TaylorMade & THP Staff Bag Contest – “Paradise-IER”

The new campaign from TaylorMade Golf is hitting its stride and getting attention throughout the tour level events and THP wants you to be a part of it.

The Prize
THP will be giving away a brand new custom TaylorMade Staff Bag that shows off some THP pride with this bold attention getter on the front of it.

One entry only per participant.
To enter, follow the steps below.
This contest is open to anybody that would like to participate.
The winner will be randomly drawn.
The deadline of this contest is Monday April 8th, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. All entries must be received by then to be considered.

Entering the contest is done in two steps.
Step 1 – Leave a comment in the section below about why would you like the IER staff bag. Also include you Twitter handle in the comments.
Step 2 – Send this tweet from your Twitter account. ” I want to win the @hackersparadise & @TaylorMadeGolf Custom IER staff bag contest going on now —> http://bit.ly/YXMh9T 

THP will announce the winner of the contest on the THP Forum at the conclusion.

If you are not a forum member but would like to sign up, Click Here. Registration is always fast, free, and easy

Good luck everybody.

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  • I need a new bag!


  • I would love to have the TaylorMade Staff bag. I’ve got an addiction to staff bags, and I would love to add this one to my collection.

    Twitter: @hiltongolfer

  • A chance to rep THP and a TM staff bag, who wouldn’t want to do that, I want that bag!


  • I think, wait I know, this would be a great first staff bag for me. Nothing better than rocking TMAG and THP at the same time.


  • I would love to rock a THPier TM Staff Bag!


  • I need this new staff bag because I want my Staff bag collection to be sex-IER.

    Thanks THP and TMaG!


  • I want and need this new bag to show how Rocketballzier i’m gonna be on the course this year. I’ve already upgraded my entire set to Taylormade with the Stage 2 FW, and Hybrid to go along with the Rocketballz irons, Tour TP Driver and of course, I can’t forget to mention the awesome Lethal golf balls that I’m playing. Yes I am a homer for Taylormade, but I will proudly show this bag off and pump up Taylormade on every course I play this year!!!! I’m Rocketballz-ier and i’m ready to show it!


  • The color would reduce the chances of being hit on the course.


  • I just bought new Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons, and a 2.0 driver to go along with it because of the reviews by fellow THP members! I would love to rock a Taylormade bag with it all too!

  • Forgot my twitter @arndjc

  • I want the IER staff bag because it combines two awesome things: Taylormade golf and THP!


  • Definitely want this bag to accompany my rocketbladez irons and rbz 2 woods!


  • I want to win this bag because it would make my golf game golf-ier.


  • love the colors of the thp’izer tmag staff bag


  • Saw this in person and love it! Plus it has THP on it! Would love to be able to cart it around while playing.


  • Would love to have this bag. I love Taylormade, everything I play is Taylormade/Adidas except my bag.


  • Tailor made and THP never stop giving, thank you for the awesome opportunity. Adding this bag to my golfing life would be unthinkable-ire but I think I cold get used to it.


    Thanks again

  • There is no reason why this Taylormade bag shouldnt say Calloway-ier

    Twitter: onetwcu

  • I would love to win this bag. I need something like this to start my own staff bag collection. And this is awesome-IER than any other staff bag!


  • I want to get Hackers Paradise-ier!


  • I need this bag because my wife will not let me buy a new one! @th4rp

  • I want this bag because it would make me look so much cool-ier!


  • I recently switched to Taylormade sticks and balls, would love to have a new tour bag to put them in.

  • I recently switched to Taylormade sticks and balls, would love to have a new tour bag to pu them in.


  • What a better way to get into my first staff bag with a Taylormade/THP #ier bag?

  • Opps for got the twitter… @keyganspencer

  • I need this bag to make my irons even ballz-ier!!! Thanks to Taylormade and THP for a great contest-ier!

    Twitter-ier @flyers088

  • I would love to win/own this amazing staff bag for many reasons. 1) I have never had a staff bag before, and have always wanted one. 2) my cart bag does not have enough storage space to hold everything that I bring along. 3) I LOVE TMaG! 4) I LOVE THP (and show it all of the time- I wear my 2013 AC hat everywhere, including school; I tell all of my teammates and opposing teams about how amazing the website is, show them the Epoch tees, hats -Tour Van hat, AC hat- and the testing equipment that I have recieved, and told about how awesome the site itself is)!!! 5) Yellow and black are one of my favorite color combinations. 6) It’s just simply awesome. 7) Why wouldn’t you want it?

    Twitter: @JackH721

    Thank you so much to THP (and TaylorMade) for all you do. It will never be said enough.

  • This bag is pretty awesome count me in! On twitter I am “is76550”

  • First off,
    Thank you to The Hackers Paradise for putting on this contest for us Hackers and also to TaylorMade for supplying the winnings, Cheers to you both.

    Why would I like the IER staff bag?

    I would really like the IER golf bag as this past season I found out how craz-IER I am for golf now, me and my father will be building an indoor putting green/golf basement about half the basement in the coming months for winter next season.
    I would love to have this bag to remember the time in my life when I really fell for the game and got craz-IER about golf then anyone I know and to house some of my prized golfing memorabilia.

    I Eat/Sleep/Breath/Dream golf.

    Twitter: @FitzyMcNasty

  • Oops forgot to say, that I work on a golf course/play almost daily so it would make a great conversation starter, plus easier for other “Hackers” to find me(in the woods) 🙂

  • I need my staff bag collection to be Huge -ier!!


  • @J_Lukes

    My golf bag needs to be Staff Bag-ier!

  • I want to see how small the print will be for a staff bag that says DeCrescenzo-ier


  • @zach_tompkins

    I would “love” the IER bag because I am in my 2nd year playing golf, and I’m not very good. My motto with golf is “If I’m not going to play good, I’m going to look good.” This IER bag would help me look very good!

  • I actually dont even have a bag… I kinda tie my clubs together with rope and have them in a pack back. Id really like to be able to hit the course and not get looked n laughed at lol thanks guys!!!


  • Because it looks like you should have a mustache to own it!

  • This would be fatastic holdig all my Taylor MAde gear . Thaks THP/Taylor Made!

  • @Itimadator2007

  • I can use this bag

  • I really need a new bag, this one would be great 🙂

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