TaylorMade Releases R11 Irons

For the past month the internet has been filled with rumors of new irons coming from TaylorMade Golf and images, that the company quickly pointed out were counterfeit, had been surfacing at many different websites. Well today, it is official, TaylorMade Golf is releasing R11 irons. THP has had these irons for a little while now and you can read our initial impressions, as well as full size in hand photos, by clicking the link below (at bottom of page).

Precision Weighting Port and Progressive CG location
The first thing about the R11 iron that will grab the golfer’s attention is its red precision-weighting port, a technology initially introduced in TaylorMade’s forged iron lineup, including the Tour Preferred MB. The precision-weighting port allows TaylorMade engineers to 1) guarantee precise swingweight and 2) ensure center-face Center of Gravity (CG) location in every iron. The result is optimal consistency in feel and performance from one club to the next.

Ultra-Thin Face and TaylorMade’s Renowned Inverted Cone Technology
The ultra-thin face construction of the R11 irons promotes faster ball speed and distance in long- and middle-irons. Each R11 iron also features TaylorMade’s renowned Inverted Cone clubface technology, which expands the area of the face that delivers fast ball speed, which promotes improved distance on off-center hits.

Multi Functional Sole and Advanced Groove Design
Progressive shaping makes the longer irons more forgiving, and the shorter irons more compact and workable. TaylorMade Tour Staff professional Nick Faldo, an aficionado of finely designed irons, worked extensively with the TaylorMade design team to ensure that the topline of each iron blends into the hosel in just the right way to preserve the iron’s beauty at address.

The soles of the R11 irons are moderately thin (with the exception of the long-irons) and the leading edge is moderately sharp, helping it to enter and exit the turf quickly and smoothly. The long-irons are engineered with wider soles to pull the CG lower for easier, higher launch while also increasing MOI to make them more stable and forgiving.

R11 irons also incorporate an advanced, USGA-conforming groove design to promote increased spin and control from the rough.

Sound and Vibration Management System.
TaylorMade’s R&D department worked diligently to perfect an advanced sound and vibration management system to ensure the feel in the R11 irons would appeal to better players. The R11 irons’ extraordinary feel comes from the club’s combination of shape, construction and the incorporation of an aluminum sound badge in the cavity. Sandwiched between the stiff badge and the clubhead is a soft adhesive that absorbs sound and vibration, promoting a superbly soft feel. Golfers will appreciate how the feel of the R11 irons will make the rock-hard balls sold by the bucket at the average driving range feel and sound more like a soft tour ball.

“It isn’t easy to predict how an iron will sound and feel,” said Wahl. “In the case of the R11 we hit a grand slam, thanks to our advanced design capabilities.”

An Unprecedented Convergence of Technology and Beauty
The R11 iron is unquestionably the most beautiful cavityback ever introduced by TaylorMade. The appearance at address is simple and traditional, with the topline melting seamlessly into the hosel. From behind, the sweeping lines that form the shape of the head, the cavity and what lies within the cavity work in absolute harmony to create a beautifully balanced composition that’s guaranteed to please the eye of any golfer.

“There has never been a game-improvement iron that looks this classically beautiful, that incorporates this kind of serious performance technology, and which will fit so many players,” said Toulon. “The R11 iron is destined to assume a position among the pantheon of the best of the best TaylorMade products.”

Set Makeup, Pricing and Availability
The R11 irons are offered in four shaft flexes – S, R, M, L. Ladies’ flex shafts will be offered in the 5-iron through pitching wedge, attack wedge and sand wedge. The standard R11 set includes eight irons offered at a street price of $799 with steel shafts in the irons and $999 with graphite shafts in the irons. The steel offering will be the KBS 90, while the graphite offering will be the Motore 75 S, 65 R, 55 M, 50 L. Men’s irons are equipped with Tour Velvet grips, ladies with Winn grips). Availability begins at retail Thursday, September 1.

THP In Hand Pictures & Impressions

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  • Nice! I’m looking forward to some reviews and comparisons to the other TM irons.

  • Those are some really nice looking irons, I love the red.

  • Very nice,as well as interesting technology .

  • I’m looking forward to seeing these in action at The Morgan Cup. Sounds like there is a lot of technology in these irons.

  • I’m not sure if I like them more than this years TP line, I will have to see them in person. I do really like the red weight port. I wonder how similar these are to the CB irons because that is what they remind me of the most.

  • Great review and those are some nice classy looking irons

  • Love them, cant wait to hit them, these could be my next set of irons after the 2012 outing.

  • That is a good looking iron there. Nothing too busy but still catches the eye.

  • These are amazing looking. I Love the technology packed into this. I prefer te red screw to the plain one in the TP line.

    Color is a good thing

  • Beautiful looking irons! Can’t wait to get my hands on them to confirm they play as great as they look.

  • I can’t wait to have these in my hands in a short time and put them in play in the Morgan Cup! If these are an improvement over the R9 irons, then these will be a great addition to Taylormade’s lineup that appeals to a wide range of golfers.

  • Great looking irons!

  • Great review on these new irons. Looking forward to hearing some feedback about their performace on the course once they are used for a few rounds.

  • I’ve always liked TaylorMade equipment and this doesn’t disappoint. Nice looking clubs as usual.

  • Taylormade has just been added to my list of “must try” irons. I need a new set bad, and this is on the radar now. If they play as good as they look…

  • Absolutely great looking irons. Can’t wait to have these in hand.

  • Those things look sick! I can’t wait to try them out. I love my R9s and hope they are even better. I wonder if they will have a TP model?

  • Beautiful irons. I like that they carried the weight port over to the R11 line. Can’t wait to have them in hand for the Morgan Cup.

  • Clean and simple design with a modern twist….looks like TM has another winner on their hands

  • Yes please… Haha, wow these irons just look fantastic and I can’t wait to see first hand the feedback from my fellow Morgan Cuppers.

  • Lovin’ the look, can’t wait to give them a swing!

  • Thanks for the info THP. Those are some nice looking sticks!!

  • Taylormade could put a turd on a stick and the fanboys would say they look great. That’s a god awful fugly looking club… Typical tacky, gaudy, look at me I have taylormades crap

  • Kinda bummed because I picked up the Burner 2.0 irons a few weeks ago. I would have loved to try these out before hand.

  • Great to see photos of the real thing.
    Looking forward to the reviews!

  • Another solid offering from TaylorMade. This company just keeps bringing out the hits!

  • Gret right up & nice looking clubs

  • Nice looking new irons. Hope THP can do a full test and comparison with not just competitor irons, but prior TM Models like R9 and R7..!!

    Ahem, since I currently game the R7 TP’s, I could sacrifice some time to compare them to the new R11’s if you need a volunteer!

  • TaylorMade just keeps bringing it with yet another beauty. These sound and look right up my ally, thanks for the write-up.

  • I certainly hope they are better than the CB’s, MC’s, and MB’s.

  • These look good, but I think the Burner 2.0s still look better. I bet they hit just as good though.

  • Great review! I’ve been thinking about replacing my R7 TPs for a little while now, they are getting a bit worn. I will definitely have to check these out!

  • I must have these!! I find it interesting that they are going 5-AW, SW instead of 4-AW like most of their other offerings.

  • I really like the look of these irons and I am extremely excited to be able to game them for The Morgan Cup in August.

  • I can’t wait to get a set of these in my hands. They look fabulous!!

  • I played these this past weekend, and they are the best game improvement irons I have ever used. I was not used to the distance though. I took me a while to get a feel for it, but by the back nine, I have not felt anything close to this yet. Buying them as soon as possible.

  • What can I say…I love these irons. Well done Taylormade!

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