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You have to hand it to TaylorMade golf when it comes to putters, they have achieved a lot of success over the years on Tour. However, their best move might be the recent streamlining and refinement of just how they want to be seen within the putter market. First, we saw the introduction of TP Reserve that hones in on producing a premium milled option, but finally we are now going to see them also refine the Spider Tour putters and put them on a pedestal the way they deserve. 

The new Spider Tour Series from TaylorMade seeks to be a putter fitting dream by not only focusing on weighting and CG, but by implementing five different Tour Spider shapes to do so, including the return of the Spider Tour itself. 

Spider Tour Series

TaylorMade Spider Tour Series

Yes, you read that last part correctly, the original Spider Tour with its “jet engine” like weighting system and legendary shaping is back, but that is only part of the equation here. You see, the mallet is hot again and has seen a massive resurgence in popularity, so for TaylorMade the timing was perfect to refresh, refine, and renew their Spider Tour putters with a fully committed “Series” of five different options. 

View from the top of the Tayloramde Spider Tour Series

In the past, when the company created these sorts of new lineups, they always felt like they were done in a haphazard manner. What I mean is it always felt like they were producing options for the sake of it. The recent TP Reserve release was the first in a while that had a sense of cohesion to it, and they seem to be replicating that with the Spider Tour Series. 

Sole design of the Spider Tour Series
TaylorMade Spider Tour Z

While there are four and half shapes in the new lineup (we will get to that), this time they are all designed implementing the same core technologies with a heavy emphasis on rounding out a full fitting matrix. The basis of every head in the line is the high MOI nature of the Spider built around the Steel Wire Frame construction that helps put the discretionary weight in places to maximize the MOI while also maintaining stability. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour Z

Within that frame is the placement of TaylorMade’s TSS Weights which are of course adjustable, but they are also placed in different location in each model to create that variance of options for fitters to have at their fingertips. The PureRoll insert is back with a white version that still uses the 45-degree grooves to create a better roll, but right behind it now is a HYBRAR Echo dampening pad. This material is one that TM usually applies in their game improvement irons but found that here it helped make the softer and more dense feel so many have always asked for from Spider Tour. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour Tech

As mentioned, there are five options in this new lineup, each offering a unique look, but all showing that the company is still all-in on True Path Alignment. Let’s take a closer look at each model:

TaylorMade Spider Tour

Yes, the OG is back, finally. Though TaylorMade has never stopped trying to evolve the Spider, to many of us, this is the shape that still serves at the Spider putter. Just as it was in its inception, stability and multi-material construction is the name of the game here and is showcased in that unique Steel Wire Frame and “Jet Engine” like weight ports at the rear. 

Spider Tour Series looking down at setup.

The shape is nothing short of legendary having earned its place on the Mt. Rushmore of putters. This time though, it showcases a Gunmetal grey finish as well as the implementation of True Path as the primary alignment method. The Spider Tour has a CG of 35mm and 5700 MOI rating with 29-degrees of hang. The Tour will be available in standard as well as a counter-balanced option that will play at 38” and utilize a 17” SuperStroke 3.0 grip. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour X

You didn’t think that the OG would be making an appearance and we wouldn’t still be getting the X, did you? The popularity of the Spider Tour X shape has remained staggering for TM becoming the go to for Rory McIlroy himself. The popularity of this one centers around the flow of the shape without the boxiness of the Tour. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour X

Overall, the Tour X is fairly unchanged in shape and size with the big difference being the implementation of the HYBRAR Echo dampener into it to create a softer feel than previous models. Weighting here is slightly more forward of the X and on the sole rather than in “jet engines” which moves the CG to 33mm. The Spider Tour X has an MOI rating of 5000 with 30-degrees of hang. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour Z

The first new shape into this Tour Spider lineup is being named the “Z”. A major goal of making the series a true fitting lineup was understanding that we all have different wants and needs, both visually and in functional design. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour Z

The Tour Z has more flow and curves to it than the X through the Steel Wire Frame construction, but maintains the rear “wing” look at the rear. The goal with this and the Tour V was to get the users eyes pulled directly to the True Path alignment. Interestingly, the TSS weights here are not in the rear, but rather forward by the face on the sole. This means more flow in the shape with 39-degrees of hang as well as a 29mm CG location and 5050 MOI rating. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour V

Another new shape, the Tour V says goodbye to the wings on the rear of the Steel Wire Frame and in turn makes this not only the most compact of the new Spider Tour Series, but also the putter with the most flow. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour V

The TSS weight placement on the Tour V is exactly the same as with the Tour Z, however, thanks to a more forward weighted shaping without the wings, this putter has the most forward CG at 27mm, lowest MOI at 4900, and offers the most flow through the stroke with the 32-degree toe hang. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour S

Remember when I said four and a half shapes in the new Spider Tour Series? Say hello to the half. The Spider Tour S is the same shape as the original Tour Spider we have already talked about, but bigger. How much bigger? It will be 3mm longer front-to-back and 8mm wider heel-to-toe. 

The Tour S is not going to be available until the Spring of 2024, unlike the other putters in this release, but much of that has to do with design and intent. The name of the game here is even more stability with a whopping 6063 MOI rating and super deep 35mm CG location. Additionally, the Tour S will be available in 35 and 38-inch setups that are counterbalanced with the SuperStroke 17” 3.0 grips. 

The Details

Again, the name of the game for the refined Spider Tour Series from TaylorMade is something for everyone while also opening up a plethora of options for fitters to dial in golfers. Other than the Spider Tour S which releases in the Spring of 2024, the other models will hit retail on 10/27/23 at $349.99. All will come with a KBS CT Black PVD putter shaft and SuperStroke 1.0 with each shape also available in either #3 Slant Neck or Double Bend variation. 

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