The Greenside – Never Compromise Dinero, Heavy Putters Tour Edition & More

The Greenside is back with an all new episode this month as we talk about everything short game relevant. This show is a collaboration between The Hackers Paradise & Putterzone and this episode is full of great information.

This Episode Features:
The New Tour Putters from Boccieri Golf
The Never Compromise Dinero Putters are in hand
Our thoughts on the Yes! & Adams relaunch part 2
Could Sean be Adam Scott on the course
And so much more

Join us for this episode of The Greenside and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes at Itunes or under THP Radio.

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  • Buttery…..

    I love that Tycoon. I probably couldn’t putt well with it, but I’d let is sleep in my bed. I like the contest talk! Have to agree that I was surprised to see how quickly they released the Dinero so soon after the Gambler, but I’m sure they know more than I do.

    I’m going to spend a bit more time with the Heavy Putters at the outing than I did last time. I hope they find success, but they are going to be facing an uphill battle, imo. I would agree that the name isn’t attractive at all. I think that they would be much better off using Boccieri and making the Heavy putter a line.

    The stat on long putters is pretty wild. Over 25% of the top 25 using one. It does look really weird, especially when Adam Scott is swinging one, but I’m honestly interested.

  • Another good show filled with tons of great info! I was very interested in hearing about what Adams is doing with Yes!; interesting marketing approach over the last 4 months. I did not realize that they had over 70 putter models (if I understood that correctly) – that is CRAZY!

    I think everyone should stop complaining about the velcro closures on the NC head covers…makes for more sales of the THP magnetic head covers! :act-up:

    Think I may need to try a scarecrow sooner or later!

    Thanks THP and Putterzone for the show!

  • Another great show, thanks.

    The new tour Heavy Putters sounds interesting. I only have experience with the original.

    I agree that the Yes! relaunch was just not done correctly. When it was announced I went to the Yes! site and just kind of scratched my head.

    I would like to see NC come out with a cleaner looking putter, but that is just my taste. Now, if they did some interesting skeleton themes I may have to take that back.

    I’m more like Sean in that I just cannot put a long putter in the bag. Of course at this time I’m not worried about saving the 2 or 3 shots a round, I still need to shave about 20 πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll rethink it if I ever get to the single digit handicap.

    Enjoyed the Stan Utley interview on Putterzone. I like the thing he says about sequence.

    Again, good job. Cheers.

  • Great show as always from JB and Sean. Ton’s of info here, I loved hearing Sean try to expound on his like/dislike of the long putters, lol. I agree with the assesment of Adam’s relaunch of the Yes line, not sure how much it helps to bring the old line back out as new.

    This show is always my favorite on THP and not just because of my love for putters, it just fits my entire approach to THP. Great job guy’s!

  • Great show guys, thanks very much!

    Loving the long putter talk. Some great honesty from both sides on that one!

  • Great info here. I have a center shafted camel back Heavy Putter that stays home too often. It is far and away the ugliest golf club I have ever owned. I usually only use it for practice, but the few times I have taken it to the course it simply works. I will be listening more often for sure.

  • totally awesome show guys! Sean is such an easy listen it makes putters sexy to talk about

  • I guess I have a bias against long putters. The entire anchoring something to your body just rubs me the wrong way.

    I’m very intrigued by the Dinero line, especially the Exec, but I don’t quite understand why NC is coming out with a new line so soon.

    You would think Adams would have at least updated the Yes! website. A bit a head scratcher that one.

    Nice show…I enjoyed listening. πŸ™‚

  • Not for nothing but That Putter would look Sweet with the THP logo on it. I almost thought it was already.. Great job as always

  • Why does everyone have to make beautiful putters? πŸ˜€ I do not have the time to buy and game them all even if I could afford it!

  • That NC Dinero is a pretty putter!!

  • These putters look great, hopefully i can get a few rolls in with one sometime. Great show guys, once again its full of great info, I agree if its not anchored then the long putter is ok, i just dont like when they are anchored

  • BUTTERY lol. So pure. I loved this show. The greenside are always some of my favorites. THe putterzone website is full of a lot of good info as well. Well done guys. Can’t wait for the NC Dinero line!!!

  • Good points about the Yes relaunch. I was expecting something new but they only have something old, but at new pricing. No doubt they invested a ton of money, but they sort of missed the boat a bit. The webpage not being updated as part of the relaunch is sort of strange.
    Interesting to hear about Never Comp. and Heavy putters. I like the NC offerings right now, but the Heavy putters for me are just that, heavy and I don’t like the feel. Interesting thoughts though from you two!

    Well done!

  • Another great radio show packed with excellent info!

  • Great show as always every month!! Love the Dinero!! Can’t wait to check them out.

  • Just listened to the show and it was one of my favorites. I’d never hear of the NC mogul but I now covet that putter, just beautiful! I also really enjoyed the Heavy putter talk, I’ve never rolled one but hope to roll one soon.

  • Great show!! Sean has anyone told you that you have the face for radio? You guys sound like a couple of pros that I would hear on the radio. Outstanding job.

  • Great show! That is one very good looking putter, Lol at Buttery. NC is really bringing it with the putters. Thank you THP and Putterzone for the show!

  • Thanks again for another great show. Listened to the podcast last night from itunes and thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be looking forward to the reviews of the Dinero line from both Putterzone and THP.

  • That Dinero Baron is so sexxy it should be illegal.
    Great Show guys.

  • I love the saying for the Dinero! I can’t wait to see these in person at the demo day. Great show guys.

  • I like the looks of the dinero line, though I like the gambler just a little bit more. Either way NC is back in a huge way. Great show as always, I love when Sean from putterzone comes on and talks flat sticks.

  • Just had the chance to listen to the show, great job again. And yes, “the heavy folks” does sound so wrong. I really liked the “utterly ridiculous” honesty.

  • Hehe… dilly dally. Another great show Josh and Sean! There so much good stuff coming for putters and the Dinero is just one of them. I’m looking forward to hitting it and the Gambler again in just a couple weeks.

  • Interesting show. Loved the ending segment about the long putter. You two work well with each other.

  • This was a fantastic episode! I think it was the best Greenside yet. I am very intrigued with the Dinero line and can’t wait to give them and the Heavy putters a go at the outing. I have recently become very interested in the idea of counterweighting so I can’t wait to try them out. Great job!

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