUT… what about that whole “technology of white” that was promoted when the R11’s were introduced? Does this mean the new color is actually inferior?? Marketing, marketing, marketing…

  • this is beyond smart!
    great move by TM here. i think they’ll more than double their sales.
    this mildly resembles the R9 and that was a BOSS driver, well, still is!

    honestly, i’m all for the white. i loved it in my R11. and a common negative i’ve been hearing from some major OEM’s is that they lack a simple black driver.

    well done.

  • TaylorMade again putting distance between themselves and the competition. Expect Callaway and Nike which gained ground this spring to drop prices soon to catch back up.

  • They had to do it. The R1 white is the most hideous looking driver on the market. Whoever came up with the graphics on it should be fired.

  • Love the black look. I like this considerably better than the white. I would love to throw this black one in the bag tomorrow.

  • I’m still enjoying my white RBZ stage 1 in white! I would have appreciated a color choice, but I agree with the post about the marketing of white and now black… Where does it end? Whom do we trust? Does it REALLY make a difference? I can’t afford a new driver to test the difference, so…..

  • The white drives have never bothered me at all but were I in the market for a new R1 I think I would be gaming the black model, something about it is so sassy.

  • This driver looks like a brand new Ferrari. I liked the marketing pitch of “White Head means your eye is drawn to it blah blah blah” but this is one sexy beast. Can’t wait to hit one..

  • Bought the R1 in black yesterday I do like the look of the black better but I never played a white driver . I switched from a Ping G20 to this driver to cut down on spin numbers. The difference has been amazing, at least 15 yards and I think it all has to do with adjusting launch and reducing spin.

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