The 2013 Morgan Cup Welcomes Bridgestone Golf

The 2013 Morgan Cup will be a special event and one that THP strives to make the best golf competition out there. The 2012 event featured Bridgestone Golf and THP is excited today to announce that the company will be coming back for their 2nd trip to the Ultimate Amateur Golf Event.

THP is excited about the prospect of having this incredible company back in the next Morgan Cup. Their staff will be in good hands from top to bottom and based on the reviews that came out of the 2012 event, THP members should be very excited.

“Through our ball fitting program, Bridgestone has provided more than 185,000 amateur golfers with professional-level fitting experiences,” said Dan Murphy, Bridgestone Golf’s Vice President of Marketing. “ The Morgan Cup is exciting because it allows us another opportunity to give amateurs insight into what it is like to be a member of Team Bridgestone.”

“We had a fantastic experience participating in the 2nd Annual Morgan Cup,” said Murphy. “The THP forum members epitomize what it means to be passionate golfers, and we are proud to support them again in 2013.”

The 2013 Morgan Cup is coming and THP is honored to announce that Bridgestone Golf will be a part of it.

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  • Welcome Back

  • welcome back B-Stone!!

  • Welcome back Bridgestone ! !

  • Outstanding!! Bridgestone was fantastic in MC 2.0 and I expect the same amount of awesomeness this time. Very exciting! Welcome back Bridgestone!

  • Yes!!!!!

    This is absolutely awesome, I am so excited to see that Bridgestone Golf wants to return for 2013!

    I am so damn proud and happy right now!!

  • Welcome back Bridgestone! You guys definitely brought it big.

  • This is great!

  • Epic, simply epic! Bridgestone to rocked the house in 2.0. I expect there will be much of the same in 2013. #thank you

  • Bridgestone raises the bar with everything they do. Perfect partner for THP and a welcome addition to the 2013 MC!

  • This is soon awesome. I was treated like a tour Pro the in MC 2.0 as a Bridgestone staffer. Thanks so much Bridgestone. Top Knotch.

  • Absolutely awesome, but I have to say I’m not surprised! They absolutely killed it at the 2nd Annual Morgan Cup and they will do it again with the 3rd! Thanks to Bridgestone and THP for believing in the amateur hacker.

  • Welcome back Bridgestone!!!

  • Bridgestone rocked it last year, it is only fitting that they are back again! Hooray!

  • Pretty exciting to see Bridgestone back!

  • Welcome back Bridgestone!!! I know we were all very impressed with the way our brothers were treated in the 2012 Morgan Cup, and can’t wait to see what 2013 holds.

  • Had to know Bridgestone would return after the way they embraced 2.0! Great news!

  • Love it that Bridgestone is again one of the Morgan Cup sponsors. Great company and a great event.

  • That is awesome! They did such a great job the first time, I am sure they are going to rock it this time. Go Bridgestone!

  • I would like to say I’m surprised…but I’m not. We’ve just come to expect this from Bridgestone Golf! Superior company for a great event. Congrats Bridgestone and THP!

  • Bridgestone is a great company, and they did a GREAT job at last years event. I am sure they will bring it even more this year.

  • Bridgestone def. provided their THP MC 2012 representatives a Tour Player experience. Welcome to MC 2013

  • Bridgestone is BACK! Awesome!

  • Welcome back! In my opinion, you were easily the best company to ever participate in a Morgan Cup.

  • Welcome back Bridgestone, you did an amazing job in 2012. I’m sure you’ll even put the bar higher in 2013!!!

  • YES! They were such a great company to be sponsored by last time around, I love it! Welcome back Bridgestone!!!

  • Welcome back Bridgestone!

  • Thank you Bridgestone Golf, and welcome back!!!

  • This is freaking fantastic… Bridgestone golf really brought it last year, and I am excited to see what they have in store for the 2013 MC.

    Thank you so much for supporting us “hackers”

  • Great to have Bridgestone back!!!

  • way to go bridgestone!! what a great company

  • Awesome to see another company return. Excellent news!

  • Can’t say enough about the Bridgestone J40 line. The DPC irons and Black wedges are so solid. Awesome that there will be another run in 2013

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