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THP has a full schedule of events setup for 2017 and in case you missed it, the calendar can be found on the THP Forum. This year the Morgan Cup returns and with it, only one iconic question has to be asked.

Do You Want to be a Tour Player?

What is It?
The Morgan Cup is about taking THPers and making them tour players for a weekend of team golf. Two 8 man teams captained by Jose Miraflor and Mike Yagley from Cobra Golf will battle at out on two special golf courses and a weekend at FlyingTee to find out who will be champions!

Skill Level
ALL skill levels are welcome and we mean that with everything we stand for.

Swag & Prizes
Each participant will receive a brand new set of Cobra Irons (of their choice)
Scripted Apparel for both rounds of golf
Golf Bags featuring your sponsors logo and THP
PUMA Hats and Shoes for the tournament
And much more

Taking place around their 1 year anniversary, the Morgan Cup is a celebration of all things THP and what better way to do it than with this tremendous place. Matchups and Pairings will be announced here, THP Live will be done from here and a ton of fun will happen each time this backdrop of golf is used for the weekend. THPers that follow along to the live broadcast from FlyingTee will be able to win incredible prizes.

Friday Evening – Arrive at FlyingTee for an evening with your captain and opponents. Meet the founder and CEO of FlyingTee, appear on THP Live, indulge in awesome food and drinks and the entire night will be incredible.
Saturday Morning – Range time with your captain and learning more about the Cobra golf gear. You will be tasked with doing both video and photo THP sessions at this time.
Saturday Afternoon – 18 Holes at The Patriot Golf Club
Saturday Night – Group Dinner to relive the action from the day and prepare for day 2
Sunday Morning – 18 Holes at Forest Ridge Golf Club
Sunday Afternoon – FlyingTee for Celebration and Trophies

The Golf Courses

The Patriot Club – 2011 Best New Private Club
Founded by Major Dan Rooney, from the Folds of Honor

A truly special and vibrant American club, where friends embrace with warmth, kindness and respect. A tribute to America’s heroes, the spirit of patriotism, golf’s greatest traditions and home to The Folds of Honor Foundation. This Robert Trent Jones, Jr. course has 19 holes (two #6’s), each designed to test a players skill and resolve. Each hole bears the name of an American patriot, while the design of the course displays a great appreciation for the beauty of our American heartland.

Forest Ridge
Considered to be one of the premiere courses in the entire area built throughout a wonderful community.

Want more info? Jump into the THP Forum thread on the 2017 Morgan Cup and join the conversion.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. Obed Torres says:

    No THPer will want to miss out on this. Nice to see THP changing the game again – all the live content is great for the community.

    The lucky THPers that get in are going to get a ton of exposure, a ton of swag, gear, and a weekend of fun w/ Miraflor and Yagley. This event is shaping up to be incredible. Flying Tee & the courses are amazing as well. Top notch all the way around

  2. KEV says:

    This is going to be such a killer event! Great sponsors, great courses and playing with THPer’s. It doesn’t get better than that!

  3. daze says:

    This is going to be an amazing event!! Definitely a “can’t miss” event for me!!

  4. mpeterson says:

    To answer the “want to be a tour player?” question – YES.

    This event looks fantastic, and can’t wait for the signups. Hopefully I’m lucky enough to be chosen and experience this.

  5. Jeff Spicoli says:

    Who wouldn’t want to be part of this? What a great opportunity to be part of something special and spend some quality time with some of the best in the business from Cobra golf.

  6. Alon asherson says:

    1st class all the way. This should be a must for anyone and everyone. Great question. Who wouldn’t because I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want this.

  7. Jman says:

    Um, yes. Yes I do.

  8. SouthernShred says:

    This is an amazing opportunity with a very low entry threshold. I don’t know how anyone says no to this!

  9. Puttin4Bird says:

    Talk about a top notch itinerary! The Morgan Cup has long been the greatest golfing experience of my life, I only hope to get 1 more shot at it!

  10. Skee Ball Champ says:

    I need this. I want this. I love Cobra Golf and FlyingTee looks awesome.

  11. Xavier Molina says:

    This event is what got me interested in this community to begin with. Seeing it’s return is truly special. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to be part of this. Thanks to THP, Cobra/Puma and the Flying Tee for making this all possible!

  12. Rallo says:

    This will be a once in a lifetime experience for a few lucky THPers. You can’t get this type of treatment anywhere else, and best of all, the experience will be brought back to the forum. Should be a great event and a fun follow!

  13. Shane (shanewu) says:

    I googled “incredible” and got redirected to here! 😉

    This event seems unreal. I don’t know what being treated like a tour player feels like, but I’d love to find out! The courses look amazing and adding in FlyingTee is a nice touch! And it’s close enough to drive. I want in so badly!

  14. Greg19 says:

    I had an amazing time last year meeting Mike Yagley and Jose Miraflor at THPAmbition. Just the after dinner discussions was worth the price of the trip alone! I’ll be watching for signups on this one!

  15. Alex B says:

    Absolutely kills me I can’t even try and enter for this event.

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