The Captains of the 2nd Morgan Cup

In the first ever Morgan Cup this year, everybody got to see an incredible contest between Team Hackers and Team Paradise. When THP set out to put on the ultimate amateur golf event, we thought two teams going head to head in a weekend of golf had a nice ring to it. As the Morgan Cup came to a close, and the feedback from our wonderful readers came in, it was apparent THP should do it again.

Well, when we set out to do something again, we always want to raise the bar from the previous level set and to do that we brought in 3 wonderful companies in Bridgestone, Callaway and Cleveland Golf/Srixon and changed the format to grow from 16 players to 24. What is better than two teams going at it? 3 teams going at it of course.

Team Hackers – Led by forum member Chunkylover77
Team Paradise – Led by forum member Ddec
And introducing Team THP – Led by JB

More details are coming out each and every day and THP is excited to bring them all to you. You will be able to follow along with all of the announcements that are coming out for the 2nd Morgan Cup right here.

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