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There are a ton of training aids out on the market today and it’s easy to get lost when shopping for one. It seems as if there are too many bad ones, some good, and just a few really great ones. I’ve reviewed some that I thought worked wonderfully, and I’ve reviewed some that I thought were just ok. At this point, I am glad to say that none of them have been truly bad. Over time, I’ve found that a great training aid gives me feedback on what I am doing wrong and also helps me learn the necessary motions to do it right. I’ve seen plenty of items that do one of those two things very well, but I haven’t seen many that do both. TaylorMade sent a product called the Speed Stik for THP to review, and I was given the task of seeing what it had to offer. I had a chance to give it a thorough test, so check out how it stood up to my training aid standard of excellence.

Information from TaylorMade
The TR3 Speed Stik by TaylorMade is a classic training aid taken to the next level to match the needs and expectations of Tour professionals, Club Professionals, and average golfers alike. While the TR3 Speed Stick will accurately measure your swing speed, that is only the beginning of the game enhancement features, including strength training, grooving the proper swing plane and improving tempo. Updated and redesigned to be more useful and more manageable, the TR3 Speed Stick will be an integral part of your training program.

Features & Construction:

  • 650 gram Speed Stik overloads the swing, developing golf muscles for strength and speed
  • Speed Meter measures swing speeds from 60 to 140 MPH delivering instant swing feedback
  • 46 inch length promotes a flatter swing plane that corrects steep out-to-in or over-the-top swings
  • New tapering grip area allows for a multi-compound grip that delivers maximum traction under high speeds
  • Safety grip cap prevents slippage
  • Alignment Arrows allow the Speed Stik to be used as an alignment aid while practicing
  • New Collapsible design allows for easy storage in your golf bag, locker, or luggage while traveling
  • Diamond Ripstop nylon pouch for Speed Stik storage

How does it work?
I thought about giving an explanation of how the Speed Stik works and how to use it, but I think that the video that TaylorMade produced really does a better job than I could, so I’ll put it here for you to watch.

After I started testing the Speed Stik, I noticed that I liked having something with a bit of weight in my bag to help me get warmed up before my round. Quite often, due to time constraints, I don’t get a chance to go to the driving range before I play. However, I was able to find a few minutes to swing the Speed Stik while waiting for my turn on the tee. The fact that the Speed Stik can be broken down into two pieces and placed in its carrying bag was handy as well. It actually fit into one of the side pockets in my cart bag, so I didn’t have to worry about it taking up a bunch of space. Quite often, I took it with me on the course since it wasn’t always convenient to run back to my car, so I definitely appreciated the ability to pack it up and stow it away.

A warm up tool is nice, but that’s not really what the Speed Stik is billed to be. It’s designed as a training aid, and as the video shows, there are some drills that you can do to utilize it. I spent a bit of time just swinging it and using the features to help me learn some things about my swing. First of all, the Speed Stik told me my swing speed with every swing I took. This is very cool, since not many of us have easy access to a launch monitor. For those wondering, it appears that the swing speed indicator is relatively accurate. My average speed is in the 95mph range and I was normally right around there. I found that I enjoyed swinging the Speed Stik, checking my speed, and evaluating what I had just done to raise or lower it. As a side note, I didn’t see any big increases after using the Speed Stik, but I don’t know that I’ve really used it for a long enough period to make a good judgment on that aspect. Another feature that I found very useful was the release indicator. I sort of made that term up, so I’ll explain. There is a small whistling noise that is produced when the Speed Stick reaches its maximum speed and that noise should coincide with the time that the ‘club’ would be impacting the ball. If you hear it before you’ve reached the bottom of the swing, you may be releasing your wrist hinge too early and losing distance, hitting poor shots, etc. I’m a notorious caster of the club, so it was pretty neat to have something give me audible feedback.

