Tee By The Numbers Review

Tee By The Numbers is a product from a company called Par Excellence Unlimited, LLC. Tee By The Numbers is a plastic golf tee with a plastic height limiter disc to allow you to consistently tee up your ball the same height each time. Tee By The Numbers has 8 settings to allow you to adjust to your preference and shot type.

Simple to use would be my first impression of Tee By The Numbers, you simply grab a tee and disc and push the disc onto the tee to your desired notch, once set simply push the tee into the ground until the disc is flush with the ground and you’re set. As mentioned, there are 8 different settings so there is certainly a setting to fit your need regardless of the shot you’re trying to hit.

Performance- everything starts out simple enough when using Tee By The Numbers, simply determine your height and go from there, that’s exactly what I did on the driving range prior to my round of testing. Immediately I was a bit put off by how difficult it was to get the tee into the ground, granted the teeing areas at my course tend to be a little harder than most but I still struggled when using the tried and true method of utilizing my golf ball to help in the teeing process. The tee seemed a little too flexible or bendy to me to just push down with the ball like I’ve always done with wooden tees, I had someone else in my group using this tee and he found the same to be true. A simple way around this was for me to use the disc as I tee’d my ball up, pushing until it was flush to the ground. Again other people in the country may not have the rock hard tee boxes we have here so this issue may not affect everyone.

Normally I break every few tees during a normal round, I’ll take out 2 tees to start my round and almost every time I’m finished with 18 I’ve got at least 1 of the tees leftover. This being the case and Tee By The Numbers being plastic I did not figure durability to be an issue, shockingly though I broke one of these within my first 4 shots on the driving range and within 9 holes I broke 2 more. I definitely was surprised by this and think that adding some durability to Tee By The Numbers is definitely something that would serve the company well. Not only did breaking the tee bother me I also found the tee to be overly bendy and often times after teeing the ball I’d find myself with a ball tee’d up all crooked, something that personally drives me crazy, many times I had to take the tee out and bend it back to straight again and re-tee all over again.

So all in all does Tee By The Numbers work? Yes it does what they promise by offering you a little help in getting your golf ball tee’d up consistently to the height you need. But from there Tee By The Numbers really left me needing more, best case scenario with a tee like this would be to be able to set your height, stick the tee in and then forget about it. I’m sorry to say that was not the case for me.

THP has reviewed multiple other tees offering this type of promise and while Tee By The Numbers did come in with the most easy to use system of them all I felt that the overall performance was behind others that I have used. My personal suggestion would be to go for a more heavy duty plastic tee and implement the height system from there. The bottom line for me is this, the tried and true old wooden tee we’ve all used from pretty much the first time we played doesn’t promise anything other than getting your ball up off the tee box, I don’t ask for much more than that either so personally I think I’ll just stick with what I’ve always used. If you struggle with your tee height and play a course with relatively softer tee boxes then I’d say give Tee By The Numbers a try, available online at teebythenumbers.com and cost $8.99 for 10 tees and 5 height limiter discs.

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