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The 2014 Morgan Cup – The Ultimate Golf Event Period

The 2014 Morgan Cup has been announced and the dates and venue have been set. THP and the Ultimate Golf Event Period are returning to Myrtle Beach and the wonderful golf that is offered at True Blue and Caledonia. Have you ever wanted to feel like a Tour Pro? Well now is your chance.

When & Where
Friday, July 25th – Sunday 27th 2014
Myrtle Beach, SC

The Courses
True Blue & Caledonia in Myrtle Beach, SC will be hosting this wonderful weekend. These two award winning golf courses embrace the southern beauty of the once thriving rice plantations and offer unique challenges that will be thrilling and invigorating for the Morgan Cup.

Match Play Team Event
Each team is complete with a team captain that will become the center piece for each roster. It will be their job to set lineups, make changes and work with their teammates to come up with the winning formula. Teams will compete in 3 rounds of golf over 2 full days.

The Companies
Callaway Golf, TaylorMade Golf, Cobra Golf, Cleveland Golf and Bridgestone Golf will be sponsoring this event and each company will have 8 golfers that make up their THP staff. This is not company vs company, as all four teams will have each manufacturer represented.

Tour Experience
Each golfer that competes will be sponsored by THP in conjunction with a major company for the weekend of golf. The competing golfers will sign on with THP for the weekend and will be sponsored in full. Their contract is made up like this.

Staff Bag – Each golfer will be using a bag with the company logo.
14 clubs – Full 14 club deal is in effect. You must play all 14 clubs for the event.
Golf Ball – Playing the company branded golf ball best suited for your game.
Logo Apparel – Each golfer will be wearing the logo of their sponsor & scripting of apparel

Like actual tour golfers, each company has a different way of doing things. Some offer certain things that others do not. Each company is required to offer the above and if you are selected, you will learn more about what they are bringing to the table.

At the end of the Morgan Cup, each sponsored golfer will get to keep their entire sponsorship package. You must be 18 years or older at the time of the event to be a part of the Morgan Cup.

Video & Scoring
The entire Morgan Cup is filmed and broadcasted shortly after it takes place on THP. Golfers will be on camera for every shot, be interviewed between shots and be prepared to follow along with the rules of the event.

Qualifying Criteria
All of the qualifying criteria to be a part of this once in a lifetime event is on the THP Forum. You can read all about it by clicking here. THPMC Qualifying Criteria.

This is an amateur competition, if you are currently on staff with any companies through sponsorship or endorsement, you will not be able to compete in this event.

Staff Sponsor Day
In the past 3 Morgan Cup events, the Friday before was media day. Players cut promos on their equipment for their sponsor and some of that will still be done. However that day is now called Staff Sponsor Day. There will be 9 holes of golf (practice round) with their new equipment, working with their sponsor company for a plethora of things such as photo shoots, videos, social media and more.

Friday Staff Sponsor Day: Full day of range time accompanied by 9 hole practice round. Work with your new gear to get it dialed in and at the same time work with the media director to make sure all staff obligations are taken care of.

Friday Evening: THP Dinner. This will be held at the course and will be a fun time to relax and unwind as well as talk with fellow competitors over the tour life experienced in day one.

Saturday 36 Holes: Two rounds of golf will be played and points will be accumulated for winning matches.

Sunday 18 Holes: 18 holes of golf to determine the championship team.

Sunday Post Round: The Morgan Cup trophy ceremony for the winning team and luncheon.

All golfers will be playing from the same tee boxes to be determined by THP.

Cost For Event
The cost for the event is $499. This must be paid at time of selection either in full or broken down into 4 payments of $125.

Here is what is included.
All greens fees & cart fees for competitive rounds & 9 hole practice round.
All range balls for the weekend.
THP Dinner (yourself + 1 guest)
Trophies for the winning team
Staff Bag
All 14 clubs from staff deal
All accessories & apparel
All golf balls for competitive rounds
And much more

This cost does not include lodging. This is not a stay & play event, you are free to stay wherever you would like, although we recommend True Blue & Caledonia.

Signing Up
Over the next month or so, THP will be hosting fun contests and other things for entry. Stay tuned to the THP forum or follow along on Twitter by following @HackersParadise

THP wants to welcome everybody into the world of the Ultimate Tour Experience. If you are not part of the THP forum as of yet, there is still plenty of time to join in on the fun and get ready for this exciting weekend of competitive golf. The 4th Morgan Cup is truly the event of a lifetime.

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