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TaylorMade Golf, today introduced RocketBallz irons, a progressive and dynamic set engineered to deliver effortless distance and a higher and straighter ball flight. This winning combination of distance and accuracy makes the new RBZ iron a game-changer and positions to be one of the greatest iron sets in company history.

“Without a doubt, the new RocketBallz iron will be an improvement over any other iron in a golfer’s bag,” said Sean Toulon, executive vice president of TaylorMade Golf. “From a technology standpoint, we have done the unthinkable. We brought in metalwood engineers to help create irons with faces that behave like drivers, sending the ball easily high and far almost as if it was bounced off a trampoline. These technological advancements will be visible to the golfer upon first contact with a ball.”

Key to the distance performance of RocketBallz irons is a large, thin clubface that’s strong and stiff at the perimeter and thin at the inner edge, allowing the face to flex freely like a trampoline. No part of the clubhead structure inhibits or restricts the flexion of the face. RocketBallz also incorporate TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone clubface technology, which expands the portion of the face that delivers high ball speed, promoting more distance on off-center hits.

Every RBZ iron head, from the 3- to the lob wedge, is uniquely constructed and features a progressive length and spec package, which has been carefully coordinated to ensure proper trajectory and distance gaps throughout the set.

RocketBallz 3- through 5-irons feature a new, hollow clubhead construction akin to that of the company’s industry leading line of metalwoods. This hollow head construction allows the company’s engineers to create the clubface (455 carpenter’s steel in the 3- through 5), and allows for a lower and centered CG location which ensures pure contact on the face when hitting off turf, promoting maximum energy transfer at impact.

Lowering the CG also allowed TaylorMade engineers to strengthen the loft to promote a more penetrating flight. This improved CG location is made possible in the 3- to 6-irons by thinning areas of the sole, top-line and back wall, then repositioning the saved weight strategically to the back wall and heel to shift the CG lower and more toward the center.

New Technology Promotes Accuracy
Key to the improved accuracy of RocketBallz irons is the new “Toe-Bar” feature, positioned in the upper toe, and the new design of the Inverted Cone. Fast-faced irons suffer in terms of accuracy because the asymmetrical shape of an iron face naturally causes the flex-point of the face to direct the ball off-line. The Toe-Bar and redesigned Inverted Cone together stiffen the toe-area of the clubface so that when the face flexes it directs the ball straight forward.

“We’ve worked extensively to advance fast-faced iron performance, and feel like we’re well ahead of our competitors in this category,” said Bret Wahl, TaylorMade senior director of iron, wedge and putter research and development. “We’ve learned that high COR is most useful when on top of high speed you can also control the face-flexion to send the ball on an accurate flight-line. With that in mind, we’re very pleased with what we’ve achieved with the RocketBallz iron.”

Progressive Clubhead Shapes
RocketBallz clubheads are progressively shaped, with smaller, compact short-irons, deep undercut-cavity middle-irons and large, hollow long-irons. All feature TaylorMade’s Multi-functional Sole (see Multi-Functional Sole tech brief), while the sand wedge, attack wedge and lob wedge all incorporate our new ATV sole.

Advanced Engineering for Better Feel
A new vibration and sound control system in the 3-iron to pitching wedge dampens unwanted vibration without slowing the face down. We’re using a new Japanese urethane layer for the first time that’s exceptionally soft and pliable; it works in conjunction with the badge system to absorb unwanted vibration and sound without slowing the face.

Also, every RocketBallz iron is engineered with an added cavity chamber in the heel at the point of the hosel-to-face transition that makes the heads easier to bend, allowing us to offer RocketBallz in 4 degrees upright, 4 degrees flat, and plus-or-minus 2 degrees in loft. The necessity for this was discovered during prototyping as the hard 455 steel used for the clubheads makes bending difficult.

