TaylorMade R11S Driver Preview

TaylorMade Golf today launched R11S, the most technologically advanced driver to date. The all-white, USGA maximum 460cc R11S features a 3° Flight Control Technology (FCT) sleeve and an all-new 5-way Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP) which allows the golfer to find their optimum address set-up – a proprietary setting not found in any other driver. Combined with TaylorMade’s Movable Weight Technology (MWT), the new R11S driver can be tuned for 80 separate launch settings, making it the most adjustable driver in golf.

“The R11S is a golfer’s dream come true; it’s the realization of every ounce of innovation, adjustability, and performance we could package in a bigger, more aerodynamic, white clubhead,” said Sean Toulon, executive vice president. “It would have been easy for our product creation team to rest on the laurels of the original R11™ driver, the most successful product we’ve ever created. Instead, we’re delivering golfers yet another significant advancement in adjustability and performance. And, with the proper fitting, we know golfers of all skill levels will be longer and straighter off the tee.”

At 460cc, the R11S is at the USGA limit for size. Similar to the original R11, the new R11S features a flat-white crown color and black PVD face to improve alignment and accuracy off the tee. Its address footprint measures more than 11,500 mm², and its white crown color makes it appear even larger (2%). That’s an advantage given that TaylorMade testing indicates that the majority of golfers gain confidence at address from a head that appears large relative to the ball.

The R11S driver’s modern-classical clubhead shape is intended to suit the eye of better players, while still providing ample forgiveness and confidence for average players. The head boasts a contemporary, slightly more triangular appearance than traditionally shaped drivers that provides higher MOI and a deeper, farther-forward CG position.

New 5-Way ASP Provides More Tuning Options
ASP technology was a major performance breakthrough as it complimented Flight Control, a technology first introduced in the R9 family. When FCT is employed alone, the loft and face angle is coupled by the sleeve system. Adjustable Sole Plate technology allows the decoupling of loft and face angle by using a sole plate to adjust face angle independent of loft sleeve setting. Very simply, that means you can adjust the face angle independently of the loft, and vice versa. The five face angles made possible by the improved ASP Technology of the R11S are neutral, slightly open, open, slightly closed and closed.

ASP Technology is characterized by a raised, five-pointed plate on the sole roughly the diameter of a quarter. Changing its position is easily achieved by loosening the screw that holds it to the sole, rotating the ASP, then re-tightening the screw.

ASP works with FCT to create 40 combinations of loft and face angle, which can be used to further accentuate a face angle or counter a negative face angle due to a sleeve adjustment. It effectively doubles the range of face angle for the club for ±4° to ±6° or alternatively can create 5 lofts in 0.75° increments with the same face angle.

Flight Control Technology
Flight Control Technology allows you to change the orientation of the driver head with the shaft to effectively adjust the loft up or down, giving you 8 choices of lie and loft/face angles at range of 3° of lie and 3° loft/6° face angle for up to approximately 60 yards side-to-side trajectory adjustment and 3° and 1500 rpm of launch condition change.

Movable Weight Technology
TaylorMade introduced Movable Weight Technology (MWT) in 2004 in the r7 quad driver. MWT gives golfers the ability to easily move discretionary weight to different areas of the clubhead to shift the CG location to promote changes in trajectory that produce greater distance and accuracy. Millions of TaylorMade metalwoods with MWT have been sold since the introduction of the r7 quad.

Employing two widely spaced weight ports delivers 4 mm of CG change from heel to toe to promote up to 20 yards of side-to-side trajectory bias. The R11S includes two MWT cartridges, one weighing 10-grams and one weighing 1-gram. Configuring the weights properly is intuitive: To set up a neutral bias, install the heavy (10-gram) weight in the toe; to create a draw bias, install the heavy weight in the heel. If a more neutral setting is desired, 4- and 6-gram cartridges are available separately, and so are other cartridges of varying weights, which allow you to change the club’s swing weight as well as promoting changes in trajectory.

Combining MWT, FCT and ASP
Together, MWT, FCT and ASP allows for 80 launch-condition combinations, the most of any driver in existence. The total launch condition range is 3° and 1500 rpm by combining full FCT and MWT settings.

Players can also adjust the weights to influence trajectory, either to enhance the launch conditions created by the face angle setting, or independent of the face-angle setting. For instance, some players prefer to look at an open face at address while still desiring a draw-bias performance. With the R11S driver, the player can open the face and install the heavy weight in the heel, resulting in an open face but a draw bias weighting.

Inverted Cone Technology
Like every TaylorMade driver since the R500 Series (launched in 2002), the R11S incorporates TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone clubface technology, which dramatically expands the COR zone, which is the portion of the clubface that delivers maximum ball speed.

Shaft and Club Specs
The R11S measures 45.75” and is equipped with an Aldila RIP Phenom 60 shaft (X, S, R and M flexes), which weighs 60 grams and which features a medium-firm tip profile. RIP shafts feature Reverse Interlaminar Placement to provide more stability more stability at impact and promote more distance and control without the harsh feel associated with some firmer tip shafts.

Grip: TM FCT.
Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12° in right-handed; 9° and 10.5° in left-handed.
Street price: $399.

The R11S TP is equipped with an Aldila RIP Phenom TP 65 (X, S, R)
25 additional TP shaft choices are also available.
Grip: TM FCT.
Lofts: 9°, 10.5° in right-handed; 9° and 10.5° in left-handed.
Street price: $499.

