TaylorMade Releases RocketBallz & RocketBallz Tour Driver

TaylorMade Golf Company today introduced a revolutionary new driver franchise called RocketBallz (RBZ) which combines speed, adjustability and two unique clubhead options — RocketBallz and RocketBallz Tour — designed to appeal to a wide range of players. Remarkably, the new RBZ drivers, which are packed with performance and will be played by PGA Tour stars Camilo Villegas and Jason Day, among others, will be offered at $299.

“We’re setting a new standard in the driver category as speed, adjustability and Tour-validated performance have never been so affordable,” said executive vice president Sean Toulon. “The name RocketBallz is obviously polarizing and helps capture the distance performance story but golfers cannot overlook the power of tuning these new products. Never before have we had so many fitting options in a single driver franchise; there’s a RocketBallz driver out there for everyone.”

Key to the performance and value of the RBZ drivers is the incorporation of TaylorMade’s patented Flight Control Technology (FCT) which is packaged into a modern, aerodynamically shaped clubhead outfitted with a lightweight, 50-gram shaft. With FCT, the golfer can easily adjust the performance angles (face angle, loft and lie) of the RBZ driver to one of 8 settings via the FCT sleeve. These settings allow a range of launch conditions that promote up to 60 yards of side-to-side trajectory adjustment.

RocketBallz drivers are being offered in two models: RocketBallz and RocketBallz Tour. The RocketBallz driver boasts a larger appearance at address with a standard face height, while the RocketBallz Tour driver is mid-sized at address with a deeper face. Both are traditionally shaped and feature improved aerodynamics thanks to TaylorMade’s Ultra-Thin Wall (UTW) casting process and Thick-Thin crown design.

Inverted Cone Technology Helps With Mis-Hits
The RBZ driver’s high-MOI titanium head also features TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) milled directly into the back of a clubface. This technology dramatically enlarges the portion of the face that delivers high COR and fast ball speed, significantly improving performance on mis-hits.

White Crown Inspires Confidence and Eliminates Hot Spots
The RocketBallz drivers, like all new TaylorMade drivers, have a white crown color and black PVD face to provide optimum contrast against the ground to allow for easy alignment and aim. Golfers will especially notice this in lower light, such as when the tee box is in shade or shadow, on overcast days or when the sun is low in the morning and in the evening. The crown color also eliminates high-intensity “hot spots” caused by reflected sunlight that afflicts gloss-finish metalwoods.

The white crown will also make the 460cc RBZ driver appear slightly (2%) larger, which when compared to the size of the ball, translates as a key confidence builder when teeing off.

Shaft and Club Specs
The RocketBallz driver’s combination of lightweight shaft and lightweight grip results in overall club weight of less than 300 grams. Re-balancing the club with a slightly higher swingweight, promotes more swing speed for most golfers. TaylorMade redesigned the shaft and mass-properties of the head mass properties to create a draw-bias and without sacrificing feel and playability. The length is 46 inches, which promotes an optimum combination of clubhead speed and control.

Availability and Pricing
The RocketBallz driver will be offered in two models to cater to a wide range of players. The RBZ driver is available in three lofts – 9.5°, 10.5° and HL (high-launch), while the RBZ Tour comes in 9° and 10.5°. The standard RBZ SuperFast Matrix Ozik XCON 5 shaft comes in four shaft flexes – S, R, M and L. The RBZ Tour model comes equipped with a Matrix Ozik XCon 6, 55-gram shaft in X, S and R flexes, with the option of 25 additional shaft choices.

Both RocketBallz drivers are available at retail on Feb. 3, 2012. The RBZ version retails for $299, while the RBZ Tour version has a street price of $349.

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  • This reminds me a lot of the Superfast 2.0 which I always liked. I still really like the green accent. And the price is not bad at all either!

  • I am guessing that this line must be replacing the Superfast 2.0 line given how similar the drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids look. While it may look very similar, I am looking forward to hearing about how the discussed technology advancements translate to the course. Would love to see a direct number based comparison between this and the Superfast 2.0.

  • I am in the same camp as Cookie, again I want to see some numbers on this club. I know Day kocks the cover off the ball so I wonder if this is longer.

  • Not a fan of the name, but if it works it will be in my bag. Im looking fwd to putting this next to my supertri and seeing who wins

  • This is definitely different than some proto designs I saw earlier online, this design is actually neat looking. Can’t wait to swing it and see how it compares to the new R11

  • More technology than I know what to do with. Not real crazy about the name, strikes me as marketing gimmick to draw attention….. but if that works for them that’s what the business is all about. I don’t see this club making it’s way to my bag.

  • It appears 2% bigger? I like the fact they brought adjustability into this line. It’s just a nice option to have.

  • Seems to be a direct progression of the 2.0 line. We have seen some guys get crazy distance with the 2.0 line, with that progressing, looking forward to see what the RBZ drivers can do!

