The Captains of the 2nd Morgan Cup

In the first ever Morgan Cup this year, everybody got to see an incredible contest between Team Hackers and Team Paradise. When THP set out to put on the ultimate amateur golf event, we thought two teams going head to head in a weekend of golf had a nice ring to it. As the Morgan Cup came to a close, and the feedback from our wonderful readers came in, it was apparent THP should do it again.

Well, when we set out to do something again, we always want to raise the bar from the previous level set and to do that we brought in 3 wonderful companies in Bridgestone, Callaway and Cleveland Golf/Srixon and changed the format to grow from 16 players to 24. What is better than two teams going at it? 3 teams going at it of course.

Team Hackers – Led by forum member Chunkylover77
Team Paradise – Led by forum member Ddec
And introducing Team THP – Led by JB

More details are coming out each and every day and THP is excited to bring them all to you. You will be able to follow along with all of the announcements that are coming out for the 2nd Morgan Cup right here.

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  • Announcements have been crazy recently. Congrats to the captains – all 3 will lead their team well and represent their sponsors proudly! These guys know the expectations and will exceed them without a doubt in my mind.

    I am beyond excited for Morgan Cup 2.0 and can’t say enough how much I appreciate Bridgestone and Cleveland/Srixon for joining this event and Callaway returning to sponsor again!! THP as a forum will make you each proud for being involved in this event!!

  • Congratulations to the captains! The hard work starts here!

    Can’t wait for The Morgan Cup 2.0 – excitement is already high and the announcements just keep on coming!

    I’d say watch this space – but this space just keeps getting filled with another amazing announcement!

  • I was hopeful that there would be a 2nd Morgan Cup. As usual, THP did not disappoint. Another awesome event, with incredible sponsors. Team THP is formed, but there is still room for 14 mere mortals to join the ranks. I love the way this is playing out.

  • Congrats captains! This Morgan Cup is shaping up to ba amazing thus far! THP has really outdone thenselves this time! Excellent sponsors, excellent captains, and all with more announcements still coming! Thanks guys!

  • The announcements have teased everyday all day! What is in stored for us today! 🙂

  • Great Captains, this should be fun!! i hope i get a spot, if not ill be down to support THP behind the scenes!! cant wait to hear the rest of the details!!

  • 3 great sponsors, 3 great captains and 1 cup, let the countdown to this one of a kind event begin!

  • I’m not quite sure when the Idea for Morgan Cup was actually born but what it has grown into is awesome. Morgan Cup 2.0 is running with the trifecta of Captains, three well deserving forum members. These three will lead their teams into golf battle for the Morgan Cup Chalis and huge bragging rights. Congrats to all and I look forward to see what else the future holds.

  • Exceptional guys were picked as captain and I’m looking forward to competing with them. I have a feeling we haven’t seen anything yet!

  • Things are heating up well with three great captain picks. Congrats guy’s, let all the excitement begin.

  • I wake up. Hop on the forum and nope. It wasn’t a dream. This is crazy. I can’t thank THP enough. The opportunities this place has afforded me are mind blowing. I also want to thank Bridgestone, Callaway, and Cleveland/Srixon. 3 outstanding companies that I am going to work my butt off for. I plan on having a lot of fun over the course of the next year but also working very hard to make sure the MC 2.0 goes as smoothly for JB & GG as it can. Can’t wait to learn who will be teeing it up with us.

  • Those are some great captains. I hope I can get on one of the teams this year for the MC. Cleveland, Srixon and Callaway have done a really great job stepping it up for this event. Thanks so much!

  • Morgan Cup 2.0 is shaping up to be HUGE! Great captains chosen for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

  • Great choices for captains! This one is going to be very exciting! I will be attending whether I am playing or helping.

  • Congrats to the 3 captains, as well as all of team THP. You are all very deserving of the honor of playing in TMC 2.0.

  • Great selections for what will no doubt be a truly epic event. Congrats Captains! You’ve sure all got a long and tough road ahead!

  • Congrats to all the captains……THP just raised the bar…..again!

  • Two fantastic choices for captain for Team Paradise and Team Hackers. Just stinks their introduction to being a captain in the Morgan Cup is going to be a loss. JB’s gonna lead us to victory!

  • Congrats to all the captains. This is going to be a fantastic event!

  • Congrats to all the captains!
    Morgaan Cup 2.0 is going to be one exciting event!!

  • These are three quality picks for captain! Both CL and ddec are amazing members of THP and will represent their sides and sponsors very well. And what more can you say about JB? He is the man that makes it happen! Congrats and I hope to be able to join Chunky or ddec in the next Morgan Cup!

  • Event can’t fail with such strong leadership.

  • I was in Vegas for a week without a computer but I just read this exciting announcement. Congrats to the deserving captains and a big thanks to Bridgestone, Callaway and Cleveland/Srixon.

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