TaylorMade R11 Driver Preview

The internet has been buzzing for weeks as the rumors officially were confirmed that early in 2011 TaylorMade Golf will be releasing the R11 driver. What sets this one apart? Well the first thing that people everywhere will notice is that the club is not the normal run of the mill driver. This one is “ghostly” in that it is finished in white.

The second part of the equation is that TaylorMade has revamped its incredible adjustability and fine tuned it to make it just that much better. Now golfers will be able to open and close the face of the club head relative to their swing, without having the playable loft change their ball flight.

With over 150 posts and close to 10,000 views in the THP Forum on this one already, everybody seems to have an opinion on whether or not they will be jumping on board the “white driver bandwagon”. What are your thoughts? Will you give it a try? Click the link below to read what others are saying about the new TaylorMade R11 Driver!

TaylorMade R11 Driver

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  • I like the black face. Sole is pretty sweet as well, though the big red thing is kind of an eyesore. I have a feeling it will be awesome to hit, though.

  • Wow….very intriguing!!

  • Gag!!!!

  • I am not feeling this one right now.

  • I may not be into the color all that much, but I am digging the Adjustable Sole Technology (the red triangle thing) which is supposed to adjust the driver open/closed without changing loft. That to me is FAR more important than the color at address.

    If we are looking for white drivers though, I don’t think this one is as pretty as the Limited Edition cobra with white/chrome. But again, it isn’t the visual about this club that intrigues me.

  • I’m really digging this, it will not doubt be an awesome driver!

  • I actually liked the white look of the Cobra a little better, the technology on this one is very interesting. Can’t wait to see it first hand.

  • I do not like the “white” look and will not be trying one out.

  • TM might take all my money next year.. new driver on top of the supertri and burners plus maybe forged irons… geez the demo day cannot come too soon!

    This def is on the top of the list to hit.. I cannot wait to see it live!

  • Oh my god!!!! i am soooo gettin this next year, revolutionary, amazing, taylor made are awesome!!!!!!!, when is it on sale

  • I’m not a looks kind of guy. Can’t be as ugly as I am and get hung up on aesthetics! If I can hit a better tee shot with it, and I can afford it… I’d game it!

  • I would trade in my entire family for one of these.

  • LOVE the black face with the white club head. Somehow it all works together

  • Not a fan.

  • Mixed feeling about the white. I wonder what a sky mark will look like on the top ridge? If it hides it better I’ll buy 2…..

  • white driver not to appealing to my eye and wont be in the bag this year. guess im waiting for the R13

  • I’d swing that on the range and if it worked, keep it. If I liked the look, I’d have no problem painting my current driver flat white. I like that the science behind it seems to make sense to me.

  • It is as solid as the other Taylor Made drivers. I like the white look. TM techology is amazing.
    It will probably go in the bag after the snow disappears.

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