First Look: TaylorMade Truss Putters

New for the 2020 season, TaylorMade is introducing its new line of Truss putters. With two center-shafted, face-balanced models and two heel-shafted models with toe-hang, the inaugural Truss line will feature four unique models. Unquestionably, TaylorMade is thinking outside the box with the Truss line, although they appear to be thinking inside the triangle.  While consumer acceptance is still unknown, make no mistake – the Truss model putters will stand out in a crowded putter market.

If you walk into any putter section, most of the models look pretty similar between the various major companies.  If you love a single design, there is a good chance that plenty of companies make it.  But with the release of the Truss, TaylorMade has a design that no one else has, and I’m certainly excited to see companies are continuing to push the limits.

So, what is the advantage of the Truss line?  According to TaylorMade, the Truss hosel design is engineered to increase stability of the face and minimize the twisting of the putter face at impact.  In theory, minimizing any twist of the face at impact should mean more made putts.  However, the unique Truss hosel design stays out of the picture at address making the Truss line of putters look familiar at address but drastically different in your hands.

These new putters are also loaded with other features and premium components.  Each model features a Cobalt Blue PureRoll Insert that is designed to get the ball rolling forward faster to hold your start line better.  Each model has adjustable sole weights to allow you to personalize your head weight and find a putter that feels right in your hands. Finally, the stock grip is the Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny, and each Truss model has the premium 120g KBS C-Taper Chrome Stepless Stability Shaft.

Pre-orders for the Truss line start January 20th and they will be available in-stores everywhere on February 14, 2020. With a price of $299.99, you don’t need to be an architect or home builder to start putting in work with a Truss.  I expect there to be plenty of opinions on this new line, so let us know what you think below or join the conversation in the forum, here. Will it work and will golfers adopt the unique design? Time will tell.

The full details on each putter model is below:

For more information on TaylorMade Golf, please visit their website

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