The Brands Explained – Cleveland, Srixon & XXIO

Over the past few months, readers have been sending in questions in regards to the new equipment launches and future launches of Cleveland and Srixon. Both manufacturers fall under the same company umbrella and there have been rumors suggesting that the parent company might be removing one of the brands, changing/altering them, etc.

THP TV decided to sit down with Adam Sheldon and ask him to explain the brands and the equipment that they design.

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  • Thanks for clearing that up. So if I’m understanding correctly, Cleveland wedges are premium for everyone, while their woods/irons for slower swingers. Srixon for better golfers with higher swing speeds. And XXIO for internet golfers who like the bling?

  • This was an interesting question and answer by Adam. For some reason, I kinda viewed Srixon (prior to learning of XXIO) as a premium offering over Cleveland. I would expect to see the Cleveland MB/CB offerings all move to Srixon and then the Black series continue for slower swing players in the Cleveland realm.

    Since I viewed Srixon as premium, this XXIO gear must be really damn special.

  • Great question! Glad to hear the long-term commitment overall. I hadn’t given much thought to the slower-swing and women’s market demographic until he pointed that out. Like others, I just figured Cleveland would focus on wedges, Srixon would become the overall equipment driver brand for them, and XXIO would fill the high-end market.

  • Great, breakdown! Really like my Cleveland irons, glad they aren’t going away, was able to hit some the of Srixon and they were a solid offering. I need to checkout XXIO, though.

  • The company is going BIG it appears over the next few years. That is only good for us consumers in the end. Glad to see all the brands staying around and offering something for just about everyone.

  • Unfortunately for SRI/Srixon, their purchase of Cleveland came at the worst possible time, just prior to the market collapse in 2008. Cleveland management seemed to be sitting around waiting for the executioner with nothing new of note except from their always popular wedge lines. Their good ol’ boy marketing staff, seemed to purposely sabotage any attempt to introduce Srixon clubs from their new Asian masters (Truthfully, the clubs they tried to introduce were pretty pitiful and maybe these guys were just doing me a favor).

    SRI/Srixon is equally to blame for the collapse. They were content on letting Cleveland flounder until just recently. Market share of the iron and woods sector has plummeted and the introduction of Srixon irons and woods that are turning heads(finally) seals Cleveland’s fate(in this category). Concentrating on the budget end and women’s categories sounds like throwing in the towel to me.

    Asking a company spokesperson for the truth is like asking a company CEO if you should invest. I don’t buy it. I would buy that Dick’s is lurking in the background…

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