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The video viewing party has been completed and the live webcast was truly an event to remember. It is time to see what the judges thought of all the video submissions and who will be representing Team Hackers and Team Paradise in the ultimate amateur golf event in 2012.

THP will be announcing 2 participants each day until all of the available spots are filled up. We want to thank everybody that sent in audition videos and promos that made the live webcast so memorable. Stay tuned to the THP Forum each night at 8pm EST to find out who the panel of judges rewards with an open spot.

Click here to be taken to the THP Forum thread where the announcements will take place.

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  1. damaikis says:

    Wow. I’m so so excited to get this started. I can’t believe it’s finally here! After all of the waiting and a great setup of this entire event, it’s finally time to see who will be participating in thos epic event! Good luck to everyone that entered!

  2. Cookie says:

    It continues to get more real by the day! Very excited to see the selections each night – whomever gets selected earned a spot by impressing the judges. Also very cool that they get named to a team simultaneously.

  3. DMB012 says:

    I can’t wait till 8 tonight! Good luck everybody!

  4. omikey says:

    Best of Luck to EVERYONE whose submitted videos !!! This is a very EXCITING time here at THP !!!

  5. royalwulff says:

    Good Luck everyone!

  6. adwillingham says:

    Good luck everyone!! You all did a great job on the videos and I know the 14 selected will do a great job representing THP and all the sponsors.

  7. INgolfer says:

    I couldn’t even sleep last night all I could think about was the selections this week. Best of luck to everyone who entered you were all GREAT! Can’t wait to find out who the lucky two are this evening.

  8. yorkem says:

    It was awesome seeing everyones videos. This is going to be a long and exciting week. Good luck everybody!

  9. Nate says:

    It’s getting more real by the second………so exciting! Hard work from everyone is over so lets enjoy the process!

  10. SethO says:

    So many people have been waiting for this day! I can’t wait to see who made the cut.

  11. Dr. Teeth says:

    Saturday was such a great day as we all watched the viewing party. Now we get to see who will be selected. Good luck to all! I am confident that everyone chosen will represent THP and their sponsors admirably!

  12. ghsace says:

    Good luck all!!! The viewing party was a really really cool event. I know who ever is chosen will do a great job representing THP and their company!

  13. Griff says:

    Had fun making the vids. Good luck fellow entrants!

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