  • I think this is exactly what TM needs. A forgiving driving, with ridiculous length, and adjustability. Again, I want one!

  • Wow that is crazy. It looks like a nice driver. Knowing how great Taylormade drivers are, I am sure it will hit bombs off the tee. Thanks for the info.

  • I like where they are going here. Read the R11 was not what the average prosumer needed and this club will be just that. Other then the dumb name Im very intrigued.

  • I am having a very tough time getting over the name on the side of the driver.

  • The main thing that kept me from the SF2.0 line last year was the lack of FCT. Adding FCT into the RBZ line is a major factor for increasing my interest. I also really like that the standard and Tour model are actually different. Having the two different shapes should really allow TM to reach more consumers with these.

  • I agree with TC here, I thought the TaylorMade driver offerings in 2011 were poor performance wise, if this driver can be forgiving and long like the R9 460 or the Supertri then I think this is something I really need to hit.

  • They look great…just don’t know about the name…LOL

  • Looks cool, but the name leaves a lot to be desired. Seems like a winner spec-wise, but I can’t wait to hear some testing results!

  • can’t say i hate it…

  • Interesting mix of tech going on with this….I think the price point is pretty good too

  • That´s a sweet looking driver with tons of tec. I just might have to Upgrade to this one. With this prize I´m betting it´ll be the best selling driver 2012.

  • I’m not crazy about the name – the abbreviation is ok though. It still looks like a winner. I love that TaylorMade is coming down into another price range too. Nicely done.

  • Hate the name but like the looks, love it’s adjustable as well! 2 adjustable drivers in their lineup makes since to me. I will either have this or the R11s to test out next year, decisions decisions!!

  • Looking like a Superfast with added adjustability. Nice one!

    I just don’t like the name on it.

  • is this driver configuration the same as the burner rescue 2.0, isnt it?

  • This is a leap forward for several reasons: (1) the shaft has been shortened to 46′ creating more control, (2) the adjustability allows a 10.5′ or a 13′ to become a 12′ thereby creating a hybrid 4th model, and (3), the fairway woods with carpenter 455 steel, make the driver & fairway wood combo irresistible. I anticipate that black and green will become the new hot color combo (it’s been black and red for a while, TM Burner, Ping G15 & G20, Razr Hawk & Diablo, Titleist AP1). TM continues to lead…..

  • I like the look, but the name still gets me! I agree with Damaikis, this reminded me of the SuperFast when I first saw it.

  • Can’t wait to give these a try when they hit the market and see if they are as hot as they look.

  • I have to admit I am very excited about this club. TaylorMade has improved upon last year’s Burner.

  • The best driver that any company has ever produced. I have the new RBZ Tour driver 9 degrees. I put it open 3 degrees so the loft is at 7.5 degrees. I hit the ball at least 20 yards farther than my previous FT9 Tour driver or even the Cleveland launchers. I used to hit it about 280 off the tee. Now I am bombing it 290 – 320 consistently right down the middle.

    The only complaint is that the sound on this driver is deafening or ear peircing sound. With distance like that I will tolerate the noise, it sounds and performs like a ROCKET!!!!!

  • I purchased a RBZ tour for the neutral bias and workability. I used to have a Callaway driver modified with a 55 gram shaft and averaged about 250 yards– not bad for a 60 year old. However I’m now averaging about 270 yards in Seattle and the weather hasn’t really warmed up yet so expect about 280 yards in the summer. The launch is higher on this 9 degree compared to my Callaway 10.5 degree and I’ve notice I have more feel with the new shaft and lighter head. Very easy to hit straight, right-to-left, or left-to-right. I’m so impressed with the trackman numbers I’ve decided to buy the 3 and 4 rescue clubs which according to the Trackman I’m also averaging about 20 yards more with a slightly higher swing seed on all clubs (driver went from about 97 to 104 mph). I don’t care what the name is as long as it works. Tom is right– it is louder than my Callaway but quieter than the Cleveland Hi Bore I used to use that really required ear plugs. Great club!!!

  • Wow. Bought the 10.5 yesterday. Used it straight away.

    It feels like cheating. It is that good!

  • After some range time ( 150 balls in two days of course ) I took it out for a round with my friends, This driver did not disappoint.My strength is my long game and this driver had me bombing it 300+ on the fairways (usually hit 280-290) now, if only my short game ( 100 yrd or less ) would improve, i would be dancing after every hole not just every drive.

  • Where can I buy the cheapest the taylormade RocketBallz driver so the online RBZ driver sales? I want to buy one, see the online prices are very expensive. http://www.mygolfshops.net feeling this will be a good choice, do not know how my friends think?

  • Very interesting club. Every time to see the new club, but the change is not great. http://www.mygolfshops.net/taylormade-rocketballz-rbz-driver-p-12459.html will be a very good choice, but the golf club can not buy. He is currently on the market.ben

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