Club Specs, Pricing and Availability
RocketBallz irons are available in 3-iron through LW, right-handed and left-handed (no left-handed LW). Sets of eight clubs are being sold at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $699 with steel shafts, $899 with graphite shafts. Steel shafts weigh 85 grams, steel wedge shafts are heavier at 105 grams to promote increased rhythm and feel. Graphite shafts weight 65 grams. Ladies’ RocketBallz irons are available in 5-iron through SW, equipped with a lightweight 55-gram graphite shaft, and carrying an MSRP of $899. The grip is a new design created especially for RocketBallz irons. Availability at retail starts on February 3, 2012.

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  1. TaylorMade RocketBallz (RBZ) Irons Review | | July 1, 2012
  1. DawgDaddy says:

    After reading the article I understand the RocketBallz name better, I would love to hit these and see the “first contact” realization of technological advances they are referring to, I love Oh Wow moments. The price point make these a very attractive iron for people to consider if purchasing new irons.

  2. damaikis says:

    I love the looks of these with the green accents! A fantastic price point as well. I want to see what kind of distance these things have!

  3. Cookie says:

    I actually like the looks of these and appreciate the fact that they are coming in at a respectable price point. I see some forum testing in the future…perhaps. 😀

  4. T0AD says:

    Love the looks from the front and top, but that green is awful, IMO.
    Maybe it’s just me.

  5. Ddxu says:

    The strenghten toe feature is interesting, wonder if it will promote more of a draw trajectory.

  6. Freddie kong says:

    If these ate longer and more accurate then the R11s I’ll be a huge fan! The look of the club is unique and a departure from previous design. But as we all know it’s all about the performance

  7. INgolfer says:

    Very different than anything we have seen from TM in the looks department. I am not a fan of the green, but if the performance is there give me some pink ones and I will play them.

  8. Yoccos says:

    A lot of promises being made by Taylormade. Almost too good. I like the fact they’re bringing back the progressive clubhead (from the Burner 2.0s?). It’s hard to believe these are going to be longer and straighter than what they have though. Interested in the feel/sound of these. Especially with the construction of the face.

  9. war.eagle says:

    As a huge fan of the 2.0s, I think these are a nice progression on looks of those, and think they are a very great looking iron. I bet these will offer up some serious distance.

    I am not a fan of the name, but it gets people talking about the brand. So there’s marketing for ya. Rocketballz not so great, but love the labeling of RBZ on the clubs, and think a lot of folks will stick with calling it by the acronym.

  10. DMB012 says:

    What a nice looking set of irons! I don’t know if I am all about the green on them. I know they are going to be long coming from the TM Burner technology. With the ATV they will be straight too.

  11. ole gray says:

    Wow these are nice looking irons and anything that launches the ball like these puppies have got to be on the hit list!

  12. Griff says:

    I LOVE that they can be bent so much.

  13. adwillingham says:

    Another product I look forward to trying out. Do seem like a nice progression from the Burner 2.0s, and I like the touch of lime green coloring. They’ll have to pry the R11s out of my cold, dead hands, but these look like a nice compliment.

  14. Coolbreeze says:

    A surprisingly great looking iron, and I love all the tech they have packed into that head. I loved the Burner 2.0’s and the R11 irons and I’m sure these will be great, but the name is still awful.

  15. John says:

    I find it hard that they would supplant a great brand name like “Burner” with “RocketBallz”. Almost like a marketing guy played a joke and wanted to see how far it would go.

  16. omikey says:

    very interesting, while reading the review I couldn’t help but think about my G20’s. I’d like to see these in person, how much does the top line and sole look to be the same shape and size as the G20’s ….. I’d like to hit these too …. it’d be fun to compare them.

    Can’t wait to see what THP review has to say when they get a chance to hit them !!

  17. 9-Iron Man says:

    Again, not a fan of the name, but these seem like they could be awesome clubs. I can’t wait to hear more!

  18. tnolan says:

    would love to hit these SOBs!

  19. Hanks says:

    Abolsutely love the design of these…..if these are an improvement over the popular 2.0’s then these wll be in a lot of bags next year regardless of the name

  20. Puttin4Bird says:

    These look pretty sweet, I loved the Burner 2.0 so these should be a nice improvement to those. THP forum testing perhaps?

  21. tomahawk18 says:

    Really like the look, the name, not so much. But if they are an upgrade in performance from the 2.0’s and R11’s, color me interested.

