The 2013 Morgan Cup Welcomes Cobra & PUMA Golf

The 2013 Morgan Cup will be a special event and one that will continue to earn the moniker of the Ultimate Amateur Golf Event. Two weeks ago, THP announced that Callaway Golf was coming back for their 3rd year in a row, and today, we are pleased to announce that Cobra PUMA Golf will join in on the journey.

Equipping 8 amateur golfers with a tour like experience is something that the company is greatly looking forward to and with their latest equipment line and fashion forward thinking, THP is excited about the prospect of adding this incredible company to the next Morgan Cup. Their staff will be dressed to the nines and be carrying the latest and the greatest from their equipment just like tour pros such as Rickie Fowler.

The 2013 Morgan Cup is coming and THP is honored to announce that Cobra PUMA Golf will be a part of it.

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  • Wow, that is huge news and yes a lot of fun. I am Amped!

  • Awesome

  • WOW, absolutely incredible!! So happy to see Cobra Puma golf on board for the 2013 Morgan Cup!!

  • How sweet is that? Welcome to THP Cobra golf for the 2013 Morgan Cup!

  • This is awesome news!!

  • Nice!!!!

  • Amazing! Great for all 🙂 Thanks Cobra/Puma and THP

  • Welcome to the Morgan Cup…Cobra/Puma Golf!

    Awesome news!

  • Very cool. The clothing looks great and the clubs have been getting some great reviews!

  • Welcome to the Morgan Cup Cobra/Puma !

  • WOW! HUGE announcement and an incredible new OEM on board for the Morgan Cup!!!! Absolutely incredible! THANK YOU to Cobra/Puma for their support of the Ultimate Amateur Golf Event!!!!

  • Cobra/Puma Golf about to get some serious rep from a few lucky Morgan Cuppers for MC3!
    Awesome OEM here joining the big event.
    Can’t wait!

  • HUGE move for Cobra/Puma and THP as well! INCREDIBLE!!!

  • This is cool. I like Cobra/PUMA. This should be fun.

  • That is awesome

  • This is amazing! I love when up and coming companies support amateurs like all of us. Great great news!!

  • Wow that is awesome. Puma makes some sick stuff.

  • Truly an awesome announcement. Man, it’s getting exciting. Thanks Cobra/Puma for joining the MC.

  • This is great! Thanks so much Cobra/Puma golf for being part of this amazing event!

  • WOW… someone earlier said, I am AMPED up!!!!

  • Fantastic !
    Glad to see Cobra/Puma joining !

  • That is so sick! bmik is all over this! Great annoncement…

  • Say whaaaaat! This is awesome! Welcome Cobra to the best event for real amateur hackers!

  • This is just awesome. Can’t wait to see how they outfit their 8 lucky staffers and the clubs they will be gaming.

  • Awesome! Great to see Cobra/Puma step into this.

  • This is so cool. Welcome to the Morgan Cup Cobra!

  • Good on them. Certainly may be the best dressed squad out there.

  • ZZ toppin it with the threads, great to see the welcomed addition to the Morgan Cup!

  • Thats awesome !!! Does Cobra do putters?

  • This is great news. Cobra PUMA Golf will definitely bring a fresh mix of apparel, equipment and all around style to the Morgan Cup. Seeing how they get into everything they do 100% I totally expect this to be an amazing fit for the MC. I can’t wait to see this process evolve with Cobra. Well done and welcome to the Morgan Cup!

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  • This is very exciting news i’m a lover of Puma clothing and i’m sure Cobra will be a great addition to TMC

  • This should be great, nice exciting addition!

  • Welcome to the Morgan Cup Cobra/PUMA Golf. THP is lucky to have another great company on board!

  • Very cool! Cobra/Puma are a great addition to the Morgan Cup.

  • Welcome aboard! I’m very excited to see what the staffers will be wearing and playing!

  • Awesome. I know which team will be the best dressed!

  • This is a fantastic announcement and what a great addition to the Morgan Cup!

  • This is HUGE. I am super excited to see all the Cobra/Puma gear!

  • Smart move, they will never get any negative reviews here now.

  • Well that’ll certainly add some color to the MC! Nice work, THP and Cobra/Puma for stepping into the fray.

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