The Greenside – Contest, TaylorMade Ghost Spider, Never Compromise & iPing Putter App

The Greenside is back with an all new episode this month as we talk about everything short game relevant. This show is a collaboration between The Hackers Paradise & Putterzone and this episode is full of great information.

This Episode Features:
New Contest
TaylorMade Ghost Spider
Never Compromise adds to the line
Ping Putter Fitting
And so much more

Join us for this episode of The Greenside and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes at Itunes or under THP Radio.

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  • Nice show guys! Good info on Ping’s new app and putter grips.

  • Awesome show guys! I really want to try out the new Taylormade Ghost now and the IPing app. I really did enjoy this show alot. Thanks guys.

  • I went to iTunes and do not see the new episode listed. Has it been uploaded yet?

  • Itunes, is running behind for some reason, however you can stream it right from here or download it directly right from here as well.

  • I loved the show. Sean your word references gave me wonderful visuals.hehe.Spider meets ghost is like chocolate meets Peanut Butter very nice . I’m going to buy a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup next.

  • I am getting ready to go to work, but I am looking forward to listening to this after I get home this evening.

  • Great stuff guys! The points on the putter grip are something that I have never even considered before!

    Also, Im looking forward to trying the ghost spider!

  • Enjoyable show. Liked the breakdown on the Ghost, Never Compromise Putters, iPing App (which sounds very innovative) and grips.

    I hadn’t heard of Sean’s book Putter Perfection until this show. I’ll look into, sounds like a good read.

    I appreciate the contest and looking forward to hearing the winner announced.

  • Another outstanding show! Thanks to Sean for being a part of this.

    Since I already purchased the book, I will not be doing the contest but another great prize for someone. Great dialogue around the ghosted putters; testing next week?? Sweet!!

    With all this talk about the NC line, I gotta roll one of those (hopefully before the next outing). Damn me for still having a iPhone 3g!

  • Great listen guys! I was curious about the iPing app. Glad to hear about it.

  • Great show guys, the little talk at the end about putter grips was cool as you guys say, it has to feel good in your hands but most people just grab a putter and never think about the grip. Great to see Never Compromise adding even more to their line, I love what is going on with them right now!

    Thanks guys!

  • awesome show guys… love listening to your shows now. and this episode had a lot of stuff i am using right now.

  • Great show. By the way, the opening and closing music? It’s not really what I expect before a ‘putter’ show. Liked the discussion on the putter grips. I’m not a fan of mine, so may have to try a few out.

  • I loved the discussion on putter grips. I am really picky about the grips on my putters. I perfer the Golf Pride grips, I cannot use Winn. I really appreciated your candor on that topic. Great show again.

  • This show is always interesting.

    Never Compromise’s new line of putters looks great! I mean, since the Gambler line, everything has just pretty much been cosmetic changes as far as I can tell but they’re all beauties so who cares? I do wish that they had a stronger retail presence because as nice looking as they are there is no way I will be dropping that much $$$ without trying it out.

    Great points about putter grips. Ever since changing to a mid-size grip my putting has dramatically improved. Like Sean said…comfort is a huge factor.

    The iPing app just sounds way too complicated to me. I get myself messed up with swing thoughts on my driver and I think messing around with that app would make me overthink the flatstick, too. I’m sure it will be great for some, though.

    Thanks for another great show!

  • I listened to this mostly because I’m currently in the market for a new putter. I had a tri-ball from Odyssey, but one of the support arms broke away recently 🙁 . Your show was great and provided some good insight as to what to look for in a new putter, especially when you were talking about grips and choosing the best one for you. Thanks for the info!

  • Great show! I love the spider ghost

  • I was laughing a bit when you were talking about re gripping putter. I have always been an aftermarket grip guy on my clubs, but never on my putters until last year. I just didn’t think about it for some reason until last year. It can help you on the greens so much when you have a grip on your putter that you are more comfortable with. So much great info here. I love the greenside shows!

  • great show! i love hearing you guys discuss putters.

    Im really debating picking up a spider soon, I love the idea behind them.

    I like my Iomic putter grip, its the best putter grip Ive used to date.

    thanks for the episode!

  • Thanks to everyone for the feedback! Joshzilla, the iPING app sounds more complicated than it is. I was pleased with the relative simplicity of operation, you just strap it on, push the virtual start button and begin putting. Then after five putts, you look at the phone and it’s all right there for you to see: face angle, stroke type and tempo. Pretty cool.

  • Really great show! The Ghost Spider has me very intrigued as does the iPING app. I am one of those who does prefer the Iomic grips. They just feel so perfect to me. Also, the Medium has the sharp flat edge, while the small and large have more rounded edges. Great show!

  • Another great show. I am really glad you talked about putter grips as I totally feel that the grip has so much to do with whether or not you like the feel of the putter.

  • great show guys, i have the iPing app but dont have a cradle for it, i really need to order one. The putter grip for me makes a huge difference, i have to have a midsize grip or i putt horrible, also think it makes the putter just feel better in hand/give more confidence

  • Great listen. Love this show! Looking forward to reading Sean’s book. And, I really want to try the iPing app. Thanks for the info.

  • Awesome show guys! I rolled the new spider and couple weeks ago and was very impressed. I really want to get the iPing app, that sounds like a great tool that could be used at home or on the putting green. I agree about the price of the cradle though. Great show!

  • Love the show even though I don’t always agree with your opinions. Wish you would get the feed on iTunes working again.

  • Great insight on the latest trends in putters. I went to Golftown recently and the sales person attempted to use the iPing app as a fitting tool. Trying new putters and the extra weight of the iPing was just too much to take in.

  • Great show loved the talk on grips.

  • Great show, the grips portion was especially interesting to me, I like the feel of the Iomic midsize a lot.

  • Getting ready to listen right now! I love this show!

  • Great show guys! Really enjoyed the talk about putter grips. I am one of those people who stuck with the stick grip because it was the grip that came with the putter. I will def. be looking into getting my putter grips fitted.

  • Great show guys!
    I really liked the “Reeses peanut butter moment” comment.
    Sean hit it right on the head with that one!

  • Another great show Sean and JB! I’m really glad you guys touched on putter grips. It’s definately something that is easily overlooked when putter shopping. Keep up the great work!

  • Great episode guys!

    One of the most common things I hear when people are shopping around for putters is, “I’ll know it when I feel it.” Would love for more Golfshops to have alternate size putter grips on their demo clubs, that way when trying them out you can get a real for your stroke, whether you play a skinny grip, or a fat grip.

    Just my .02…

  • Another very informative episode. I look forward to each new one that comes out and am looking forward to getting Putter Perfection very soon!

  • Little late to the party but it was a great show guys. Recently had a putting lesson and used something very similar to the iPing, very informative data. Also especially enjoyed the small segment regarding different putter grips and feel/feedback.

  • Another wonderful show JB and Sean, I always look forward to hear your thoughts. The Iphone app sounds really exciting, too bad I have one of the latest android phones, lol. As far as grips go, I completely agree with the importance of a grip fitting, but often times it becomes tough to find a qualified place to get this done. Many shops don’t take grip fitting anymore important than most consumers it seems, or at least around here.

    Once again great job guys.

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