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The return of Cleveland Golf to the full lineup of club lines brought 2 new sets of irons. The CBX set and the Launcher HB set and both are getting really good reviews so far. THP TV sat down with some of their R&D team to discuss both sets, as well as the return of Cleveland Golf.

Right now, each of these sets are getting rave reviews on the THP Forum and you can find those reviews here.

Cleveland CBX Irons

Cleveland Launcher HB Irons

Here is the Dean of THP sitting down with John Rae and Jeff Brunski from R&D at Cleveland Golf to break down the technology found in each set and talk a little bit about the return of Cleveland Golf and why it matters and what made the timing right to launch now.

Shot in 4k so THP recommends full screen viewing

Which one of the two sets do you think fits your game?

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  1. #Cookie says:

    Great video highlighting the features of these 2 models.

    Listening to Jeff I would think that I would be an ideal fit for the CBX….but knowing my love of the Altitudes and listening to John I know I would go HB.

    I do like the progressive nature of the CBX and the more player like wedges. Regarding the HB’s, I don’t need help with launch but I love the forgiveness the previous model offered. I really enjoy the thought of the HB’s and how they can continue to deliver through the 4 spot as compared to having to make a jump to a standard hybrid at that point if you struggle with longer irons.

    One day I will get to try these…one day. And yes, I am one that is clamoring and has been waiting for that replacement hollow body.

  2. Sox Fan says:

    I think Cleveland is smart with the target groups they are going after in their return into iron sets. I think a combo set of HB in 4 – 6 and CBX in 7 – P would be quite intriguing.

  3. Just_hacking says:

    I really like what they are doing with both these lines. I am not really in the market for new irons, but if I was I would definitely be looking at Launcher HB.

  4. #Golfinnut says:

    Forgiveness should be Cleveland’s motto. Both of these sets will really do well for the player that have issues with getting the ball in the air.

  5. JohnSinVA says:

    The new HB launcher isn’t quite for me (yet) but the playing demographic for golf appears to be trending toward older players with slower swing speeds. Irons like the HB should be on their list to try and Cleveland I think has spotted an opportunity with them.

    The CBX is a handsome iron and I am a big fan of the V sole tech. I’m not quite ready to go iron shopping but when the time comes the CBX will be on my list of must try clubs.

  6. so-illhacker says:

    Another great interview Dean! These are both pretty exciting releases that I think will really fill out the Cleveland/Srixon lineup very well. I play with a guy every week that still games the old HB irons and I know he’s pretty excited about the new ones. I think the guys were spot on about the timing of this release.

  7. Alex B says:

    Superb video – always great and interesting listening to OEMs talk about working on and getting the sound right.

    Crazy trying to tie in the sound and feel of a traditional iron in the hollow tech.

    It’s crazy what they can do with the golf clubs these days.

    I think the CBX would be what I would game.

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