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  • It will be interesting to see the numbers on this driver.

  • Little too busy aesthitcally for me but I am sure that the R11 at 460cc will appeal to many.

  • Very interesting. An amped-up R11 of sorts. 460cc R11 would appeal to a lot of people.

  • Liking the adjustability of this one lot’s to choose to suit each Golfers needs.

  • I find this driver to be very good looking, I am intrigued by the potential boost in forgiveness the 460cc head should give the R11 line.

  • I want one!!

  • Very innovative sounding stuff. Sounds like a proper fitting is an absolute must. Looking fwd to hearing more.

  • I bet this thing will be a performer. That is a lot of adjustability on a club.

  • It sure does have all the bells and whistles to customize for personal preferences! It looks good too so this one should be pretty hot item.

  • Seems very similar to the R11 with a new sole plate, it will be interesting to see if the numbers vary that much, but definitely interested in giving it a swing because I love the original R11

  • very interesting … no doubt a ‘fitting’ would be a MUST, especially true for players like myself who have never gamed a club with ‘adjust-ability’.

    I do like the looks of this driver, I like the looks of all the white clubs

  • It’s hard to believe even more adjustability has been added. Looking forward to hitting this driver.

  • Now this is sick!!!!!!! I love, love the looks of this one. I’m hoping this is more forgiving than the previous R11. If so, i could easily see this one in my bag somewhere. I love the feel and sound of the R11 on well struck shots.

  • loving it!

  • Definitely a club I want to try out next season. Hopefully the larger clubhead will add some forgiveness. Can’t wait to read more about these when the time comes.

  • I’m looking forward to hitting this driver, having more forgiveness and adjustability as compared to the original R11 should be good for a lot of players.

  • this I want to hit, I think the original R11 was lacking for me. This may be the answer

  • I think this thing could be a bomber and really look forward to getting some feedback from golfers who have hit it.

  • Just hope it feels and sounds better then the previous R11 .

  • I’m with TC, I want one!

  • While I love giving consumers options and the ability to fine tune their game, does the average golfer need 80 possible settings? that being said I really like the looks of this!

  • I like this better than the standard R11 looks wise!
    Can’t wait to try it out.

  • I love my R11, but I can see this driver knocking it out of my bag! I cannot wait to hit this, because the only thing the original R11 driver was missing is a little bit of extra forgiveness. Can’t wait!

  • Not interested in this line anymore to be honest but what I am curious about is the actual numbers different golfers will get.

  • I don’t prefer the white drivers, but this one might have a chance at making it in my bag one day.

  • Well, I know what I will be buying next year.

  • I def want it! Been waiting for this since the R11 came out! 460cc finally!

  • I really like the looks of this driver, but I want to hear how it compares in forgivness with the origional R11 and some other OEM offerings this year.

  • I’m very intrigued! I can’t wait to hit this thing.

  • It ain’t the prettiest girl, but if I can score well, I could overlook that.

  • R11 460, nice one! I’ll be very interested to get a swing with this and see how it stacks up against my R9 460.

  • A decent looking driver and if it performs well it could be a winner!!

  • I think the sole of the R11 looks better IMO. If it feels like the R11 and ads some forgiveness than TM will have a winner on their hands. I’m intrigued for sure.

  • First appearance is it’s the R11 with a few more bells and whistles. Love how TM is always stepping up their game with equipment. Can’t wait to see how this one performs.

  • Personally I think taylormades going off the rails and to be honest if this is where Golf is going i’m not sure i like it, i’m just wait for 2-3 years and there will be rocket propelled clubs and wings on them.

  • I now wantr to see this club with the Miyazaki white in it!!!

  • This one is high on my demo list. A new driver is high on my “want” list

  • Not only do I love the look of this, I need to hit it!

  • I didn’t see if it indicated whether my current TM shafts will fit this club or is they will use a different adapter.

  • This is an improved R11. I’m intrigued by the incredible adjust-ability. It would be fun to play with that and dial it in. I’ll want to see if it’s as forgiving as my G15 and if it gives me 10-20 more yards.

  • Just had a chance to hit the R11s tp and the Rocketballz and I am for sure putting the Rocketballz 3 wood in the bag. The R11s was good but not great but I gained 9 more yards with the Rocketballz 3 wood so that bad boys going straight into my bag..just pre-ordered from fairwaygolfusa.com CAN NOT WAIT!

  • R11s new RIP Phenom shaft is money. Which you get stock on all R11s and R11s TP is 65 gram RIP Phenom

  • I have bought this driver…. been to the range twice firsttime i had buyers remorse>> today was a little better Set everything back to stock and dropped my loft and closed my face still got that darn slice but its me and not the driver a few more sessions and maybe a round of golf were i have actual targets i will do better but my distance on the range is awesome.. i think when i play around and have to really focus i will straighting this thing out

  • Where can I buy the cheapest the taylormade r11s driver so the online r11s driver sales? I want to buy one, see the online prices are very expensive. mygolfshops.net feeling this will be a good choice, do not know how my friends think?

  • Where can I buy the cheapest the taylormade r11s driver so the online r11s driver sales? I want to buy one, see the online prices are very expensive. http://www.mygolfshops.net feeling this will be a good choice, do not know how my friends think?

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