The length of the Speed Stik is supposed to assist with promoting a flatter, inside out swing path, which is yet another thing that I struggle with at times. Steep swings with the driver can cause all sorts of problems like side spin and ballooning. I didn’t really find that my swing path improved much after using the Speed Stik. For the most part, I was still able to swing the club over the top and didn’t find that it gave me any sort of feedback on how to swing the club on the correct path. I think there are better aids out there for that specific purpose, but I think that the Speed Stik definitely helped with slowing down my tempo due to its weight and length. I also have some issues with tempo, so I found this feature quite useful. In the video, TaylorMade recommended swinging the Speed Stik both right handed and left handed. I will admit that I was just horrible at this. Apparently, I would be the world’s worst switch hitter. I just couldn’t get any part of left handed swing correct, from my grip to my stance to the turn. However, I think that the theory behind this is very sound and I am going to keep trying.

In Summary
In the end, I can confidently say that the Speed Stik scored a solid 7 out 10 on my training aid scale of excellence. I really enjoyed the ability to warm up on the tee with something so substantial, yet it broke down into a very compact package. The swing speed and timing feedback was very useful and helped me learn a few things about my swing that I have taken with me out on the course. I didn’t find that it really did much in the way of teaching me how to correct my swing path, but it definitely gave me some good feedback regarding my tempo. In the end, I’d say it’s a valuable piece of equipment that some folks could really enjoy having in their bag. For more information on the Speed Stik, as well as other products from TaylorMade Golf, check out their website at A great place to find the Speed Stik is at Blind9Golf. Thanks for reading and best of luck out on the course this year.

Ryan H.

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  1. mcook77 says:

    Nice write-up Ryan; seen a few comments here and there on the forum but great to see all in one place.

  2. wcueb923 says:

    Uh oh. I might need to try one of these. Great Review Ryan.

  3. TC says:

    Solid review Hawk! I think aids like these are invaluable. I would like to see what kind of clubhead speed increase you find by utilizing this for a significant amount of time. Well done bro, I thought it was a good read. And it’s always nice to knoww you’re not a switch hitter 😛

  4. DawgDaddy says:

    Good write up Ryan, I like the “release indicator” they built into the SS, that was a great idea. 7 of 10 is a great score on a training aid IMO.

  5. TheDue says:

    Great job Ryan. I’ve really been interested in something like this and still am to the most part, but I need to see real results to keep this in use. It dosn’t sound like it actually increased your speed or helped correct your swing path, so would this be worth while just as a warm up tool? I’ll stay tuned for your ongoing feedback. Thanks!

  6. Dmb012 says:

    Great job on the review. I have been meaning to check one of these out.

  7. JNRadio says:

    This is the same SpeedStik that Vijay was doing infomercials on on the Golf Channel years ago isn’t it? Just now with the TM logo on it…

  8. nerfny says:

    Great job of the review. Looks like another training aid may end up in our house if Ddec has anything to say about it.

  9. Yoccos says:

    Great job Ryan. Honest thoughts and I really enjoyed this. I was really looking forward to this because I was really considering this one at one point.

  10. One-T says:

    Excellent review Hawk, I have been looking forward to this.

  11. royalwulff says:

    Gret write up Ryan! I am interested in hearing how it works out long term in helping improve your swing speed.

  12. bogey_russ says:

    great review… now i want one

  13. arydolphin says:

    Nice review Ryan, I was not aware that it could be broken down into 2 pieces, that would make it much easier to carry around.

  14. Oliv says:

    Nice review Ryan!

  15. Coolbreeze says:

    Nice review Hawk, I’ve been waiting for this one to come up. Do you think with long term use it would increase your swing speed, is it better for just judging release as you said?

  16. Kevin67 says:

    Awesome review, thanks. Another item for my wish list.

  17. Canio says:

    Good review. I’ll keep it in mind.

  18. Ryan H says:

    Coolbreeze – I do see the potential to increase swing speed with regular use.

  19. 9-Iron Man says:

    Solid write-up Hawk! I just may have to get this for myself. I need a flatter swing to help me from slicing the ball.

  20. Dirtydawg67 says:

    Great review Hawk. The ability to break this down for storage is awesome. I may end up giving the Speed Stik a try.

