The 2021 Grandaddy of Em All with Callaway Golf

The greatest amateur event ever created!

The 2021 Grandaddy is here. 3+ days of action coming your way and this thread will serve as host for everything that takes place. If the participants see it (and can share it), it will be here. Watch and hear from them as they go through their fittings, tour Callaway HQ and meet everybody behind the brand.


Then it is off to the exclusive Hideaway in Palm Desert for 2 days of golf competition between the THP Forum members and the marketing team of Callaway Golf. Just because you are not there, does not mean you cannot be part of the action. Follow along to every single part of the 2021 Grandaddy of Em All, right here.

Today: Arrival in CA
New Product Presentation
Group Dinner

Fittings at ECPC
Product Discussion with Experts
Bus Ride to Desert + Group Dinner

Shamble 18 Hole Matches at Hideaway
Best Ball 18 Hole Matches at Hideaway
Group Dinner

Day 2 Singles
Bus Ride Back to Carlsbad
THPers Depart

The Teams
Team THP
Captain: @MattyD-MPLS
Ass Cap: @dacatalyst41
Team Member 1: @RealPretendPsychic
Team Member 2: @Tevenor
Team Member 3: @93civiccpe
Team Member 4: @xThor
Team Member 5: @Muchmore18
Team Member 6: @Afizzle2100
Team Member 7: @blazinden
Team Member 8: @Vader
Team Member 9: @Golfers Anonymous
Team Member 10: @Nappy
Team Member 11: @cm24

Team Callaway
Captain – Jason Finley
Nick McInally
Luke Williams
Dave Neville
Ethan Ganot
Austin Tudor
Royce Thompson
Johnny Wunder
Johnny Rodriguez
Kim Johnson
Jeff Newton
Lex Eader

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