Tech Talk: Driver Weight and Materials

Recently THP had a THP TV segment on the creation of golf clubs and what goes into it. It examined the entire process of engineering the perfect club and how much of a role Driver weight and the materials used play into that creation.

One of the things we do here at THP Golf is examine club technology and what goes into the creations that you end up playing and enjoying out on the golf course. We hear engineers talk about saving weight and moving weight from one area of the club to another to increase MOI or manipulate ball flight, and the talk is generally in small amounts of grams.

One area that is often overlooked by the golfer are the entire crowns and what they weigh and what modern materials have done to give engineers more weight to work with.

THP TV sat down with Mike Yagley, club tech extraordinaire to discuss the weight of crowns and compare a few in this episode of THP Quick Tech.

Shot in 4K, so THP Recommends full screen viewing

Have you thought about the materials that make up the driver you use?

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