  21. JNRadio says:

    Nice review Hawk, but you have to love the marketing guy who thought up;

    “Alignment Arrows allow the Speed Stik to be used as an alignment aid while practicing”

    as one of the “features”, like people wouldn’t be able to line up a 46″ stick without those 5 painted arrows on the end of it…. LOL gotta love those marketing guys…

  22. yorkem says:

    Nice write up Hawk, and thanks for leaving in the video, it was very helpful.

  23. jt2929 says:

    great write up! I think the fact that it breaks down into 2 pieces is a great feature.

  24. johnboy12.5 says:

    Nice review Hawk. I’m thinking this might be a worth while purchase to keep in my garage and for pre-round warm up!

  25. Jacob says:

    Nice review Ryan. While interesting, I am not sure it is for me, as it would probably be relegated to nothing but a warm up tool.

  26. hanks says:

    Awesome review Hawk….I really like the fact that this can be broken down for increased portability. A solid training device

  27. tomahawk18 says:

    Nice write up man!

  28. Dr. Teeth says:

    Great review! I was intrigued by this from the first moment I saw it. I was able to use it while at the Kingdom and I was sold. I put the order in for one last week. I can’t wait for it to get here!

  29. Bridges says:

    Nice review man! I was really curious about this when it first came out, seems like its a solid ‘device’ after reading your review!

  30. Fairway2Green says:

    Solid writeup. The fact you can keep it in your bag is nice.

  31. Smallville says:

    I don’t always get a chance to hit the range before a round either. I usually just swing a couple of clubs or a driver with a donut on it. Being able to see your swing speed plus have the audible signal of where it is maxed out would be beneficial to many. For $120 I’ll have to think about it, but I’ll definitely be considering it. Thanks Ryan.

  32. AkE says:

    Nice review, this review made me a bit unsure of which training aid I should go for. It is either this one or the tour striker.

  33. biggsy says:

    Another solid review Ryan. I love the work you are putting in and always look forward to your thoughts on products!

  34. Puttin4Bird says:

    Excellent review Hawk, I really liked how you gave it to us straight on the fact that it didn’t work wonders on your swing path but I’m glad you found it valuable in other areas. Thanks for the review!

  35. BlueTitan says:

    Very nice write up Hawk. The swing speed indicator and “release indicator” whistle sound like great training helpers. To bad I just bought the speed sleeve.

  36. JRod says:

    Awesome review Ryan , I need a warmup device and this is definately on my list!

  37. SW says:

    Good writeup there Ryan, I’ve given this tool a few swings in store and your thoughts were spot on with my thoughts as well. Interesting that TM suggest using it opposite handed as well.

  38. dubbledxu says:

    Great review. Now I just need to decide to get this one or the swing sleeve

  39. Golfmaniac34 says:

    Great review. I have this product and have been using it for about 1 year. I play Saturday and Sunday’s and don’t always get the chance to hit balls during the week. If I use the speedstik during the week I found my ball striking is greatly improved. I have a tendancy to get long and steep and using this product really helps to lessent hose tendancies. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a warm up club though. It will stretch you out but it messes up my feel for the club. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their ball striking.

  40. clam fist says:

    might have to give this a look. thanks for a good review.

  41. what are you going to right the next time

  42. Don B says:

    I purchased on from Graves golf academy about three weeks ago. I have been using it for 1/2 and hour to one hour every day. My swing speed has increased from between 84 to 87mph to 94 to 96mph. Went to the driving range, used it to warm up and then hit all my clubs pw to driver. I gained yardage with every club. With the increase in speed, I was able to take my pitching wedge from 95 yards to approximately 115 yards, and took my drover from 190 to 200 to well over 225. The second set of yardages given are carry distances. I have hit the the 100mph mark well over 7 times in just the last week and went over to about 101mph once. I am 62 years old, with no major health issues. I believe I will be able to get my swing speed up to 105 or better consistently by next spring. Also, I have not lost any of my control keeping my normal hit pattern with each club. Highly recommend this to all golfers who want to add distance to their swing. Thanks for letting me sound off.

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