The Ban Of Belly Putters Is Here

Last month, THP published an article about the USGA entitled Long Putters Never Had A Chance and while the discussion after the fact centered on the putter, the entirety of what was written was centered around the USGA and their reaction type nature of decision making.

Today, the USGA and R&A announced a modification to the rules of golf confirming speculation from both media and golf fans alike. It will appear under Rule 14, Striking the Ball, the new ammendment would be listed under Rule 14-1b, Anchoring the Club, and read as follows:

“In making a stroke, the player must not anchor the club, either ‘directly’ or by use of an ‘anchor point.’

“Note 1: The club is anchored ‘directly’ when the player intentionally holds the club or a gripping hand in contact with any part of his body, except that the player may hold the club or a gripping hand against a hand or forearm.

“Note 2: An ‘anchor point’ exists when the player intentionally holds a forearm in contact with any part of his body to establish a gripping hand as a stable point around which the other hand may swing the club.”

The rule change will take effect in January 2016.

Join us in the THP Forum as we discuss this issue right now.

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