Tech Talk With T.O – Driver Forgiveness

THP sits down with Tom Olsavsky from Cobra Golf to discuss equipment technology. In this episode, T.O. gives us some information on forgiveness. What it is? How it varies? And how the equipment being manufactured can assist golfers by utilizing different aspects of club creation.

Join us in the THP Forum as golfers discuss this topic.

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  • GREAT video. Tom has a way of explaining golf club tech that just makes sense. I could listen to him talk about this type of stuff all day.

  • I really really really REALLY hope as many as possible watch this. The explanation of CG locations as it pertains to playability for the different spectrum of golfers is as simple to understand here as possible. T.O. is one of those dudes that I could honest to goodness just listen to and pick his brain on club tech and R&D for hours and hours.

  • As expected it was phenomenal. Thanks for the knowledge sharing and insight to something we all benifit from.

  • That was awesome. Forgiveness and better launch, yes please. TO describes it all in such an easy way to understand. Would love to chat with him for a while. Would learn so much.

  • Love the video Tom . I’m gonna replay this one a couple times . As a player that never got into the Technical side of golf , This is a great starting point to learn more about what goes into producing the type of Driver ball flight I have how to understand the road to making it better .

  • Great video and very informative. Never heard CG explained that way before.

  • Front CG versus back CG. Great thoughts behind it regarding the trade-off and what happens when going too far one way or the other.

    Really enjoyed the thoughts and understanding what goes into the design of the different styles of driver. I still want to try that XL driver – just never had the chance.

  • Really good interview. He touched on a number of things including how they test forgiveness in the classical sense, and how the CG location for drivers translates to on course forgiveness for us.

  • Great explanation of driver forgiveness! That made it really easy to follow and understand. Thanks!

  • Wow is T.O. smart ! A very eye and ear opening video.

  • Talking about the difference between their tour-ish driver and their more forgiving, amateur-level driver is soooooo valuable! Explaining the nuts and bolts of why the Bio Cell does what it does, vs what the Baffler provides to us. Then incorporating that into where the CG is placed, along with how that changes the driver profile? Amazing.

  • Not to interested in all this low/high gravity stuff but what I do know is the Cobra Bio Cell driver will hunt. Great products and obviously designed for maximum performance and playability.

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