The Explanar Putting Mat Review

Putting practice at home has not only gotten more popular with people stuck inside over the past year, but brought more options. What used to be that simple turf that shed all over the place to robust custom offerings that give multiple speeds and moveable breaks. Somewhere in the middle should be a sweet spot that offers true roll, solid construction and stows away easily. The Explanar Putting Mat hopes to accomplish that.

We spent some time with the 13 ft variety of the Explanar Putting Mat in the THP Tech Studio and wanted to show off a few of the features and talk a little bit about how it works. In the video below, we roll a few putts to show the speed and explain some of the ways we have been using it so far.

Touched on briefly in the video above, but cannot be stressed enough is the construction of the mat in general. When it arrived in the box and we rolled it out, with most mats in this price range, you have to give it some time to settle lay flat. The Explanar Putting Mat was flat instantly and each time we stowed it away and pulled it back out, it was in perfect working order immediately.

After watching the video above, what are your thoughts? Do you think it would assist in your putting? For more information, check out their website at

The Details
Available: Now
Cost: $147 or $169 (size)
Length: 10 or 13 ft

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