  22. Nicklausfan says:

    These irons sound very intriguing and would appeal to many types of golfers. I would love to see the specs…in particular loft.

  23. golf4life says:

    They do look good. Remind me a lot of the burner line. May be time to get my Rocketballzzzzz on.

  24. royalwulff says:

    I am liking the looks of these irons alot.

  25. d_in_la says:

    I am not digging the neon green accent. Like playing a mash between Mario Golf and Tokyo Drift. But heck, if it performs as discussed … I could be convinced, even with the ridiculous name.

  26. Toddo says:

    These look to be a great set of irons, and I like the fact you have flexibilty in bending them up to 4 degrees is a good thing. Look forward to trying these out soon.

  27. Drumdog says:

    Really good looking irons and I would love to try them out against my Burner 2.0’s.

  28. cmedina84 says:

    such good looking irons!

  29. FrankA says:

    This is going to be a great line. I love the tech advances.

  30. Sharkwrestler says:

    I’ll have to give these a try to see if they live up to the hype, then they may earn a spot on my list to ponder.

  31. texasgolfer says:

    interesting looking…

  32. Smallville says:

    These sound impressive. Look forward to see how the public takes to them.

  33. Sean says:

    I’d really like to give these a try. I wonder how they differ from the Ping G20’s?

  34. afwcardinal says:

    Interesting idea to use a metalwood engineer to design an iron. Looking for new irons and hybrids this spring. Will definitely look at these. Saw the Dustin Johnson video on TM website. Impressive.

  35. M.Nelson says:

    The RBZ look like a joy to hit. Going to purchase the 3 wood and Driver.

  36. VA Vince says:

    I really like these, wonder how they compare to the R11’s?

  37. Gerry says:

    I’m not usually big on Taylor Made irons but from the looks of things, these could rival the Burner 2.0 irons. We’ll see how they perform…look forward to seeing how well they play!

  38. ghsace says:

    Interesting. They look similar to the Burner 2.0’s to me alittle. They look nice though.

  39. David says:

    Does anyone else think the strong loft trend is going a bit too far? I see a lot of problems with it.
    – Many golfers have trouble getting the ball up in the air quickly yet the manufacturer response is to reduce loft angles. Seems backward to me.
    – Many golfers have trouble hitting a 3 or 4 iron. The RBZ long irons are a full number stronger than others meaning the 5 is going to start getting left home. Why pay for eight irons when you can only use six of them?
    – The gap between irons is getting bigger every year. Six clubs now cover the range previously covered by eight. You’d think manufacturers would do everything they can to justify buying eight clubs. If I only need 6 clubs I only want to pay for 6.
    – Larger gaps force golfers to adjust their swing a lot more. Why buy a “game improvement” set that makes the game harder to play?

  40. Darrin says:

    I just purchased a set from Golfsmith. I really hope I like them as much as I think I am going to. I love the look and design. I agree with David though, that’s why I purchased a 6-AW. I went with a rescue 3,4 and 5. I will let you know how they perform.

  41. JLWilliams says:

    Went to Dick’s. Swung both the 2.0’s and the RBZ’s. Higher launch angle and 15 yards longer with the RBZ’s. Then went over to GolfSmith the next day. Tried both again, plus threw in my current Wilson’s. Only the 6 irons for fitting. RBZ’s was 20 yards longer and 20 yards straighter than the Wilson and Burner 2.0. Got them set at 3 degrees flat, for my upright plane and slower swing speed. Clubs came in two weeks later and I’m off to play a round in the morning here in Chicago western suburbs. Oh, I got the 3 & 4 utility clubs to go with my Burner 2.0 driver.Will give you and update after tomorrow. I’m so stoked!

  42. Glen says:

    I hit these the other day and they are awesome…Very smooth and felt great…I agree,they are least 20-25 yards longer then my Pings I use…

    I def. plan on buying a set…prolly just the 5-pw

    Pro told me he hasn’t sold a 3-4 iron of these yet due to the length

  43. sekson arruckkitti says:

    RBZ iron very good

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